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Independent Academic, Educational and Professional Publisher of the Year, 2016 - British Book Industry Awards

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP) is a wholly independent company, committed to publishing books that make a difference.

The company was founded in 1987 in London by Jessica Kingsley and has grown since then to now publish over 250 books a year. JKP is known for long established lists on the autism spectrum, social work, and arts therapies. More recently they have published extensively in the fields of mental health, counselling, palliative care, and practical theology. JKP has a range of graphic novels across these subject areas, and books for children, on issues including bereavement, depression and anger.

In 2006 a new imprint, Singing Dragon, was born.

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My Dad Thinks I’m a Boy?!

A Trans Positive Children's Book

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

A comic style children's book that tells the story of Stephie, a 7-year-old transgender girl, whose Dad is still struggling to recognize and accept her gender. It portrays a powerful message for children aged 6-9, that no one else other than ourselves gets to decide who we are.

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Your Interests, My Interests

A Visual Guide to Playing and Hanging Out for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Children on the autism spectrum can find playing with other children difficult. This colourful and fun visual guide, full of examples and activities, shows how they can find common interests with their friends, peers and family, so that they can have more fun playing and hanging out together.

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Timely Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia Care

Evidence-Based Practice

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Timely Psychosocial Interventions in Dementia covers the psychosocial aspects of the entire course and trajectory of dementia care. The book has a strong focus on evidence-based practice, and covers home, community, care home and hospital contexts, as well as information on support for families and carers of people with dementia.

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Unlock Your Resilience

Strategies for Dealing with Life’s Challenges

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Resilience can act as a protective armour to help us deal with life's toughest challenges. This book lays out a 12-session programme that covers everything you need to unlock your resilience, based on therapies including CBT. Down-to-earth advice and simple exercises ensure your resilience develops to better cope with the stress of modern life.

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Our Autistic Lives

Personal Accounts from Autistic Adults Around the World Aged 20 to 70+

Edited by Alex Ratcliffe
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Spanning six decades of experience, this collection of first-hand accounts from adults with Asperger's and High Functioning Autism is about ageing with an autistic mind and the advantages and challenges that different eras in life can bring. It highlights common themes, such as the difference made by a diagnosis, to unite the experiences.

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The Self-Care Guide to Surgery

A BodyMindCORE Approach to Prevention, Preparation and Recovery

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

A guide for people who have undergone (or who are about to undergo) surgery and what to do to aid recovery. Packed with practical and useful information, this book is the perfect starting point for those wanting to take charge of their body.

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Living with the Long-Term Effects of Cancer

Acknowledging Trauma and other Emotional Challenges

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Written in an accessible way by a psychologist who is also experiencing the long-term effects of breast cancer, this is a look beyond 'lucky to survive' that offers insight into the difficulties many face after treatment for cancer.

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The Yoga Teacher Mentor

A Reflective Guide to Holding Spaces, Maintaining Boundaries, and Creating Inclusive Classes

By Jess Glenny; Foreword by Norman Blair
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Considering how teachers can maintain appropriate boundaries with students and deal with common obstacles and ethical issues, this book offers mentoring and support to new or experienced yoga teachers. It includes chapters on creating generative spaces and the art of relating with difficult students.

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Accompaniment, Community and Nature

Overcoming Isolation, Marginalisation and Alienation Through Meaningful Connection

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Providing a counter-argument to a consumerist, fast-paced and individualistic life, this book presents the power of community and spending time with people in an unpressured and open way.

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Music with Babies and Young Children

Activities to Encourage Bonding, Communication and Wellbeing

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

How to use music to help children learn and grow, without needing any prior musical ability. It covers many common developmental challenges, both typical and atypical, encountered in children aged 0-5, and gives creative, musical strategies to help with these challenges.

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