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Born of Resistance

Cara a Cara Encounters with Chicana/o Visual Culture

The University of Arizona Press
This collection of essays interrogates the most contested social, political, and aesthetic concept in Chicana/o cultural studies—resistance.

If Chicana/o culture was born of resistance amid assimilation and nationalistic forces, how has it evolved into the twenty-first century? This groundbreaking volume redresses the central idea of resistance in Chicana/o visual cultural expression through nine clustered discussions, each coordinating scholarly, critical, curatorial, and historical contextualizations alongside artist statements and interviews. Landmark artistic works—illustrations, paintings, sculpture, photography, film, and television—anchor each section. Contributors include David Avalos, Mel Casas, Ester Hernández, Nicholas Herrera, Luis Jiménez, Ellen Landis, Yolanda López, Richard Lou, Delilah Montoya, Laura Pérez, Lourdes Portillo, Luis Tapia, Chuy Treviño, Willie Varela, Kathy Vargas, René Yañez, Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano, and more. Cara a cara, face-to-face, encounters across the collection reveal the varied richness of resistant strategies, movidas, as they position crucial terms of debate surrounding resistance, including subversion, oppression, affirmation, and identification.

The essays in the collection represent a wide array of perspectives on Chicana/o visual culture. Editors Scott L. Baugh and Víctor A. Sorell have curated a dialog among the many voices, creating an important new volume that redefines the role of resistance in Chicana/o visual arts and cultural expression.
This volume will stand as an important and foundational piece of scholarship to the future study of Chicana/o visual culture.”—Carlos Francisco Jackson, author of Chicana and Chicano Art: ProtestArte
[This] is an unprecedented major timely contribution to the literature on Chicano cultural production and expressive culture.”—Isidro D. Ortiz, co-editor of Chicano Renaissance: Contemporary Cultural Trends
Scott L. Baugh is an associate professor of film and media studies at Texas Tech University. He has authored Latino American Cinema: An Encyclopedia of Movies, Stars, Concepts, and Trends and edited Mediating Chicana/o Culture: Multicultural American Vernacular.
Víctor A. Sorell is a distinguished emeritus professor of art history at Chicago State University. A recognized pioneer in Chicana/o art historical studies, he has edited Carlos Cortéz Koyokuikatl: Soapbox Artist and Poet and co-edited Nuevomexicano Cultural Legacy: Forms, Agencies, and Discourse.
Introduction: Resisting Definitions of Chicana/o Visual Culture
Scott L. Baugh and Víctor A. Sorell
Part I
(Re)Forming America’s Libertad
Ester Hernández
Freedom and Gender in Ester Hernández’s Libertad
Laura E. Pérez
A Conversation with Yolanda López and Víctor A. Sorell
Thoughts on Who’s the Illegal Pilgrim
René Yañez
Remapping America in Ester Hernández’s Libertad and Yolanda
López’s Who’s the Illegal Alien, Pilgrim?
Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano
Part II
San Diego Donkey Cart Reconsidered
David Avalos
A Remembered Dismemberment: David Avalos’s San Diego Donkey Cart
Lynn Schuette
The Border Door: Complicating a Binary Space
Richard A. Lou
Through The Border Door
Patricio Chávez
Public Interventions and Social Disruptions: David Avalos’s San Diego Donkey Cart and Richard Lou’s The Border Door
Guisela Latorre
Part III
Thoughts on Dos Pedros sin Llaves
Luis Tapia with Carmella Padilla
Thoughts on St. Peter Is Imprisoned
Nicholas Herrera with Sallie Gallegos
Pedro in the Pinta, Have You Seen My Keys?: Inside the Art of Luis Tapia and Nicholas Herrera
Tey Marianna Nunn
The Persistence of Chicana/o Art: Contemporary Santeros Reinterpret a Traditional Santo
Víctor A. Sorell
Part IV
From Man on Fire
Luis Jiménez
Editorial Note
Scott L. Baugh and Víctor A. Sorell
Rearing Mustang, Razing Mesteño
Delilah Montoya
Kindred Spirits: On the Art and Life of Luis Jiménez
Ellen Landis
Occupying a Space Between Myth and Reality: The Sculpture of Luis Jiménez
Charles R. Loving
Part V
A Conversation with Mel Casas and Rubén C. Cordova
Brown Paper Report
Mel Casas and Con Safo
A Contingency Factor
Mel Casas and Con Safo
Getting the Big Picture: Political Themes in the Humanscapes of Mel Casas
Rubén C. Cordova
Part VI
Revisiting My Alamo
Kathy Vargas
Malinche y Pocahontas, Breaking Out of the Picture
Robert C. Buitrón
From “Many Wests”
Chon A. Noriega
Topographies of the Imaginary: Kathy Vargas’s My Alamo and Robert C. Buitrón’s El Corrido de Happy Trails
Jennifer A. González
Where Carnales Were, There Shall Unprodigal Daughters Be: Kathy Vargas’s My Alamo and Robert C. Buitrón’s Malinche y Pocahontas
Asta Kuusinen
Part VII
A Conversation with Willie Varela and Scott L. Baugh
In This Burning World, Willie Varela Resists
Kate Bonansinga
Sense and Sensibilities: Discontinuing Conventions in/for Willie Varela’s Burning World
Scott L. Baugh
Tracking the Monster: Thoughts on Señorita Extraviada
Lourdes Portillo
Between Anger and Love: The Presence of Señorita Extraviada
Bienvenida Matías
The Eye of Pain/El Ojo del Dolor
Claire Joysmith
Resisting the Violence of Values: Lourdes Portillo’s Señorita Extraviada as Performative Utterance
Mónica F. Torres
Part IX
From Yo Soy Chicano to Resurrection Blvd., Thirty Years of Struggle
Jesús Salvador Treviño
A Conversation with Dennis Leoni and Christine List
Chicanismo: Interethnic Cooperation in the Work of Jesús Salvador Treviño
Juan J. Alonzo
Editors and Contributors
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