People and Place
256 pages, 6 x 9
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Release Date:01 Jul 2004
Release Date:01 Nov 2003
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

People and Place

Historical Influences on Legal Culture

SERIES: Law and Society
UBC Press

People and Place presents a path-breaking collection of essays demonstrating the fascinating ways in which personalities interact with physical locale in shaping the law. Examining law through the framework of history, this anthology presents a mixture of innovative articles produced by established scholars as well as representatives of the next generation.

The collection represents a rich array of interdisciplinary expertise, with authors who are law professors, historians, sociologists and criminologists. Their essays include studies into the lives of judges and lawyers, rape victims, prostitutes, religious sect leaders, and common criminals. The geographic scope touches Canada, the United States and Australia. The essays explore how one individual, or small self-identified groups, were able to make a difference in how law was understood, applied, and interpreted. They also probe the degree to which locale and location influenced legal culture history.

The essays offer snapshots of human history, capturing the centrality of law as individuals located themselves in relation to others and to the places and times in which they lived. Accessible to academics, students, and general readers interested in the formation of law within a social context, this collection offers a compelling perspective of this subtle relationship. The close examination of people and place will allow readers to unpack law’s various meanings across communities and time, and to move closer to a more profound awareness of the complexity of human society.

RELATED TOPICS: Law, Law & Society, Legal History
Jonathan Swainger is an associate professor of history at the University of Northern British Columbia and author of The Canadian Department of Justice and the Completion of Confederation, 1867-78. Constance Backhouse is a professor of law at the University of Ottawa and co-author of The Heiress and the Old Boys.

Prologue: Louis Knafla and Canadian Legal History / Jonathan Swainger

1) Introduction / Jonathan Swainger and Constance Backhouse

2) The King, the People, the Law ... and the Constitution: Justice Robert Thorpe and the Roots of Irish Whig Ideology in Early Upper Canada / John McLaren

3) William Augustus Miles (1796-1851): Crime, Policing, and Moral Entrepreneurship in England and Australia / David Philips

4) Macleod at Law: A Judicial Biography of James Farquharson Macleod, 1874-94 / Roderick G. Martin

5) "Don’t You Bully Me ... Justice I Want If There Is Justice To Be Had": The Rape of Mary Ann Burton, London, Ontario 1907 / Constance Backhouse

6) Murdered Women and Mythic Villains: The Criminal Case and the Imaginary Criminal in the Canadian West, 1886-1930 / Lesley Erickson

7) Boomtown Brothels in the Kootenays, 1895-1905 / Charleen P. Smith

8) "Imagine That! A Lady Going to an Office!": Janet Kathleen Gilley / Joan Brockman and Dorothy E. Chunn

9) Incarcerating Holiness: Religious Enthusiasm and the Law in Oregon, 1904 / Jim Phillips, Kelly Deluca, and Rosemary Gartner

10) Police Culture in British Columbia and "Ordinary Duty" in the Peace River Country, 1910-39 / Jonathan Swainger



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