120 pages, 5 x 8 1/2
54 color images, 4 line drawings
Release Date:19 Feb 2015


Big Pine of the Southwest

The University of Arizona Press
For hundreds of years, the massive ponderosa pine of the U.S. Southwest has left multitudes in awe. After spending nearly three decades researching among these trees, Sylvester Allred shares his wealth of experience in the southwestern ponderosa pine forests with the world in Ponderosa.
Ponderosa is the first of its kind to provide an introduction to the natural and human histories of the ponderosa pine forests of the Southwest that is accessible to all who wish to enjoy the forests. The book offers knowledge on elemental aspects of the forests, such as the structure of the trees, as well as theoretical perspectives on issues such as climate change. Included are discussions of biogeography, ecology, and human and natural history, illustrated by over fifty color photographs throughout.
Allred presents his observations as if he is recalling his thoughts over the course of a walk in a ponderosa pine forest. His imagery-saturated prose provides an informal and enjoyable approach to discovering the history and environment of the ponderosa pine. Using a concise, straightforward writing style, Allred invites readers to explore the forests with him.
Ponderosa includes:
  • More than 50 color photos
  • Learn how to estimate the age of a tree
  • See the reptiles, birds, and mammals that make their home in ponderosa pine forests
  • Much more!

It’s as though one strolls through the woods and notices items that attract attention. Or to mix metaphors, it’s like a cabinet of curiosities in which one artifact or another draws the eye, more or less at random.”—Stephen J. Pyne, author of How the Grand Canyon Became Grand: A Short History
The book provides a highly readable and informative overview of the natural and human histories and ecology of ponderosa pine forests of the Southwest.”—Thomas Kolb, co-author of “Drought Predisposes Piñon-Juniper Woodlands to Insect Attacks and Mortality
While there are numerous books and journal articles about the unique character and features of southwestern ponderosa pine forests—presented in both technical and lay terminology—I know of no other reference that undertakes the same specific scope and local perspective as presented by the author.”—Peter F. Ffolliott, author of Natural Resources Management Practices: A Primer
Small enough to stick in your back pocket or day pack when you’re out in national parks such as Bryce Canyon, the North Rim of this Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and even up into Rocky Mountain National Park, this softcover book, Ponderosa: Big Pine of the Southwest, is a great resource to take with you."—National Parks Traveler
Sylvester Allred is a principal lecturer emeritus at Northern Arizona University. He is author of The Natural History of Tassel-Eared Squirrels, as well as several children’s books. He has served as an ecological consultant for the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Department of Energy, and the Discovery Channel. He currently consults with McGraw-Hill and Oxford University Press on biology, geology, environmental science, and oceanography textbooks.
List of Illustrations
Author’s Note

Where Are the Ponderosa Pine Forests?
Pinus ponderosa, Cone-Bearers, and Naked Seeds
Yellowbellies, Blackjacks, and Spiral Growth
One House, Winged Seeds, and Golden Pollen
Tiny Seedlings
Energy Factories
The Rest of the Tree—Alive or Dead?
Sculptures of the Forest
Pine Scents, Sapsuckers, and Naval Stores
Roots, Underground Fungi, False Truffles, and Mushrooms
Residents of the Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forest
Who Owns the Forests?
Tree Scars
Uses of Ponderosas from Past to Present
Plant Neighbors
Mistletoe and Witches’ Brooms
A Bit of Geology
Bark Beetles
Other Insects and Fungi
Fire and Flood
Climate Change—It’s Real
The Beginning (Not “The End”)
Taxonomy and Scientific Name of the Ponderosa Pine
Checklist of Some of the Mammals of the Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests
Checklist of Some of the Birds of the Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests
Brief History of the Establishment and Responsibilities of the U.S. Forest Service
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