Cover: Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India: Assessing Sustainable Development Goals, edited by Lesley A. Jacobs, Yoshitaka Wada, and Ilan Vertinsky. Illustration: In the background is a design reminiscent of a molecule diagram. The “O” in “Global” is stylized to look like a red circle with a white cross in it (similar to the Red Cross logo).
296 pages, 6 x 9
18 charts, 28 tables
Release Date:01 Feb 2024
Release Date:01 Feb 2023
Release Date:01 Feb 2023
Release Date:01 Feb 2023

Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India

Assessing Sustainable Development Goals

UBC Press

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a newfound emphasis on the importance of global health security: the idea that countries must cooperate with one another to address public health threats and meet domestic health care needs.

Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India investigates how global health security is evolving in three major Asian countries that have committed to adhering to the international health standards and targets in accordance with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The contributors to this volume explore three challenging areas of global health security in the SDG agenda: strengthening access to primary health care, protecting and promoting public health, and integrating global markets into health care provision. This book shows how Asian countries are being pulled in different directions when formulating health policy and legislation, which are determined both by their state obligations under trade agreements as well as their adherence to international economic laws. Ultimately, the contributors find that government decisions about health care programs, delivery, and infrastructure must be balanced with cost and affordability, the demands of stakeholders such as hospitals and physicians, political ideology, and global economic pressures.

As this impressively comprehensive and unique volume demonstrates, China, Japan, and India have nonetheless made significant advances in the vital fields of health law and policy over the past decade.

Academics and researchers in health policy, health law, international law, and Asian studies will find this book to be an informative addition to their libraries.

Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India: Assessing Sustainable Development Goals is an essential contribution to the discipline of global health security, as it addresses global health crises and challenges faced by countries in achieving their sustainable development goals (SDGs). Krishna Kumar Verma, Pacific Affairs

Lesley A. Jacobs is Vice-President, Research and Innovation at Ontario Tech University and a professor emeritus at York University. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and co-editor of The Justice Crisis: The Cost and Value of Accessing Law. Yoshitaka Wada is a professor at Waseda Law School and widely published in Japan. Ilan Vertinsky is Vinod Sood Professor of International Business Studies, Strategy and Business Economics in the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia and co-author of Japanese Economic Policies and Growth: Implications for Businesses in Canada and North America.

Contributors: Tiffany Chua, Jennifer Fang, Ziying He, Hiroyuki Kojin, Kelley Lee, Wenqin Liang, Mariela Maidana-Eletti De Amstalden, Marc Mccrum, Neil Munro, Toshimi Nakanishi, Nidhi Sejpal Pouranik

Foreword / Pitman B. Potter

Introduction: Framing Global Health Security in China, Japan and India Using the Sustainable Development Goals / Lesley A. Jacobs, Yoshitaka Wada, and Ilan Vertinsky

Part 1: Strengthening Access to Health Services

1 Providing Access to Affordable Medicines and Health Care for All in China / Wenqin Liang and Ilan Vertinsky

2 Mixed Billing and New Medicine in Japan: Will Lifting the Ban on Mixed Billing Improve Access to Health Care or Crash the System? / Yoshitaka Wada

3 Health for All: Can India Meet Its International Human Rights Obligations? / Tiffany Chua, Marc McCrum, and Ilan Vertinsky

Part 2: Protecting and Promoting Public Health

4 Linking Public Health Targets of the Sustainable Development Goals to Human Rights Performance in China / Lesley A. Jacobs

5 Moving Japan Towards the Global Standard for Vaccines / Toshimi Nakanashi

6 Global Health Standards and Food Security: Exploring the Double Science Standard of Review Under the SPS Agreement after India – Agricultural Products / Mariela de Amstalden

Part 3: Engaging and Integrating Global Markets in Primary Health Care and Public Health

7 Does China National Tobacco Corporation Threaten Global Public Health? / Jennifer Fang, Kelley Lee, and Nidhi Sejpal Pouranik

8 Exit and Voice Strategies by Patients in Dealing with Incentive Structures in the Chinese Healthcare System / Neil Munro and Ziying He

9 Global Markets in Medicine: Japan’s Health Care Service Exports to Singapore and India / Hiroyuki Kojin

References; Contributors; Index

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