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Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way

Art and the Development of the Person

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way is an enlarged edition of the first book published on person-centred art therapy, and includes many more exercises and ideas. It demonstrates that by bringing the person-centred facilitative approach to images expressed in art form, healing and growth can occur at every level of development.

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Therapeutic Presence

Bridging Expression and Form

Edited by Arthur Robbins
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In the therapeutic workplace, the interaction between patient and therapist is built upon cognitive, affective and expressive experiences. The contributors to this new book explore this interaction in depth, examining the concept of therapeutic presence, and the therapist's ability to maintain it.

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Basket Weavers for the California Curio Trade

The University of Arizona Press

The peoples of northwestern Califonia's Lower Klamath River area have long been known for their fine basketry. Two early-twentieth-century weavers of that region, Elizabeth Hickox and her daughter Louise, created especially distinctive baskets that are celebrated today for their elaboration of technique, form, and surface designs.

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Colonial Massachusetts Silversmiths and Jewelers

A Biographical Dictionary Based on the Notes of Francis Hill Bigelow and John Marshall Phillips

Yale University Art Gallery

Winner of the Charles F. Montgomery Prize of the Decorative Arts Society: A groundbreaking reference on a colonial American craft.

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Tapestry of Cultural Issues in Art Therapy

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Professionals engaged in art therapy discuss aspects of practice which are affected by an environment of increasing cultural diversity. Some contributions examine problems faced by members of ethnic minorities who are caught between assertion of their cultural identities and assimilation into a different social milieu.

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Portraits of Clay

The University of Arizona Press

Not long ago, pottery was a lost art in Chihuahua, Mexico. But in the 1970s, near the ruins of Casas Grandes, an art revolution was born. Inspired by ancient pottery fragments from a tradition that had disappeared before the arrival of the first Europeans, a self-taught woodcutter-turned-artist reinvented an entire ceramic technology. ...

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