Indian Ernie
Release Date:15 Oct 2013

Indian Ernie

Perspectives on Policing and Leadership by Ernie Louttit

UBC Press, Purich Publishing

When he began his career with the Saskatoon Police in 1987, Ernie Louttit was only the city’s third native police officer. Indian Ernie, as he came to be known on the streets, details an era of challenge, prejudice, and also tremendous change in urban policing. Drawing from his childhood, army career, and service as a veteran patrol officer, Louttit shares stories of criminals and victims, the night shift, avoiding politics, but most of all, the realities of the marginalized and disenfranchised.

Louttit spent his entire career (including as a Sergeant) patrolling the streets of Saskatoon’s west side, an area until recently beset by poverty, and terrible social conditions. Here, he struggled to bring justice to communities where the lines between criminal and victim often blurred. Though Louttit’s story is characterized by conflict, danger, and violence, he argues that empathy and love for the community you serve are the greatest tools in any officer’s hands, especially when policing society’s less fortunate.

While his story is based on his experiences in Saskatoon, it is equally applicable to the challenges faced in any community where marginalized people live. It is an exciting, passionate, easy to read, and highly accessible story aimed at a broad audience.


  • 2015, Short-listed - Aboriginal Peoples’ Writing Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards
  • 2015, Short-listed - Book of the Year Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards
  • 2015, Short-listed - First Book Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards
  • 2015, Short-listed - Saskatoon Book Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards
  • 2015, Short-listed - The Aboriginal Peoples’ Publishing Award, Saskatchewan Book Awards

Ernie Louttit is a member of the Missanabie Cree Band and a retired police sergeant. He spent his entire 26-year career on the streets of Saskatoon’s west side. This is his first book.

1. Shoot or Don’t Shoot
2. Do You Know Your Dad’s an Indian?
3. Rough Start—Mine
4. Rougher Starts—Theirs
5. A Sense of Belonging
6. No Ammunition Is Ever Surplus
7. Leadership, Ego, and Arrogance
8. Cheap and Destructive Highs
9. One Strong Woman
10. Semper vigilans—Assume Nothing
11. Sticking My Nose In
12. To Tell the Truth
13. Murders and Major Crimes
14. Dangerous Pursuits
15. Training Ground
16. Young Man Frozen
17. Late Nights on the Streets
18. “We Know”—Who Knew?
19. Thinking on Your Feet
20. Cold Saves
21. A Family’s Shame
22. The Truest of Warrior Spirits
23. 24/7—The Regular Stuff

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