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Series Editor: William D. Coleman

The Globalization and Autonomy Series is the result of a major international research initiative sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. This international and interdisciplinary research project investigates the relationship between globalization and the processes of securing and building autonomy. In particular, the series assesses:

  • the opportunities globalization might create and the constraints globalization might place on individuals and communities seeking to secure and build autonomy;
  • the extent to which individuals and communities might be able to exploit these opportunities and to overcome these constraints;
  • the opportunities for empowerment that globalization might create for individuals and communities seeking to secure and to build autonomy; and
  • how the autonomy available to individuals and communities might permit them to contest, reshape, or engage globalization.

The Globalization and Autonomy Series includes contributors from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon, Slovenia, Spain Taiwan, Tunisia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Disciplines represented include Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Economics, English Literature, Ethnomusicology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology.

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Two Mediterranean Worlds

Diverging Paths of Globalization and Autonomy

Edited by Yassine Essid and William D. Coleman; Translated by Käthe Roth
UBC Press

The Mediterranean, a region of uneven globalization, offers clues to understanding the future of democracy in North Africa and the Near East.

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Property, Territory, Globalization

Struggles over Autonomy

UBC Press

Focusing on sites of friction in property regimes, this book reveals that a politics of place can help local actors build bases of autonomy to withstand, and even reshape, the forces of globalization.

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Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy

Insights for a Global Age

UBC Press

This book looks at how indigenous peoples in various contexts have thought about, and responded to, the pressures that globalization has on their cultural, political, and geographical autonomy.

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Cultural Autonomy

Frictions and Connections

UBC Press

Offers a multifaceted perspective on how global changes in the organization of power have transformed the ability of individuals and communities to create their own meanings.

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Unsettled Legitimacy

Political Community, Power, and Authority in a Global Era

UBC Press

This ground-breaking work explores how the unsettling of legitimacy has affected the relationships between authority, power, and political community in local, regional, national, and global settings.

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Empires and Autonomy

Moments in the History of Globalization

UBC Press

This collaborative study explores moments in the history of globalization and autonomy to provide insights into changes overtaking the contemporary world.

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Renegotiating Community

Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Global Contexts

UBC Press

Using original case studies to show how a range of communities deal with the forces of globalization, this book redraws the conceptual maps through which community, globalization, and autonomy are understood.

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Global Ordering

Institutions and Autonomy in a Changing World

UBC Press

This innovative, interdisciplinary work explores key institutional fault lines between the tectonic plates of globalization and the insistent demands for individual and collective autonomy.

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