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Alex Lord's British Columbia
John Calam

The Archive of Place
William J. Turkel

Asian Religions in British Columbia
Larry DeVries
Don Baker
Dan Overmyer

At Home with the Bella Coola Indians
Douglas Cole
John Barker

Balancing Act, 2nd ed.
J P Hamish Kimmins

Be of Good Mind
Bruce Granville Miller

Being and Place Among the Tlingit
Thomas F. Thornton

Between Justice and Certainty

Andrew Woolford

Beyond the City Limits
Ruth Sandwell

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 1
Wayne Campbell
Neil K. Dawe
Ian McTaggart-Cowan
John M. Cooper
Gary W. Kaiser
Michael C.E. McNall

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 2
Wayne Campbell
Neil K. Dawe
Ian McTaggart-Cowan
John M. Cooper
Gary W. Kaiser
Michael C.E. McNall

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 3
Wayne Campbell
Neil K. Dawe
Ian McTaggart-Cowan
John M. Cooper
Gary W. Kaiser
Michael C.E. McNall
G. E. John Smith

Birds of British Columbia, Volume 4
Wayne Campbell
Neil K. Dawe
Ian McTaggart-Cowan
John M. Cooper
Gary W. Kaiser
Michael C.E. McNall
Andrew Stewart

British Columbia Place Names

Helen Akrigg

British Columbia: The Pacific Province
Colin Wood

The Burden of History
Elizabeth Furniss

The Business of Women
Melanie Buddle

Butterflies of British Columbia
Crispin S. Guppy
Jon H. Shepard

Capital and Labour in the British Columbia Forest Industry, 1934-74
Gordon Hak

Captured Heritage
Douglas Cole

Chiefs of the Sea and Sky
George F. MacDonald

The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80
Wing Chung Ng

Cis dideen kat -- When the Plumes Rise
Jo-Anne Fiske
Betty Patrick

Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest
Richard A. Rajala

Colonizing Bodies
Mary-Ellen Kelm

A Complex Culture of the British Columbia Plateau
Brian Hayden

Conservation Biology Principles for Forested Landscapes
Scott Harrison
Joan Voller

Contact and Conflict
Robin Fisher

Contesting White Supremacy
Timothy J. Stanley

Co-operative Management of Local Fisheries
Evelyn Pinkerton

Creating a Modern Countryside
James Murton

The Culture of Flushing
Jamie Benidickson

The Curtain Within
Marianne Boelscher Ignace

Dear Nan
Doreen Walker

Domestic Reforms
Chris Clarkson

Eagle Down Is Our Law
Antonia Mills

Early Human Occupation in British Columbia
Roy Carlson
Luke Dalla Bona

Ecology and Management of Sitka Spruce
Everett Peterson
N. Merle Peterson
Gordon F. Weetman
Patrick J. Martin

Emerging from the Mist
R.G. Matson
Quentin Mackie
Gary Coupland

Exploring Vancouver
Harold Kalman
Ron Phillips
Robin Ward

First Fish, First People
Judith Roche
Meg McHutchison

The First Nations of British Columbia
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 2nd edition
Robert J. Muckle

Flexible Crossroads
Roger Hayter

Fort Langley Journals, 1827-30
Morag Maclachlan

Francis Rattenbury and British Columbia
Anthony A. Barrett
Rhodri Windsor Liscombe

French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making of the Pacific Northwest
Jean Barman

From Maps to Metaphors
Robin Fisher
Hugh J.M. Johnston

The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney
Brian Titley

Geography of British Columbia
Brett McGillivray

Geography of British Columbia, 2nd ed.
Brett McGillivray

Geography of British Columbia, Third Edition
Brett McGillivray

God's Galloping Girl
W. L. Morton

Good Intentions Gone Awry
Jean Barman
Jan Hare

Grassroots Politicians
Donald E. Blake
R. Kenneth Carty
Lynda Erickson

Green Gold
Patricia Marchak

Growing Up British in British Columbia
Jean Barman

Gunboat Frontier
Barry M. Gough

Haida Gwaii
Daryl Fedje
Rolf Mathewes

Haida Monumental Art
George F. MacDonald

Hidden Dimensions
Kathryn Bernick

Hobnobbing with a Countess and Other Okanagan Adventures
Jo Fraser Jones

Hollywood North
Mike Gasher

Hoofed Mammals of British Columbia
David Shackleton

Houses for All
Jill Wade

Hunters at the Margin
John Sandlos

Imagining Difference
Leslie A. Robertson

In Celebration of Our Survival
Doreen Jensen
Cheryl Brooks

In Search of Sustainability
Michael Howlett
Jeremy Wilson
Benjamin Cashore
George Hoberg
Jeremy Rayner

Indicator Plants of Coastal British Columbia
Karel Klinka
V. J. Krajina
A. Ceska
A. M. Scagel

Infidels and the Damn Churches
Lynne Marks

Invasive Species in the Pacific Northwest
P. Dee Boersma
S.E. Reichard
A.N. van Buren

Islands of Truth
Daniel Clayton

It's Up to You
Lee Stewart

Jack Shadbolt and the Coastal Indian Image
Marjorie M. Halpin

Journals of George M. Dawson, Volume 1
Douglas Cole
Bradley Lockner

Journals of George M. Dawson, Volume 2
Douglas Cole
Bradley Lockner

Keeping It Living
Douglas Deur
Nancy Turner

Killer Whales, 2nd edition
Graeme M. Ellis
John K.B. Ford
Kenneth C. Balcomb

Kwakwaka'wakw Settlements, 1775-1920
Robert Galois

Land, Man, and the Law
Robert Cail

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Let Right Be Done
Hamar Foster
Jeremy Webber
Heather Raven

Letters from Windermere, 1912-1914
R. Cole Harris
Elizabeth Phillips

Life in Stone
Rolf Ludvigsen

The Lillooet Language
Jan Van Eijk

Looking Both Ways
Aron L. Crowell
Amy F. Steffian
Gordon L. Pullar

Lord of Point Grey
P.B. Waite

Making Native Space
R. Cole Harris

Making Vancouver
Robert A. J. McDonald

Managing Natural Resources in British Columbia
John B. Robinson
Anthony Scott
David Cohen

Musqueam Reference Grammar
Wayne Suttles

Negotiated Memory
Julie Rak

Negotiating Buck Naked
Gregory Cran

George F. MacDonald

The Northwest Coast
Barry M. Gough

The Oriental Question
Patricia E. Roy

Our Box Was Full
Richard Daly

Our Chiefs and Elders
David Neel

Our Tellings
Darwin Hanna
Mamie Henry

Overland from Canada to British Columbia
Joanne Leduc

Pacific Empires
Alan Frost
Jane Samson

Paddling to Where I Stand
Martine J. Reid
Daisy Sewid-Smith

People of the Middle Fraser Canyon
Anna Marie Prentiss
Ian Kuijt

People, Politics, and Child Welfare in British Columbia
Brian Wharf
Leslie Thomas Foster

Pepper in Our Eyes
W. Wesley Pue

A Pioneer Gentlewoman in British Columbia
Margaret A. Ormsby

Plants of British Columbia
Karel Klinka
Hong Qian

The Politics of Resentment
Philip Resnick

Politics, Policy, and Government in British Columbia
R. Kenneth Carty

Positioning the Missionary
Brett Christophers

Potlatch at Gitsegukla
Marjorie M. Halpin
Margaret Seguin Anderson

Preserving What Is Valued
Miriam Clavir

A Progression of Judges
David R. Verchere

Prophecy of the Swan
David Burley
J. Scott Hamilton
Knut R. Fladmark

Public Funds, Private Provision
Josephine Rekart

Samuel I. Zeveloff

The Railway King of Canada
R. B. Fleming

The Raven's Tail
Cheryl Samuel

Reforming Human Services
Brian Wharf
Michael Clague
Robert Dill
Roop Seebaran

Regenerating British Columbia's Forests
R. Parish
C. M. Johnson
G. Montgomery
A. Vyse
R. A. Willis
D. Winston
D.P. Lavender

Regulating Lives
John P S McLaren
Robert Menzies
Dorothy E. Chunn

The Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken
Dorothy Blakey-Smith

The Resettlement of British Columbia
R. Cole Harris

Resettling the Range
John Thistle

Resource Communities in a Globalizing Region
Paul Bowles
Gary N. Wilson

Roaring Days
Jeremy Mouat

Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition
John Hayman

Second Growth
John Pierce
Mark Roseland
Sean Markey
Kelly Vodden

Selling British Columbia
Michael Dawson

Shorebirds of the Pacific Northwest
Dennis Paulson

Since the Time of the Transformers
Alan D McMillan

Andrea Laforet
Annie York

The Struggle for Social Justice in British Columbia
Irene Howard

Surveying the Canadian Pacific
R. M. Rylatt

Sustaining the Forests of the Pacific Coast
Debra Salazar
Donald K. Alper

Jennifer Kramer

Taking Stands
Maureen G. Reed

Tales of Ghosts
Ronald W. Hawker

Talk and Log
Jeremy Wilson

Terrain of Memory
Kirsten Emiko McAllister

They Call Me Father
Margaret Whitehead

This Blessed Wilderness
Jean M. Cole

Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian
Clarence R. Bolt

A Thousand Blunders
Frank Leonard

To the Charlottes
Douglas Cole
Bradley Lockner

Totem Poles
Marjorie M. Halpin

Trading Beyond the Mountains
Richard Somerset Mackie

Graeme M. Ellis
John K.B. Ford

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, 2nd edition
Christopher McKee

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Third Edition
Christopher McKee

Trees of Vancouver
Gerald B. Straley

Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed
Robert Galois
Neil J. Sterritt

Troubles in the Rainforest
Trevor Barnes
Roger Hayter

The Tsimshian
Margaret Seguin Anderson

Twana Narratives
William W. Elmendorf

Two Political Worlds
Donald E. Blake

The Uncertain Future of the Lower Fraser
Anthony H. Dorcey

Uncommon Property
Patricia Marchak
Neil Guppy
John L. McMullan

Undelivered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57
Helen M. Buss
Judith Hudson Beattie

Unsettling Encounters
Gerta Moray

The Vancouver Achievement
John Punter

Vancouver and Its Region
Graeme Wynn
Timothy Oke

The Vancouver Island Letters of Edmund Hope Verney
Allan Pritchard

Vancouver Past
Robert A. J. McDonald

Vancouver Short Stories
Carole Gerson

Vanishing British Columbia
Michael Kluckner

A Voyage to the North West Side of America
Robert Galois

The Wealth of Forests
Chris Tollefson

Wesbrook and His University
William C. Gibson

When Coal Was King
John Hinde

Where Happiness Dwells
Robin Ridington
Jillian Ridington
Dane-zaa First Nations elders

A White Man's Province
Patricia E. Roy

Will to Power
David Mulhall

Women and the White Man's God
Myra Rutherdale

Workers, Capital, and the State in British Columbia
Rennie Warburton
David Coburn

Writing British Columbia History, 1784-1958
Chad Reimer

Richard Daly
Rena Point Bolton

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