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Everyday Qigong Practice

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

This useful handbook teaches simple Qigong exercises that can be easily practised in the home every day. It offers guidance for introductory exercises that are easy to learn and very effective, including Early Morning Meditations and the Silk Brocades. Suitable for young and old, this is the perfect introduction to classic Qigong exercises.

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Chinese Medical Qigong

Edited by Tianjun Liu and Xiao Mei Qiang; Editor-in-chief Tianjun Liu; Associate editor Xiao Mei Qiang
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

Correlating traditional Qigong therapies with outcomes of new scientific research, this is the authoritative introduction to the knowledge system and content of Qigong study. Revised and updated to reflect the new Chinese edition, it has new information on key concepts and practice, and on the application of Qigong for a range of conditions.

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An Illustrated Handbook of Chinese Qigong Forms from the Ancient Texts

Other compilation by Foreign Languages Press
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

Drawn from ancient documents of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and including explanatory commentaries and over 700 drawings from the original texts, this book presents authentic ancient Qigong forms in an easy-to-follow format. Focusing on health practices, the selected forms also include Qigong for more esoteric purposes.

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Qigong and Chinese Self-Massage for Everyday Health

Ways to Address Chronic Health Issues and to Improve Your Overall Health Based on Chinese Medicine Techniques

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

Based on the traditional Chinese practices of qigong and acupressure, this book provides exercises that address a range of common ailments, as well as those that can be used to promote overall health and wellbeing.

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Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Shi Er Fa

12-Movement Health Qigong for all Ages

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

An easy-to-learn but very extremely effective 12-movement qigong form taken from over 50 routines of Daoyin health qigong developed by Professor Zhang Guangde. The book provides fully-illustrated instruction on the 12 movements for both standing and seated positions, and an audio CD of verbal instruction and DVD demonstrating the form.

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Da Wu

Health Qigong Da Wu Exercises

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon

Based on the traditional Da Wu qigong recorded in ancient documents, this book guides the reader through the set of joint-relaxing dance-like exercises with step-by-step instructions and photos. The CD and DVD provide verbal instructions, accompanying music, a video demonstration of Da Wu and additional information on its history.

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