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The ABCs of Human Survival
Arthur Clark

George Pavlich
Matthew P. Unger

Against Orthodoxy
Trevor Harrison
Slobodan Drakulic

Animal Sensibility and Inclusive Justice in the Age of Bernard Shaw
Rod Preece

Animals and Nature
Rod Preece

The Ascent of Man
James F. Harris

The Beautiful Risk of Education
Gert J.J. Biesta
Gert J.J. Biesta

Between Consenting Peoples
Jeremy Webber
Colin M. Macleod

Bringing the Passions Back In
Leonard Ferry
Rebecca Kingston

Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution
Rod Preece

The Chinese Book of Animal Powers
Chungliang Al Huang

Citizen Machiavelli
Mark Hulliung

Contemplative Aging
Edmund Sherman

Critical Disability Theory
Dianne Pothier
Richard Devlin

Culture and Liberty
Stephen Cox

Deliberative Democracy in Practice
David Kahane
Daniel Weinstock
Dominique Leydet
Melissa Williams

Education 2.0
Leonard J. Waks

An Ethic of Mutual Respect
Bruce Morito

Ethics and Aging
James E. Thornton
Earl R. Winkler

Foucault, Governmentality, and Critique
Thomas Lemke

Gandhi's Footprints
Predrag Cicovacki

Good Education in an Age of Measurement
Gert J.J. Biesta

Hilary Putnam
Christopher Norris

How It Is
Kathleen Dean Moore
Kurt Peters
Ted Jojola
Amber Lacy

The Idea of Leisure
Robert A. Stebbins

Identity/Difference Politics
Rita Dhamoon

In the Eye of the Hurricane
Philip Hallie

The Myth of Universal Human Rights
David N. Stamos

The Natural Family Where It Belongs
Allan C. Carlson

The Necessity of Choice
Louis Hartz
Paul Roazen
Benjamin R. Barber

On Crimes and Punishments
Cesare Beccaria
Graeme Newman
Pietro Marongiu

On Spiders, Cyborgs and Being Scared
Joanna Zylinska

Paradoxes of Rationality and Cooperation
Richmond Campbell
Lanning Sowden

The Perils of Identity
Caroline Dick

Political Philosophy
Mario Bunge

Nicholas Rescher

Prometheus Wired
Darin Barney

The Pursuit of Happiness
Carol Graham

Quantum Soup
Chungliang Al Huang

Race and Human Rights
Curtis Stokes

Religion, Space, and the Environment
Sigurd Bergmann

Rooted Cosmopolitanism
Will Kymlicka
Kathryn Walker

Semiotic Flesh
Philip Thurtle
Robert Mitchell

Sex, Family, and the Culture Wars
Mark J. Cherry

Sins of the Flesh
Rod Preece

The Sociology-Philosophy Connection
Mario Bunge

Thinking Queerly
David Ross Fryer

Shampa Biswas
Zahi Zalloua

Trail of Story, Traveller's Path
Lauri Johnson
Leslie Main Johnson

E. Richard Atleo

Understanding Globalization
Kavous Ardalan

The Undiscovered Country
Ian Angus

What Is Water?
Jamie Linton

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