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The Oregon Method

Edited by Peter Laufer
Oregon State University Press, Published by the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication

In conjunction with the Center for Innovation and CivicEngagement, contributors include Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and UOprofessor Alex Tizon, retired Seattle Times executive editor and UOalumnus Mike Fancher, and the longtime dean of the UO School ofJournalism and Communication Tim Gleason.

Interviewing is a crucial skill for journalists but the list ofprofessions that rely on the interview to conduct business is long.From doctors and police to clergy and the gal or guy at thedrive-through window, just about every human interaction is a form ofinterview.

Interviewing: The Oregon Method collects analysis andinstruction from three-dozen expert interview practitioners, scholarsand teachers. Its chapters take focused looks at interview ethics, thesanctity of quotes, sourcing via social media, studies of interviewingin the virtual world, negotiating identity, and building rapport. Theart of interviewing has been taught at the University of Oregon Schoolof Journalism and Communication for generations. This book binds thoseyears of experience into a collection of vibrant essays designed totrain novices and invigorate old hands.

Interviewing is edited by University of Oregon’sJames Wallace Chair Professor of Journalism Peter Laufer, who lectureshis students, “The interview is intimate, immediate, and often anentrée toward the soul. Conducting interviews can be both great fun andan art form.”

Interviewing is a primer of the digital age yet one thatembraces age-old lessons, lessons that make clear the crucialimportance of successful interviewing techniques for productive civicengagement.

Peter Laufer is the James Wallace Chair in the Schoolof Journalism and Communications at the University of Oregon and theauthor of more than a dozen books.
Interviewing: The Oregon Method includes contributions fromfaculty and friends of the University of Oregon School of Journalismand Communication. Contributors include Pulitzer-prize winning reporterand UO professor Alex Tizon, retired Seattle Times executive editor andUO alumnus Mike Fancher, and the longtime dean of the UO School ofJournalism and Communication Tim Gleason.
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