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Indian Pilgrims
Michelle M. Jacob

After Collapse
Glenn M. Schwartz
John J. Nichols

Anatomy of a Conflict
Terre Satterfield

Ancient People of the Arctic
Robert McGhee

Anthropology Unbound
E. Paul Durrenberger
Suzan Erem

The Archaeology of Environmental Change
Christopher T. Fisher
J. Brett Hill
Gary M. Feinman

Art and Alchemy of Chinese Tea, The
Daniel Reid
Christian Janzen

Artifacts and Ideas
Bruce G. Trigger

At Home with the Bella Coola Indians
Douglas Cole
John Barker

Australia's Sporting Success
John Bloomfield

Be of Good Mind
Bruce Granville Miller

Becoming Tsimshian
Christopher F. Roth

Being a Tourist
Julia Harrison

Being and Place Among the Tlingit
Thomas F. Thornton

Beyond Chaco
Sarah Herr

Beyond Indigeneity
Alessandra Pellegrini Calderon

The Burden of History
Elizabeth Furniss

Cannibal Tours and Glass Boxes
Michael M. Ames

Caribbean Transformations
Sidney W. Mintz

Chieftains into Ancestors
David Faure
Ho Ts'ui-p'ing

Chinese Students Encounter America
Qian Ning
T.K. Chu

The Clinic and Elsewhere
Todd Meyers

Colonial Proximities
Renisa Mawani

Columbia River Basketry
Mary Dodds Schlick

Context and Pretext in Conflict Resolution
Kevin Avruch

Cultural Autonomy
Petra Rethmann
Imre Szeman
William D. Coleman

Cultural Memory and Biodiversity
Virginia D. Nazarea

The Curtain Within
Marianne Boelscher Ignace

Dance Lest We All Fall Down
Margaret Willson

Do Glaciers Listen?
Julie Cruikshank

Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research
Patricia L. Sunderland
Rita M. Denny

Drawing Back Culture
Ann Tweedie

The Dream in Islam
Jeanne Eder
Iain R. Edgar

Durkheim and Foucault
Mark S. Cladis

Durkheim Today
W.S.F. Pickering

Earth to Heaven
Donald Gear
Joan Gear

Engaging the Spirit World
Kirsten W. Endres
Andrea Lauser

Engendering Forced Migration
Doreen Indra

Ethics and AIDS in Africa
Anton van Niekerk
Loretta Kopelman

Virginia D. Nazarea

Ethnographic Contributions to the Study of Endangered Languages
Tania Granadillo
Heidi A. Orcutt-Gachiri

Ethnographic Practice in the Present
Marit Melhuus
Jon P. Mitchell
Helena Wulff

The Evolution of Cultural Diversity
Ruth Mace
Clare J. Holden
Stephen Shennan

Fabricated World
John LeRoy

The Face of the Fox
Frederick O. Gearing

Feminist Community Research
Gillian Creese
Wendy Frisby

Fertility, Food and Fever
David Henley

First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law
Catherine Bell
Val Napoleon

The First Nations of British Columbia
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 2nd edition
Robert J. Muckle

First Nations, Museums, Narrations
Alison K. Brown

First Person Plural
Sophie McCall

Food, Genes, and Culture
Gary Paul Nabhan

Foods of Association
Nina L. Etkin

Fort Chipewyan and the Shaping of Canadian History, 1788-1920s
Patricia A. McCormack

Freeze Frame
Ann Fienup-Riordan

Frontier People
Mette Halskov Hansen

Gathering Places
Laura Peers
Carolyn Podruchny

The Goddess and the Bull

Michael Balter

Going Abroad
Rob Gordon

Going First Class?
Vered Amit

Gorillas among Us
Dawn Prince-Hughes

Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food
Ken Albala

The Han
Agnieszka Joniak-Luthi

Health, Risk, and Adversity
Catherine Panter-Brick
Agustín Fuentes

Heirloom Seeds and Their Keepers
Virginia D. Nazarea

Historicizing Canadian Anthropology
Julia Harrison
Regna Darnell

Holistic Anthropology
David Parkin
Stanley Ulijaszek

The House of Our Ancestors
Thomas Reuter

How Enemies are Made
Gunther Schlee

Human Diet and Nutrition in Biocultural Perspective
Tina Moffat
Tracy Prowse

Humanizing the Sacred
Azza Basarudin

Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin
Barry S. Hewlett

Identity Politics and the New Genetics
Katharina Schramm
David Skinner
Richard Rottenburg

Images in Asian Religions
Phyllis Granoff
Koichi Shinohara

Imagining Difference
Leslie A. Robertson

In Defense of Anthropology
Herbert S. Lewis

In the Way
Kenelm Burridge

Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy
Mario Blaser
Ravi de Costa
Deborah McGregor
William D. Coleman

Indigenous Peoples and Demography
Per Axelsson
Peter Skold

Indigenous Peoples and Globalization
Thomas D. Hall
James V. Fenelon

Intimate Colonialism
Laurie L. Charlés

Introductory Readings in Anthropology
Hilary Callan
Brian Street
Simon Underdown

Is the Sacred for Sale?
Alison Johnston

Keeping It Living
Douglas Deur
Nancy Turner

Kewa Tales
John LeRoy

Kinship and Beyond
Sandra Bamford
James Leach

The Kirghiz and Wakhi of Afghanistan
M. Nazif Shahrani

Kwakwaka'wakw Settlements, 1775-1920
Robert Galois

Landscape Ethnoecology
Leslie Main Johnson
Eugene S. Hunn

Landscape of the Spirits
Todd W. Bostwick
Peter Krocek

A Landscape of Travel
Jenny Chio

Landscapes Beyond Land
Arnar Arnason
Nicolas Ellison
Jo Vergunst

Andrew Whitehouse

Landscapes of Clearance
Angele P. Smith
Amy Gazin-Schwartz

Language Shift among the Navajos
Deborah House

Learning from the Children
Jacqueline Waldren
Ignacy-Marek Kaminski

Life and Death Matters
Barbara Rose Johnston

Life Lived Like a Story
Julie Cruikshank

Light from Ancient Campfires
Trevor Peck

Liquid Bread
Wulf Schiefenhövel
Helen Macbeth

Livelihoods at the Margins
James Staples

The Lost Itinerary of Frank Hamilton Cushing
Curtis M. Hinsley
David R. Wilcox

Making Native Space
R. Cole Harris

The Manual of Ethnography
Marcel Mauss

Mapping Marriage Law in Spanish Gitano Communities
Susan G. Drummond

Masters of Tradition
Margaret C. Rodman

The Meaning of Ice
Henry Huntington
Lene Kielsen Holm
Shari Gearheard

The Mirror of Laughter
Alexander Kozintsev
Richard P. Martin

Mixed Blessings
Tolly Bradford
Chelsea Horton

Modern Capitalist Culture
Leslie A. White

The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claims
Bruce J. Berman
André Laliberté
Stephen J. Larin

Moving Mountains
Jean Michaud
Tim Forsyth

Names and Nunavut
Valerie Alia

National Visions, National Blindness
Leslie Dawn

Naturalistic Observation
Michael V. Angrosino

The Nature of Sociology
Marcel Mauss

New Lives for Ancient and Extinct Crops
Paul E. Minnis

Nooksack Place Names
Allan Richardson
Brent Galloway

Northern Haida Master Carvers
Robin K. Wright

Northern Plainsmen
John W. Bennett
Seena B. Kohl

Benjamin Alberti
Gustavo Politis

Obedient Autonomy
Erika E.S. Evasdottir

The Occult Life of Things
Fernando Santos-Granero

On Folkways and Mores
Philip D. Manning

Oral History and Communities of Color
Teresa Barnett
Chon A. Noriega

Oral History on Trial
Bruce Granville Miller

Ordinary Lives and Grand Schemes
Samuli Schielke
Liza Debevec

Our Box Was Full
Richard Daly

Tony Waldron

A Passion for the True and Just
Alice Beck Kehoe

Paths of Origin, Gates of Life
Andrew McWilliam

Peacekeeping Under Fire
Robert A. Rubinstein

People and the Land
Erich Kasten

People of the Middle Fraser Canyon
Anna Marie Prentiss
Ian Kuijt

Photography, Memory, and Refugee Identity
Lynda Mannik

Potlatch at Gitsegukla
Marjorie M. Halpin
Margaret Seguin Anderson

The Power of Symbols
N. Ross Crumrine
Marjorie M. Halpin

Power through Testimony
Brieg Capitaine
Karine Vanthuyne

A Prehistory of Ordinary People
Monica L. Smith

Preserving What Is Valued
Miriam Clavir

Prime-Time Society
Conrad Phillip Kottak

Property, Territory, Globalization
William D. Coleman

The Proposal Economy
Pamela R. Stern
Peter V. Hall

Psychology and Race
Peter Watson

"Real" Indians and Others
Bonita Lawrence

Red Stamps and Gold Stars
Sarah Turner

Rethinking Migration
Alejandro Portes
Josh DeWind

Rural Development in Eurasia and the Middle East
Kurt E. Engelmann
Vjeran Pavlakovic

Salado Archaeology of the Upper Gila, New Mexico
Stephen H. Lekson

The Scope of Anthropology
Laurent Dousset
Serge Tcherkézoff

Seawomen of Iceland
Margaret Willson
Margaret Williams

Sex and Borders
Leslie Ann Jeffrey

Sex Workers in the Maritimes Talk Back
Leslie Ann Jeffrey
Gayle MacDonald

Since the Time of the Transformers
Alan D McMillan

Sinews of Survival
Betty Kobayashi Issenman

Social Bodies
Helen Lambert
Maryon McDonald

The Social Life of Stories
Julie Cruikshank

Nicholas J. Long
Henrietta L. Moore

Speaking for a Long Time
Adrienne L. Burk

Spirits with Scalpels

Kelly Greenfield
Sidney M. Greenfield

Standing Up with Ga'axsta'las
Leslie A. Robertson
Kwagu’l Gixsam Clan

Symbolic Immortality
Sergei Kan

Taking Stands
Maureen G. Reed

Tales of Ghosts
Ronald W. Hawker

Terrain of Memory
Kirsten Emiko McAllister

This Is Our Life
Cara Krmpotich
Laura Peers

A Timeless Place
Julia Harrison

Nancy B. Rosoff
Susan Kennedy Zeller

Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago
Albert G. van Zonneveld

Trail of Story, Traveller's Path
Lauri Johnson
Leslie Main Johnson

A Tsilhqút’ín Grammar
Eung-Do Cook

Turning the Tune
Adam Kaul

The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region
Carlos G. Velez-Ibanez
Josiah Heyman

Uncharted Terrains
Anna Ochoa O'Leary
Colin M. Deeds
Scott Whiteford

Vital Healing
Marc S. Micozzi

Voices From the Camps
James M. Freeman
Nguyen Dinh Huu

Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China
Stevan Harrell

Ways of the Rivers
Martha G. Anderson
Philip M. Peek

"We are not Savages"
Joel R. Hyer

Welcome to Resisterville
Kathleen Rodgers

Western Pueblo Identities
Andrew Duff

When Women Held the Dragon’s Tongue
Hermann Rebel

Where Happiness Dwells
Robin Ridington
Jillian Ridington
Dane-zaa First Nations elders

White Grizzly Bear's Legacy
Lawney L. Reyes

White Man's Water
Erica Prussing

Witches, Westerners, and HIV
Alexander Rodlach

Women and Knowledge in Mesoamerica
Paloma Martinez-Cruz

Women in Anthropology
Maria G. Cattell
Marjorie M. Schweitzer

The World System and The Earth System
Alf Hornborg
Carole L Crumley

A World That Was
Ronald M. Berndt
Catherine H. Berndt

Writing on Ice
Gisli Palsson

Years of Conflict
Jason Hart

Young Men in Uncertain Times
Vered Amit
Noel Dyck

Zina, Transnational Feminism, and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women
Shahnaz Khan

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