Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, and Puget Sound
166 pages, 5 3/20 x 8 4/25
100 colour illustrations
Release Date:01 Aug 1997

Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska, and Puget Sound

SERIES: RBCM Handbooks
UBC Press

Sea cucumbers have inhabited the world's oceans for about 400 million years. They live in almost any marine habitat, from the fine ooze of the deep ocean to current-swept reefs and rocky shallows. These marine invertebrates are related to sea stars and sea urchins and they are an integral part of our coastal eco-system.

Sea Cucumbers of British Columbia, Alaska, and Puget Sound fills a void on the marine biologist’s bookshelf. It is the first publication to specifically cover the sea cucumber ... fauna of the north-east Pacific Ocean ... A small, concise, and thorough field guide, useful to naturalists and scientists alike ... A welcome addition to my own collection of marine invertebrate field guides. Discovery
This latest field guide in the Royal British Columbia Museum series expertly fulfils the author's intention to provide a useful resource on sea cucumbers ... This guide is highly recommended for anyone interested in coastal natural history. Patrick Colgan, Canadian Book Review Annual
Philip Lambert is curator of marine invertebrates at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Sea Cucumbers is his second handbook - the first was about sea stars.




Origins of Sea Cucumbers

Characteristics of Sea Cucumbers

External Anatomy

Internal Anatomy





Parasites and Commensals


Economic Importance



Species Covered

Key to Shallow-Water Species

Species Descriptions


Family Stichopodidae

Parastichopus californicum

Parastichopus leukothele


Family Synallactidae

Pseudostichopus mollis

Synallactes challengeri


Family Psolidae

Psolidium bidiscum

Psolus chitonoides

Psolus squamatus


Family Cucumariidae

Subfamilies Cucumariinae & Thyonidiinae

Cucumaria frondosa japonica

Cucumaria miniata

Cucumaria pallida

Cucumaria piperata

Cucumaria pseudocurata

Cucuaria vegae

Pseudocnus curatus

Pseudocnus lubricus

Subfamily Thyonidiinae

Ekmania diomedeae

Thyonidium kurilensis


Family Phllophoridae

Subfamily Thyoninae

Pentamera lissoplaca

Pentamera populifera

Pentamera pseudocalcigera

Pentamera trachyplaca

Pentamera sp. A

Pentamera sp. B

Thyone benti


Family Sclerodactylidae

Eupentacta pseudoquinquesemita

Eupentacta quinquesemita


Family Molpadiidae

Molpadia intermedia


Family Caudinidae

Paracaudina chilensis


Family Synaptidae

Leptosynapta clarki

Leptosynapta transgressor


Family Chiridotidae

Chiridota species



General References




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