Introduction to Restoration Ecology
436 pages, 8 1/2 x 10
Release Date:13 Oct 2011

Introduction to Restoration Ecology

Island Press
Restoration ecology is a young field that integrates theory andknowledge from a range of disciplines, including the biological,physical, and social sciences as well as the humanities. This newtextbook, written for upper-division undergraduates and first-yeargraduate students, offers a real-life introduction to the field and aninterdisciplinary overview of the theory behind it.
Developed by ecologists and landscape architects, each of whom has beeninvolved in restoration research and practice for many years, the focusof the book is on providing a framework that can be used to guiderestoration decisions anywhere on the globe, both now and in thefuture. The text is organized around a restoration process that hasbeen tested and revised by the authors in their restoration ecologycourses taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison over the pastthirty years.
Each chapter includes a series of "Food for Thought"questions that both help students review concepts and put them to workin solving conservation problems. The framework is designed to workwith the uniqueness, uncertainty, messiness, and constraints inherentin any real-world restoration project.
Success in ecological restoration requires not only technicalproficiency but also skill in the social, cultural, and politicalarenas. Introduction to Restoration Ecology can help studentsdevelop the skills they need to succeed in all of these areas and is amuch-needed new resource.
Evelyn A. Howell is a professor in andchairperson of the Department of Landscape Architecture,University of Wisconsin-Madison. John A. Harrington isa professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture,University of Wisconsin-Madison. Stephen B. Glass isthe land care manager at University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum.
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