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 Search Results

Accidental Gravity
Bernard Quetchenbach

All the King's Women
Mimi Chan

All They Will Call You
Tim Z. Hernandez

The Art and Practice of Explosion
G.F. Michelsen

Book Matters
Alan Sica

W. H. New

Canada Home
Margaret Howard Blom
Thomas E. Blom

Canadian Travellers in Europe, 1851-1900
Eva-Marie Kroller

Captured in the Middle
Sidner Larson

Cervantes, Volume 1
R. M. Flores

Cervantes, Volume 2
R. M. Flores

Character and Conflict in Jane Austen's Novels
Stephen D. Bryen
Bernard J. Paris

The Cinema of Malcolm Lowry
Miguel Mota
Paul Tiessen

Clearing a Space
Keith Foulcher
Tony Day

The Collected Poetry of Malcolm Lowry
Kathleen Dorothy Scherf

Commonplace Books
Earle Havens

A Companion to Under the Volcano
Lawrence J. Clipper
Christopher Ackerley

Corpse Whale
Dg Nanouk Okpik

The Cruise of the Janet Nichol among the South Sea Islands
Roslyn Jolly

Culture and Liberty
Stephen Cox

Dear Nan
Doreen Walker

Doctor Faustus
Christopher Marlowe
D. Bevington
E. Rasmussen

Dodger Blue Will Fill Your Soul
Bryan Fierro

The Duchess of Malfi (Student Edition)
John Webster
J. Brown

The Duchess of Malfi, Second edition
John Russell Brown
John Webster

Dustship Glory
Andreas Schroeder

Dwelling Places
James Procter

Eastward Ho! by Chapman, Jonson and Marston
George Chapman
R.W. van Fossen

An Economy of Colour
Geoff Quilley
Kay Dian Kriz

Edward the Second
Christopher Marlowe
C.R. Forker

Edwin Morgan
Colin Nicholson

The Einstein Intersection
Samuel R. Delany

John Lyly
David Bevington

Frederick Turner

Epicene, or The Silent Woman
Ben Jonson
Richard Dutton

Ethel Wilson
David Stouck

European Gothic
Avril Horner

Every Man Out of His Humour
Helen Ostovich
Ben Jonson

The First and Second Parts of King Edward IV
Richard Rowland
Thomas Heywood

First Person Plural
Sophie McCall

Five Forks
Robert Alexander

Following Proust
Susan Baker

Forest Under Story
Nathaniel Brodie
Charles Goodrich
Frederick J. Swanson

Forgiveness Is Really Strange
Marina Cantacuzino
Masi Noor
Sophie Standing

Four Thousand Hooks
Dean J. Adams

Further Letters of Mrs. Gaskell
John Chapple
Alan Shelston

The Ghost of John Wayne and Other Stories
Ray Gonzalez

Gothic Writing 1750-1820
Robert Miles

Grass Fires
Dan Gerber

The Great War of Words
Peter Buitenhuis

Anthony B. Dawson

Hanif Kureishi
Bart Moore-Gilbert

Henry V
James Loehlin

Hive of Dreams
Grace L. Dillon

Home Movies of Narcissus
Rane Arroyo

How Simone de Beauvoir Died in Australia
Sylvia Lawson

Hungarian Rhapsodies
Richard Teleky

If Rock and Roll Were a Machine
Terry Davis

Illegitimate Power
Alison Findlay

In the Eye of the Hurricane
Philip Hallie

Infinite Variety
Esther Ferington

Itch Like Crazy
Wendy Rose

James Baldwin's Later Fiction
Lynn Scott

The Jew of Malta
Christopher Marlowe
N.W. Bawcutt

The Jew of Malta (Student Edition)
David Bevington
Christopher Marlowe

Jumping through Hoops
Shirley Chang
Jing M. Wang

The Just and the Lively
Michael Werth Gelber

The King of Lighting Fixtures
Daniel A. Olivas

King Richard II
Margaret Sherwing

Leaving Lines of Gender
Ann Vickery

Legends of the Northern Paiute
James Gardner

Letter from Morocco
Christine Daure-Serfaty
Paul Raymond Cote
Constantina Mitchell

The Letters of Malcolm Lowry and Gerald Noxon, 1940-1952
Nancy Strobel
Paul Tiessen

The Light People
Gordon Henry

The Literal Imagination
Ian Watt
Bruce Thompson

Literary Value/Cultural Power
Lynette Hunter

Long Stories Cut Short
Frederick Luis Aldama
Ana María Shua

Love's Sacrifice
John Ford
A.T. Moore

The Low Road
Valerie Miner

Lyric Poets of the Southern T'ang
Daniel Bryant

The Magnetic Lady
Ben Jonson
Peter Happè

The Maid's Tragedy
Francis Beaumont
John Fletcher
T.W. Craik

The Malcontent
John Marston
George K. Hunter

The Malcontent (Student Edition)
John Marston
George K. Hunter

Mariners, Renegades and Castaways
C.L. R. James

Masculinities without Men?
J Bobby Noble

Masculinities, modernist fiction and the public sphere
Scott McCracken

Merry Laughter and Angry Curses
Juan Wang

Mestizo Nations
Juan E. De Castro

Michael Ondaatje
Lee Spinks

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Second Edition
Jay L. Halio

Jonathan Locke Hart

My Grandfather's Book
Gary Gildner

"My Own Portrait in Writing"
Patrick Grant

Mysterious Ways
Terry Davis

Native Writers and Canadian Writing
W. H. New

Negotiated Memory
Julie Rak

Negotiating Identities
Helena Grice

The New Aestheticism
John J. Joughin
Simon Malpas

The New Inn
Ben Jonson
Michael Hattaway

Nikolai's Fortune
Solveig Torvik

Notebooks of a Chile Verde Smuggler
Juan Felipe Herrera

Novel Shakespeares
Julie Sanders

On Spiders, Cyborgs and Being Scared
Joanna Zylinska

On the Art of Being Canadian
Sherrill Grace

Lois Potter

Pageantry and power
Tracey Hill

The Pen's Excellencie
Heather Wolfe

Peter Carey
Bruce Woodcock

Peter Orlovsky, A Life in Words
Peter Anton Orlovsky
Bill Morgan

The Philip Larkin I Knew
Maeve Brennan

Plays on women
Kathleen McLuskie

Poems for a Small Park
E. D. Blodgett

The Politician and Other Stories
Khamsing Srinawk

E. D. Blodgett

A Queer Love Story
Marilyn R. Schuster

Reading Vincent van Gogh
Patrick Grant

The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band
Frances Washburn

The Renaissance Text
Andrew Murphy

The Resurrection of the Animals
Anita Skeen

The Revenger's Tragedy (Student Edition)
Thomas Middleton
Cyril Tourneur
R.A. Foakes

Rewriting Scotland
Cristie L. March

Richard Aldington and H.D.
Caroline Zilboorg

The Roaring Girl
Thomas Dekker
Thomas Middleton
Paul Mulholland

Robertson Davies, Playwright
Susan Stone-Blackburn

The Roman Actor
Philip Massinger
Martin White

The Round Barn
Suzy Wizowaty

Salman Rushdie
Andrew Teverson

The Scholar and the State
Liangyan Ge

A Second Life
Dan Gerber

Secret Shakespeare
Richard Wilson

Ewa Lipska
Barbara Bogoczek
Tony Howard

Ben Jonson
Philip Ayres

The Shapes of Our Singing
Robin Skelton

The Shoemaker's Holiday
Thomas Dekker
Robert Smallwood
Stanley Wells

Sarah Roche-Mahdi

The Silence of Barbara Synge
W.J. McCormack

Six Girls Without Pants
Paisley Rekdal

Skookum Summer
Jack Hart

The Sonoran Desert
Eric Magrane
Christopher Cokinos
Paul Mirocha

The Spanish Tragedy (Student Edition)
David Bevington
Thomas Kyd

Spark of Light
Valerie Henitiuk
Supriya Kar

Spatial Relations
Leonora Smith

Special Relationships
Janet Beer
Bridget Bennett

The Spoken Word
Adam Fox
Daniel Woolf

The Staple of News
Ben Jonson
Anthony Parr

Temporalities, Autobiography and Everyday Life
Jan Campbell
Janet Harbord

Tokyo Central
Edward Seidensticker

Translating Southwestern Landscapes
Audrey Goodman

Uncovering the Mind
Julie Sanders

Vancouver Short Stories
Carole Gerson

Voices of the Land
Katherine Koller

Voyage of a Summer Sun
Robin Cody

The Voyage that Never Ends
Sherrill Grace

Walking the Beach to Bellingham
Harvey Manning

Wild Words
Donna Coates
George Melnyk

William Faulkner
Linda Wagner-Martin

The Witch of Edmonton (Student Edition)
Peter Corbin
Douglas Sedge
William Dekker et al.

Women on the Renaissance Stage
Clare McManus

Women, Revolution, and the Novels of the 1790s
Linda Lang-Peralta

Women, Scholarship and Criticism
Joan Bellamy
Anne Laurence
Gill Perry

Women, Theatre and Performance
Maggie B. Gale
Viv Gardner

Women's Writing in Contemporary France
Catherine Worthington
Gill Rye
Michael Worton

Words We Call Home
Linda Svendsen

The works of Richard Edwards
Ros King

Writings on the Dark Side of Travel
Hana Saab
Jonathan Skinner

Yrs, Ever Affly
Daniel Bratton

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