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Age, Gender, and Work
Julie Ann McMullin

Alternative Media in Canada
Kirsten Kozolanka
Patricia Mazepa
David Skinner

American Voices of Dissent
Gabrielle Zamparini
Lorenzo Meccoli

Connecting Canadians
Andrew Clement
Michael Gurstein
Graham Longford
Martial Moll
Leslie Regan Shade

Consuming Modernity
Cheryl Krasnick Warsh
Dan Malleck

Controlling Knowledge
Lorna Stefanick

Covering Disaster
Jay Perkins
Ralph Izard

Digital Kids
Martin L. Kutscher
Natalie Rosin

The Digital Nexus
Raphael Foshay

Discourses of Denial
Yasmin Jiwani

Dreaming in Canadian
Faiza Hirji

Education 2.0
Leonard J. Waks

Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning
George Veletsianos

Environment Reporters in the 21st Century
James Simon
David Sachsman
JoAnn Valenti

Fraught Intimacies
Nathan Rambukkana

Gendering Talk
Robert Hopper

General Eisenhower
Ira Chernus

Hearts and Mines
Tanner Mirrlees

Hidden Agendas
Barry Cooper
Lydia Miljan

Holding Pattern
Karen S. Falling Buzzard

How Canadians Communicate IV
David Taras
Christopher Waddell

How Canadians Communicate V
David Taras
Christopher Waddell

How to Win Campaigns, Second Edition
Chris Rose

The Information Front
Timothy Balzer

Peter Laufer

Knowledge and Networking
Anton Oleinik

Leading Change in the Web 2.1 World
Jackson Nickerson

Lessons from Ground Zero
Ralph Izard
Jay Perkins

Literary Value/Cultural Power
Lynette Hunter

Media Divides
Marc Raboy
Jeremy Shtern

The Media Gaze
Augie Fleras

Merry Laughter and Angry Curses
Juan Wang

Mission Invisible
Ross Perigoe
Mahmoud Eid

Mobile Communication
Rich Ling
Scott W. Campbell

Mobile Multimedia in Action
Ilpo Kalevi Koskinen

Mobilizing Metaphor
Christine Kelly
Michael Orsini

Numbers and Nerves
Scott Slovic
Paul Slovic

Open Spaces
Penny H. Harrison

Oratory in Native North America
William M. Clements

Permanent Campaigning in Canada
Alex Marland
Thierry Giasson
Anna Lennox Esselment

Political Communication in Canada
Alex Marland
Thierry Giasson
Tamara A. Small

Political Marketing in Canada
Alex Marland
Thierry Giasson
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Prime-Time Society
Conrad Phillip Kottak

Profanity, Obscenity and the Media
Melvin J. Lasky

Publishing as a Vocation
Irving Louis Horowitz

A Queer Love Story
Marilyn R. Schuster

The Reconstruction Desegregation Debate
Kirt H. Wilson

Reel Time
Robert M. Seiler
Tamara P. Seiler

Rostow, Kennedy, and the Rhetoric of Foreign Aid
Kimber Charles Pearce

Jean-NoŽl Kapferer

Selves and Subjectivities
Manijeh Mannani
Veronica Thompson

Semiotic Flesh
Philip Thurtle
Robert Mitchell

Staging Corruption
Ruoyun Bai

The Struggle for Canadian Copyright
Sara Bannerman

The Technological Imperative in Canada
R. Douglas Francis

Paul Litt

Turn Up the Contrast
Mary Jane Miller

Un/Covering the North
Valerie Alia

Understanding Contemporary Social Problems through Media
Roberta Goldberg

Virgil's Golden Egg and Other Neapolitan Miracles
Michael A. Ledeen

A Wilder West
Mary-Ellen Kelm

Wired to the World, Chained to the Home
Penny Gurstein

David Trend

Xavier's Legacies
Kevin M. Doak

Youth in Revolt
Henry A. Giroux

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