Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors
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Release Date:19 Oct 2000
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Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors

Acting Out Your Pain

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
In a world where natural, social and political disasters are a daily reality, the therapist is increasingly called upon to find rapid and effective methods of treating the survivors of trauma, including sexual abuse, torture, war-related trauma, addiction, depression and bereavement. The contributors to this book provide persuasive evidence of how psychodrama can safely be used to create paths of change for even the most severe traumatization and they also discuss the possible transmission of trauma patterns across generations. Research following World War II, neurobiological studies and other recent research into PTSD has shown that many trauma symptoms are unconscious, non-verbal, right-brained experiences which cannot be accessed through talk therapy. Psychodrama creates a place to act out unprocessed trauma within the containment of therapy, in order to stop the obsessive repetition of the past.Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors documents the impact of trauma and explores the development of treatment, providing integrated models of experiential treatment for clinicians to use. It is an invaluable resource for those interested in psychodrama and those working with trauma survivors.
Peter Felix Kellermann is a clinical psychologist who qualified as a practitioner of psychodrama at the Moreno Institute, New York. He teaches psychodrama in Israel and around the world. He is the author of Focus on Psychodrama, also published by Jessica Kingsley. M.K.Hudgins is a clinical psychologist and psychodrama trainer in the USA. She is chair of the board of directors for the Therapeutic Spiral International Charity, created to fund psychodrama with trauma survivors in the global community.
Foreword. Introduction. Part 1. Treating Trauma in Action. 1. The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama with Traumatized People, Peter Felix Kellermann. Part 2. Loss: The Core Emotion of Trauma. 2. Psychodramatic Methods for Facilitating Bereavement, Adam Blatner. 3. Brief Psychodrama and Bereavement, Marisol Filgueira Bouza and Jose Antonio Espina Barrio. Part 3. Traumatized People: From Victims to Survivors. 4. Psychodrama of Rape and Torture: A Sixteen-year Follow-up Case Study, Marcia Karp. 5. The Use of Psychodrama with Trauma Victims, Eva Roine. 6. Prisoners of the Family: Psychodrama with Abused Children, Anne Bannister. 7. The Use of Psychodrama in the Treatment of Trauma and Addiction, Tian Dayton. 8. Psychodrama with Adolescent Sexual Offenders, Marlyn Robson. 9. Time's Distorted Mirror: Trauma Work with Adult Male Sex Offenders, Clark Baim. 10. Psychodramatic Treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Kerry Paul Altman. 11. Appearance and Treatment of Dissociative States of Consciousness in Psychodrama, Grete A. Leutz. 12. Psychodrama with Survivors of Traffic Accidents, Jorg Burmeister. Part 4. Experiential Models of Healing. 13. The Therapeutic Spiral Model: Treating PTSD in Action, M.K.Hudgins. 14. Cycles of Healing: The Treatment of Developmental Trauma, John Raven Mosher and Brigid Yukman. Part 5. Breaking the Links: Transmission. 15. Health and Death: Hidden Links Through the Family Tree, Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger. 16. Psychodrama with Vietnam Veterans and their Families: Both Victims of Traumatic Stress, Michael Burge. 17. Secondary Victims of Trauma: Producing Secondary Survivors, Rory Remer. Index.
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