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Accidental Gravity
Bernard Quetchenbach

The Agile City
Alexei Maxim Russell
James S. Russell

America's Urban Future
Ray Tomalty
Alan Mallach

Architecture and the Canadian Fabric
Rhodri Windsor Liscombe

Architecture of Community
Leon Krier

A Better Way to Zone
Donald L. Elliott

Biophilic Cities
Timothy Beatley

Blue Urbanism
Timothy Beatley

Building a Collaborative Advantage
Carey Doberstein

Canada's Urban Past
Gilbert A. Stelter
Alan F.J. Artibise

Canadian Urban Growth Trends
Ira M. Robinson

The Challenge of Social Innovation in Urban Revitalization
Paul Drewe
Juan-Luis Klein
Edward Hulsbergen

Raymond Joshua Scannell

City Rules
Emily Talen

Conservation for Cities
Robert I. McDonald

The Co-Workplace
Laura C. Johnson

Creating Vibrant Public Spaces
Ned Crankshaw

Culture and Civilization
Gabriel R. Ricci

Demographic Projection Techniques for Regions and Smaller Areas
H. Craig Davis

Design with Microclimate
Robert D. Brown

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Cities
David Satterthwaite

Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs
Bob Barnetson
Jonathan Barnett
Larry Beasley

The Ecological Design and Planning Reader
Forster O. Ndubisi

Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment
Mat Santamouris

Expansive Discourses
Max Foran

Explorations in Planning Theory
Seymour J. Mandelbaum
Luigi Mazza
Robert W. Burchell

Global Street Design Guide
Global Designing Cities

Good Urbanism
Nan Ellin

Green Building Trends
Jerry Yudelson

Green Cities of Europe
Timothy Beatley

Green Urbanism Down Under
Timothy Beatley
Peter Newman

Greening Cities, Growing Communities
Jeffrey Hou
Julie M. Johnson
Laura J. Lawson

Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design
Timothy Beatley

Holding Their Ground
Alain Durand-Lasserve
Lauren Royston

How to Study Public Life
Stephen D. Bryen
Jan Gehl
Birgitte Svarre

Human Transit
Emily Monosson
Jarrett Walker

I Was the Only Woman
Sue Hendler
Julia Markovich

Indigenous in the City
Evelyn Peters
Chris Andersen

Intercultural City
Charles Landry
Phil Wood

International Investment for Sustainable Development
Lyuba Zarsky

Inventing Stanley Park
Sean Kheraj

Land Politics and Livelihoods on the Margins of Hanoi, 1920-2010
Danielle Labbe

Land Use and Society, Third Edition
Rutherford H. Platt

Leaky Governance
Kathryn Furlong

Leviathan Undone?
Roger Keil
Rianne Mahon

Life Between Buildings
Jan Gehl

Life Spaces
Caroline Andrew
Beth Moore Milroy

The Living Landscape, Second Edition
Juliet Clutton-Brock

Making Vancouver
Robert A. J. McDonald

Market Economy and Urban Change
Roger Zetter
Mohamed Hamza

Measuring Urban Design
Reid Ewing
Otto Clemente

Mega Urban Regions of Southeast Asia
Terry G. McGee
Ira M. Robinson

The Myth of the North American City
Michael Goldberg
John Mercer

Native Seattle
Coll Thrush

New City Spaces
Jan Gehl
Lars Gemzoe

Next Generation Infrastructure
Hillary Brown

The Option of Urbanism
Christopher B. Leinberger

Parking Reform Made Easy
Richard W. Willson

The People and the Bay
Nancy B. Bouchier
Ken Cruikshank

Peri-Urban Interface
Duncan McGregor
David Simon
Donald Thompson

Perverse Cities
Pamela Blais

Pests in the City
Dawn Day Biehler
William Cronon

Planning and Building Down Under
Harry Seidler

Planning as if People Matter
Marc Brenman
Thomas W. Sanchez

Planning Canadian Regions
Gerald Hodge
Ira M. Robinson

Planning Canadian Regions, Second Edition
Gerald Hodge
Heather M. Hall
Ira M. Robinson

Planning the New Suburbia
Avi Friedman

Planning Toronto
Richard White

Principles of Brownfield Regeneration
Justin B. Hollander
Niall G. Kirkwood
Julia L. Gold

Principles of Urban Structure
Nikos A. Salingaros

The Profession of City Planning
Lloyd Rodwin
Bishwapriya Sanyal

Public Interest, Private Property
Anneke Smit
Marcia Valiante

Race and the City
Shanti Fernando

Reconstructing Kobe
David W. Edgington

Rediscovering Thomas Adams
Wayne J. Caldwell

Remaking Urban Citizenship
Michael Peter Smith
Michael Mcquarrie

Reshaping Metropolitan America
Arthur C. Nelson

Resilient Cities
Peter Newman
Timothy Beatley
Heather Boyer

Roads Were Not Built for Cars
Gabriel R. Ricci
Carlton Reid

Rural and Urban Sustainability Governance
Kota Asano
Mitsuo Takada

Segmented Cities?
Kristin R. Good
Luc Turgeon
Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Settlement Planning and Development
Nathaniel Lichfield

Small Change
Nabeel Hamdi

Soul of the City
Alice Shorett
Murray Morgan

Sounding for Cool
Donald Morrill

Speaking for a Long Time
Adrienne L. Burk

Special Places
Betty Roots
Donald Chant
Conrad Heidenreich

Sprawl Repair Manual
Galina Tachieva

State of the World 2016
The Worldwatch Institute

State of the World's Cities

Strategic Green Infrastructure Planning
Karen Firehock

Suburb Slum Urban Village
Carolyn Whitzman

Sustainable Housing Projects
Ronald Rovers

Sustainable Landscape Construction
J. William Thompson
Kim Sorvig

Tactical Urbanism
Mike Lydon
Anthony Garcia

Tales of Two Cities
Sylvia Bashevkin

Thinking Planning and Urbanism
Beth Moore Milroy

Urban Acupuncture
Jamie Lerner

Urban and Regional Planning in Canada
J. Barry Cullingworth

Urban Sprawl and Public Health
Howard Frumkin
Lawrence Frank
Richard Jackson

Urban Street Design Guide
National Association of City Transportation Officials

Urban Transformation
Peter Bosselmann

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change
Peter Calthorpe

The Vancouver Achievement
John Punter

Walking Washington's History
Judy Bentley

Wild By Design
Margie Ruddick

Women and Property in Urban India
Bipasha Baruah

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