Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States
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Release Date:01 Jan 2008
Release Date:09 Apr 2007
Release Date:01 Jan 2008

Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States

UBC Press
Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States uses a dialogical approach to examine responses to increasing cultural and racial diversity in both countries. It compares and contrasts foundational myths and highlights the sociopolitical contexts that affect the conditions of citizenship, access to education, and inclusion of diverse cultural knowledge and languages in educational systems.

This will interest readers in the areas of multiculturalism, education, public policy, and ethnic studies, and will be valuable to policy developers and activists in the fields of equity and diversity.


  • 2008, Winner - Critics' Choice Award, American Educational Studies Association
Through comparative multicultural education policy analyses, Joshee and Johnson offer in this insightful book, a reflexive and provocative opportunity for us to engage critically in the discussion. After reading this book, we have a better understanding of how multicultural education policies and racist practices in educational institutions and society in Canada and the US have historically become a strong and invisible barrier to minority groups in these countries. […] I recommend this book not only to Canadian and American educators, but to every person concerned about racism and social justice everywhere. In these times of neoliberal globalization, it is crucial to have the option of more informative, critical and inspiring books such as Joshee and Johnson’s. Ranilce Guimaraes-Iosif, University of Alberta, Journal of Contemporary Issues in Education, 3 (2)
The book offers a bracing critique of much of what passes for multicultural policy in both countries, and the authors ground their critique very effectively in carefully delineated historical contexts. […] This book should prove invaluable in introducing graduate students to big-picture thinking about the complexities of multicultural polices, and will be valuable both to academics and school administrators as a useful antidote to technocratic policymaking which seeks to pursue multicultural policies in an ahistorical and decontextualised manner. Michael O’Loughlin, Adelphi University, Journal of Educational Administration and History, Vol.41, No.1
This volume is an invaluable resource for educators, policy developers, scholars and activists in the fields of equality and diversity. CAUT Bulletin, Vol.56, No.2
This is an enormously important book, highly original and provocative. The scholarship is impeccable and the entire volume is artfully constructed. It should serve as standard fare in any educational policy library for many years. Catherine A. Lugg, author of Kitsch: From Education to Public Policy
This book is an ambitious tour de force! A major contribution to the field, original in its conceptualization, presentation of information, and analysis. At a time when so little crticial thinking is evident in policy discussion, this volume is a welcome addition to public discourse. It will be essential reading for academics, graduate students, teachers, and policy makers in Education. Cecille DePass, former Associate Director (Research), Cultural Diversity Institute, University of Calgary

Reva Joshee is an associate professor of educational theory and policy at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. Lauri Johnson is an associate professor of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Buffalo.

Contributors include Carol Agocs; Adrienne Chan; Catherine Cornbleth, Rinaldo Walcott, Carlos Ovando, and Terezia Zoric; Tracey M. Derwing & Murray Munro; David Gillborn; Michelle Goldberg; Karen M. Gourd; Jan Hare; Augustine McCaffery; Carlos J. Ovando and Terrence G. Wiley; Yoon K. Pak; Christopher M. Span, Rashid V. Robinson, and Trinidad Molina Villega; John W. Tippeconnic III and Sabrina Redwing Saunders; Edward Taylor; Charles Ungerleider; and Sue Winton.

Foreword / Charles Ungerleider


Introduction: Cross-Border Dialogue and Multicultural Policy Webs / Lauri Johnson and Reva Joshee

Part 1: Historical Context

1 Past Crossings: US Influences on the Development of Canadian Multicultural Education Policy / Reva Joshee and Susan Winton

2 Diversity Policies in American Schools: A Legacy of Progressive School Leadership and Community Activism / Lauri Johnson

3 We Are Already Multicultural: Why Policy and Leadership Matter / Yoon K. Pak

Part 2: First Nations and American Indian Education

4 First Nations Education Policy in Canada: Building Capacity for Change and Control / Jan Hare

5 Policy Issues in the Education of American Indians and Alaska Natives / John W. Tippeconnic III and Sabrina Redwing Saunders

6 What We Know about Native Participation in Higher Education / Augustine McCaffery

Part 3: Immigrant and Language Education

7 Canadian Policies on Immigrant Language Education / Tracey M. Derwing and Murray J. Munro

8  Language Education in the Conflicted United States / Carlos J. Ovando and Terrence G. Wiley

9 A Critical Examination of Language Policies and Practices in Canada and the United States / Karen M. Gourd

Part 4: Race-Based Policies

10 Race-Based Policies in Canada: Education and Social Context / Adrienne S. Chan

11 Education, American Style: Race-Based School Policies and Practices in the United States / Christopher M. Span, Rashid V. Robinson, and Trinidad Molina Villegas

12 Canadian and American Race-Based Education Policies / Njoki Nathani Wane

Part 5: Employment Equity and Affirmative Action

13 Canada’s Employment Equity Act: Perspectives on Policy and Implementation / Carol Agocs

14 Critical Race Theory and Interest Convergence in the Backlash against Affirmative Action: Washington State and Initiative 200 / Edward Taylor

15 Dialogue across Borders on Employment Equity/Affirmative Action / Michelle Goldberg

Part 6: Extending the Dialogue

16 Institutional Racism in Education Policy and Practice: A View from England / David Gillborn

17 Multicultural Policies and Practices in North America: A Dialogue with the View from England / Catherine Cornbleth, Rinaldo Walcott, Carlos J. Ovando, and Terezia Zoric

Contributors; Index

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