Managing Depression with Qigong
192 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Jul 2009

Managing Depression with Qigong

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Singing Dragon
Many people will suffer from depression at some time in their lives. New research shows that Qigong, a traditional Chinese practice, can be an effective treatment for depression and can provide a good alternative or supplement to medication in some cases. Frances Gaik explains the basics of what Qigong is and why it is effective for depression, and shows the reader how to make use of Qigong to rise from the darkness of depression and regain strength and motivation in life. Based on the same principles as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong works by promoting the movement of health-giving energy along the meridians of the body. The author shows how the practical application of Qigong can radically improve health and wellbeing, and provides a treatment plan, including Qigong exercises. Encouraging the reader to identify their problems and take action, Dr. Frances Gaik gives practical advice that will help anyone with depression to improve their mental health.Managing Depression with Qigong provides a guide to an effective and increasingly recognised form of treatment that will be invaluable to people with depression and their families.
RELATED TOPICS: Health & Well-Being, Qigong
'Relatively short, simple to understand, and practical... This book is quite informative and offers information and guidance about ways of addressing depression that are not often considered in other sources that examine how people may treat depression. With growing evidence for benefits of mind-body and energetic therapies in treating psychiatric conditions, it is great to see this information shared in books for the public.'- Jed Shlackman, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist, Miami, Florida'''Managing Depression with Qigong'' by Francis Gaik is a very well researched book on the ''what'' and ''why'' of qigong, rather than on the ''how''. Gaik descries what qigong is and offers many studies and examples of why qigong can be used to treat depression successfully. It also appears that Gaik looked for studies to reinforce the belief of qigong, and if you want ''proof'' that qigong works, this book sets out to prove it... If you want an academic study of why to practice, get this book.'- Reviewed on the blog Atkins Diet and Depression'In a lucid, dispassionate, folksy way, Dr. Gaik tells an important story. She describes the research efforts both of herself and earlier and contemporary pioneers in America, China and Japan first to rethink Western medicine in Eastern thought forms and then assimilate it. Her aim: to make you and me healthier through an affordable combination of deep breathing, meditation, counselling and moderate exercise, with an exit strategy from a limited time given over to non-addictive therapy... Her book is an easy, informative, delightful read.' - Patrick Killough, Counsellor, US Senior Foreign Service (1983-1991), US Senior Foreign Service (1983-1991), US Senior Foreign Service (1983-1991)'Gaik ably describes western and Chinese notions of depression and the treatment of stress and includes a chapter summarizing the research project on Qigong's effects on depression that formed her dissertation. An appendix contains qigong exercises, including two sitting meditations, as well as a full bibliography.' -'Many people will suffer from depression at some time in their lives. New research shows that Qigong, a traditional Chinese practice, can be an effective treatment for depression or can supplement or be an alternative to medication in some cases. Author Frances Gaik explains the basics of what Qigong is and why it helps people with depression.'- ICNM Journal
Frances Gaik PsyD is a licensed clinical professional counselor in private practice in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. She holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology, and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy with a concentration on ethics. Dr. Gaik is Board Certified in Professional Counseling and is a long-term meditator and Qigong practitioner who utilizes alternative energy therapies as well as hypnosis in her therapeutic approach. She has also worked in the health insurance industry for over 25 years.
Introduction. Chapter 1. A Paradigm Shift Toward Holistic Interventions. Chapter 2. The Information System of Your Body. Chapter 3. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong. 4. Identifying Your Problem. Chapter 5. Practical Applications of Qigong to Depression - The Action Plan. Chapter 6. Taking Personal Responsibility For Your Health. Chapter 7. The Clinical Research Study. Appendix. Part One: Active Exercises. Part Two: Supplementary Exercises. Part Three: Sitting Meditations. References. Acknowledgments. Index.
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