Human Spaceflight
176 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Nov 2015
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Human Spaceflight

From Mars to the Stars

The University of Arizona Press
Mars, the red planet named for the god of war, a mysterious dust-riddenplace, is most like Earth in its climate and seasons. Of all thepossible destinations in space to travel, Mars is the most likely forhumans to reach. According to esteemed scientist Louis Friedman, it maybe the only destination outside the moon to ever see human footprints.Far from diminishing our future in space, Human Spaceflightlays out a provocative future for human space travel. The notedaerospace engineer and scientist says that human space exploration willcontinue well into the future, but space travel by humans will stop atMars. Instead, nanotechnology, space sails, robotics, biomolecularengineering, and artificial intelligence will provide the vehicles ofthe future for an exciting evolution not just of space travel but ofhumankind.
Louis Friedman is a co-founder and executive directoremeritus of The Planetary Society, now the largest space interestorganization in the world. He is currently the leader of the LightSailprogram for The Planetary Society and is currently researching thepotential for nano-spacecraft and solar sails for interstellar flightand exploring the future of the human presence in space.
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