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New and Forthcoming in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Challenging Politics and Policies in Canada since 1970

Feminism’s Fight shows how fifty years of feminist struggle over public policy can inform today’s fight for gender justice and against continued discrimination.

One Hundred Years of Canadian Feminism

In a wide-ranging survey of Canadian feminism from the 1880s to the 1980s, Demanding Equality reveals a continuous, vibrant, and often contentious search for equality, autonomy, and dignity.

Activism, Affect, and Canada’s Second Wave

Feeling Feminism is a groundbreaking collection of interdisciplinary scholarship on second-wave feminist history and feminist social movements in Canada that puts emotions at the centre of the story.

Women in Photography in Canada, 1840–1940

Rare Merit illuminates the impact of women as portraitists, travel documentarians, photojournalists, fine artists, hobbyists, and printers in the early years of photography in Canada.

Canadian Women and the Search for Global Order

Breaking Barriers, Shaping Worlds explores the lives and careers of women, famous and forgotten, who influenced Canada’s place in the world during the twentieth century.

Women and the Vote in the Atlantic Provinces

We Shall Persist is the first book to detail the distinctive political contexts and common problems that characterized campaigns for women’s suffrage and other rights in Atlantic Canada.

Cripping Intersex explores the political, discursive, and embodied connections between intersex and disability to develop a radically innovative approach to intersex studies and activism.

A Legal and Policy Analysis

Banning Transgender Conversion Practices is the first book to offer a comprehensive analysis of how conversion practices targeting transgender people are regulated around the world.

Women, Activism, and Creating Non-Colonizing Relations

This compassionate yet unflinching exposé of the pitfalls of Indigenous–non-Indigenous solidarity work offers a constructive framework for non-colonizing solidarity that can be applied in any context of unequal power.

Divorce and Inequality in Quebec and France

Family Law in Action examines the inequalities produced by divorce and separation in France and Quebec.

Changing Families, Evolving Norms, and the Role of the Law

House Rules takes a hard look at the law and norms governing family life, compelling readers to rethink entrenched inequalities in familial relationships and proposing ways to approach legislative solutions.

Enshrining the Right to Sexual Autonomy in Japan

Sex, Sexuality, and the Constitution persuasively demonstrates the need to entrench protections for individual sexual autonomy within constitutional law.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Titles from our Publishing Partners

This new book offers a broad overview of topics pertaining to gender-related health, violence, and healing. Employing a strength-based approach (as opposed to a deficit model), the chapters address the resiliency of Indigenous women and two-spirit people in the face of colonial violence and structural racism.

Masculinities and Everyday Morality on Public Transport

How do men experience gender in the city? Through descriptions of autorickshaw and taxi operators and their interactions with traffic police and commuters in Kolkata, India, this book highlights the gendered logics of cooperation and everyday morality through which masculinities take up space in cities.    

LGBTQ+ Studies from our Publishing Partners
Critical Openings, Future Directions

An essential volume that acknowledges and celebrates the power of LGBTQ+ comics

By Hubert Creekmore Introduction by Phillip Gordon

A new edition of the important, long out-of-print novel

Queering Consent in the #MeToo Era

Telling a queerer side of the #MeToo story, Unsafe Words brings together academics, activists, artists, and sex workers to tackle challenging questions about sex, power, consent, and harm. Resisting the heteronormative assumptions, class norms, and racial privilege underlying much #MeToo discourse, they explore how queer communities might better prevent and respond to sexual violence.

L. Frank Baum's Trans Tales and Other Astounding Adventures in Sex and Gender

The first scholarly monograph to focus on L. Frank Baum’s portrayals of queerness and sexuality in his more than seventy works of fiction

The Making of a Queer Social Movement

The grassroots queer activism and legal challenges that led to a landmark Supreme Court decision in favor of gay and lesbian equality.

Gay Sex in an Age of Pharmaceuticals

This collection brings together academics, artists, and activists—from different generations, countries, ethnic backgrounds, and HIV statuses—to reflect on how gay sex has changed in a post-PrEP era, critique the role Big Pharma now plays in queer life, and argue for the value of sexual community, promiscuity, and pleasure. 

A career-spanning biography of a central and significant figure in queer comics

Trans Students Exploring Future Possible Selves Online

The Internet is a potent site from which to theorize, but also imagine, invest in, and explore the prismatic possibilities for life. Digital Me explores how transgender people use the internet in myriad ways. The book explores online life--from cultivating identity to creating community and everything in between.

19 Conversations with the Dead and 3 Encounters with Ghosts

To help preserve the legacies left by earlier generations, artist E.G. Crichton selected 19 innovative LGBTQ artists, writers, and musicians to pair with deceased person whose personal artifacts are part of the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Historical Society archive. Including 25 pages of vivid images, Matchmaking in the Archive documents this remarkable creative project. 

Trans Migrants and U.S. Immigration Law

Focusing on the intersection of immigration and trans rights, On Transits and Transitions examines the processes through which the category of transgender is incorporated into U.S. immigration law and policy. Using mobility as a critical lens, Josephson captures the insecurity and precarity created by U.S. immigration control and related processes of racialization to show how im/mobility conditions citizenship and national belonging for trans migrants in the United States.

Queer Culture and Activism in Northwest China

Drawing on over a decade of fieldwork, Inside the Circle: Queer Culture and Activism in Northwest China explores how everyday queer Chinese people are courageously taking part in both local and global expressions of queer culture and activism while also striving to lead traditionally moral lives in a rapidly changing society.

Women's Studies and Feminist History from our Publishing Partners
A History of American Feminist Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffeehouses

Coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the trailblazing restaurant Mother Courage of New York City, Ingredients for Revolution is the first history of the more than 230 feminist and lesbian-feminist restaurants, cafes, and coffeehouses that existed in the United States from 1972 to the present.

Women Messing with Marriage around the World

Opting Out offers sensitive and powerful ethnographic portrayals of women in Africa, Asia, and Latin America who are quietly opting out of marriage. Across these diverse geographic contexts,this edited volume shows that women are the (often unwitting, mostly unacknowledged) protagonists of profound changes in marriage, gender, and kinship. 

Rewriting Kitchen Space in Contemporary Women’s Food Memoirs

An exciting and detailed study of the explosion of women's food writing in the early 2000s

Characters, Creators, and Culture in the Golden Age
By Peyton Brunet and Blair Davis Introduction by Trina Robbins

A revisionist history of the origins of comic books that reclaims women’s pioneering and pivotal roles as both creators and characters.

Digital Debates on Feminism and Fame

In Just Like Us: Digital Debates on Feminism and Fame, Caitlin E. Lawson examines the rise of celebrity feminism, its intersections with digital culture, and its complicated relationships with race, sexuality, capitalism, and misogyny. Through in-depth analyses of online debates, Lawson demonstrates how networked negotiations of celebrity culture and feminism are transforming popular engagements with the movement.

Migrating Women, Class, and Color

From Homemakers to Breadwinners to Community Leaders compares the immigration and integration experiences of Dominican and Mexican women in New York City. The book documents the significance of women-led migration within an increasingly racialized context and underscores the contributions women make to their communities of origin and of settlement. Fuentes-Mayorga’s research is timely, especially against the backdrop of policy debates about the future of family reunification laws and the unprecedented immigration of women and minors from Latin America.

Black Femme Art for Survival

A celebration of the distinctive and politically defiant art of Black queer, cis-, and transfemmes, from the work of Janelle Monáe and Janet Mock to that of Indya Moore and Kelsey Lu.

Ella Baker, Jane Jacobs, Rachel Carson, and Betty Friedan

A riveting new biography exploring four women’s fundamental roles in creating the 1960s as we know them today and their lasting legacies

Female-Driven Films from Pitch to Premiere

How female directors, producers, and writers navigate the challenges and barriers facing female-driven projects at each stage of filmmaking in contemporary Hollywood.

Home, Work, and the Institutional Infrastructure of Print in Twentieth-Century America

Gender, Creative Labor, and 1970s American Cinema

Women and New Hollywood revises our understanding of 1970s American film by examining the contributions that women made not only as directors, but also as screenwriters, editors, actors, producers, and critics. Considering both women working within and beyond the Hollywood film industry, this collection showcases the rich and varied cinematic products of women’s creative labor.     

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