Property, Territory, Globalization
320 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jan 2012
Release Date:10 May 2011
Release Date:15 Apr 2011

Property, Territory, Globalization

Struggles over Autonomy

UBC Press

In a world of flux, when old territories are dissolving and new nations and entities such as the European Union are coming together, who controls goods and services, ideas, information, and creativity? Who patrols the new frontiers?

This volume opens a window to the dark side of globalization and the struggles for autonomy it has generated. The chapters focus on property regimes in crisis as sites where globalization, autonomy, and the political economy of international capitalism intersect. Sites of friction – from indigenous land claims to disputes over forests in British Columbia to conflicts between traditional farmers and the patent owners of genetically modified seeds – demonstrate not only how property laws and intellectual property rights are supporting the expansion of private property regimes through enclosures but also how local activists are using a politics of place to resist these forces.

Indigenous peoples around the world continue to win major land claims during an era of increased corporate control over property. The work of Palestinian poets, whose attachment to the land is explored in a powerful Coda in the last chapter of the book, shows that a politics of place can help local actors build new bases of autonomy to withstand the forces of globalization.

This interdisciplinary volume will be of interest to students and scholars in diverse disciplines, including globalization studies, anthropology, political science, native studies, geography, and law.

William D. Coleman is CIGI Chair in Globalization and Public Policy at the Balsillie School of International Affairs and a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Waterloo.

Contributors: A. Claire Cutler, Daniel Gorman, Anna Greenspan, Jasmin Habib, Eva Mackey, Sharlene Mollett, Susan M. Preston, Scott Prudham, Austina J. Reed

Preface; Acknowledgments

1 Introduction: Property, Autonomy, Territory, and Globalization / Scott Prudham and William D. Coleman

2 The Globalization of International Law, Indigenous Identity, and the New Constitutionalism / A. Claire Cutler

3 Lifeworlds and Property: Epistemological Challenges to Cree Concepts of Land in the Twentieth Century / Susan M. Preston

4 Making Forests “Normal”: Sustained Yield, Improvement, and the Establishment of Globalist Forestry in British Columbia / Scott Prudham

5 Contested Autonomy: Globalization and Miskito Customary Property Rights in the Rio Plantano Biosphere Reserve / Sharlene Mollett

6 Globalization, Intellectual Property, and the Emergence of New Property Types / Daniel Gorman

7 Competing or Relational Autonomies? Globalization, Property, and Friction over Land Rights / Eva Mackey

8 Plant Genetic Resources, Farmers’ Rights, and the Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights: Reinforcing Asymmetries in Autonomies / William D. Coleman and Austina J. Reed

9 Globalization without World Order: Intellectual Property and Its Discontents / Anna Greenspan


10 Property Rites: Cultural Narrations of the Palestinian Catastrophe / Jasmin Habib

Notes and Acknowledgments; Works Cited; Contributors; Index

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