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Against the Grain
L. Anders Sandberg
Peter Clancy

American Indians and National Forests
Theodore Catton

Anatomy of a Conflict
Terre Satterfield

Balancing Act, 2nd ed.
J P Hamish Kimmins

Between Two Fires
Stephen J. Pyne

Biodiversity and Democracy
Paul M. Wood

British Columbia's Inland Rainforest
Susan Stevenson
Harold Armleder
André Arsenault
Darwyn Coxson
Craig DeLong
Michael Jull

Canada-United States Trade in Forest Products
Russell S. Uhler

Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System
K.G. Hirsch

Canadian Forest Fire Behaviour Prediction (FBP) System
K.G. Hirsch

Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy, 2nd ed.
Melody Hessing
Michael Howlett
Tracy Summerville

Capital and Labour in the British Columbia Forest Industry, 1934-74
Gordon Hak

The Causes of Tropical Deforestation
Katrina Brown
David Pearce

Champion Trees of Washington State
Robert Van Pelt

Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest
Richard A. Rajala

Community Forestry in Canada
Sara Teitelbaum

Conservation Biology Principles for Forested Landscapes
Scott Harrison
Joan Voller

Corporate Social Responsibility and the State
Jane Lister

J. V. Thirgood

T.M.L. Varem-Sanders
I.D. Campbell

Dictionary of Natural Resource Management
Julian Dunster
Katherine Dunster

Dictionnaire de la Foresterie/Dictionary of Forestry
Marc Cote

Distribution of Severe Dwarf Mistletoe Damage
J.P. Brandt
R.D. Brett
K.R. Knowles
A. Sproule

The Earthscan Reader in Forestry and Development
Jeffrey Sayer

Ecology and Management of Sitka Spruce
Everett Peterson
N. Merle Peterson
Gordon F. Weetman
Patrick J. Martin

Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape
Ajith Perera
David Euler
Ian Thompson

Emerging Issues in Forest Policy
Peter N. Nemetz

A Field Guide to Classify and Measure Aspen Decay and Stain
Y. Hiratsuka
T. Stokes
P. Chakravarty
D.J. Morgan

Field Guide to Ecosites of Northern Alberta
J.D. Beckingham
J.H. Archibald

Field Guide to Ecosites of the Mid-Boreal Ecoregions of Saskatchewan
J.D. Beckingham
D.G. Nielsen
V.A. Futoransky

Field Guide to Ecosites of West-Central Alberta
J.D. Beckingham
J.H. Archibald
I.G.W. Corns

Field Guide to Forest Ecosystems of West-Central Alberta
I.G.W. Corns
R.M. Annas

Field Guide to Forest Insects and Diseases of the Prairie Provinces, Second Edition
Y. Hiratsuka
D.W. Langor
P.E. Crane

Field Guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System
S.W. Taylor
R.G. Pike
M.E. Alexander

Field guide to the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction (FBP) System, Second Edition
S.W. Taylor
M.E. Alexander

Edward Struzik

Flexible Crossroads
Roger Hayter

Forest Dreams, Forest Nightmares
Nancy Langston

Forest Economics
Daowei Zhang
Peter H. Pearse

Forest Primeval
Chris Maser

Forest Tree Diseases of the Prairie Provinces
Y. Hiratsuka

Forest Under Story
Nathaniel Brodie
Charles Goodrich
Frederick J. Swanson

Forestry and Biodiversity
Fred L. Bunnell
Glen B. Dunsworth

Forestry and the Forest Industry in Japan
Yoshiya Iwai

Forests for the People
Christopher Johnson
David Govatski

Forests in Our Changing World
Elisabeth Abergel
Joe Landsberg
Richard Waring

Geographic Variation in Forest Trees
Kristian Morgenstern

Global Environmental Forest Policies
Constance L. McDermott
Benjamin Cashore
Peter Kanowski

Green Gold
Patricia Marchak

In Search of Sustainability
Michael Howlett
Jeremy Wilson
Benjamin Cashore
George Hoberg
Jeremy Rayner

Indicator Plant Species in Canadian Forests
Gordon S. Ringius
Richard A. Sims
Susan J. Meades

Indicator Plants of Coastal British Columbia
Karel Klinka
V. J. Krajina
A. Ceska
A. M. Scagel

Insects of Eastern Hardwood Trees
A.H. Rose
O.H. Lindquist

Insects of Eastern Pines
A.H. Rose
O.H. Lindquist
K.L. Nystrom

Introduction to Forestry Economics
Peter H. Pearse

Local Forest Management
David Edmunds
Eva Wollenberg

David Humphreys

Money Trees
Emily K. Brock

Monitoring Forest Biodiversity
Toby Gardner

The Olympic Rain Forest
Ruth Kirk
Jerry Franklin

Plantations, Privatization, Poverty and Power
James Mayers
Michael Garforth

Policies for Sustainably Managing Canada's Forests
Martin K. Luckert
David Haley
George Hoberg

Policy and Practices for Biodiversity in Managed Forests
Fred L. Bunnell
Jacklyn Johnson

The Politics of Decentralization
Carol J. Pierce Colfer
Doris Capistrano

Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants
Robin Rose
Caryn E.C. Chachulski
Diane L. Haase

Regenerating British Columbia's Forests
R. Parish
C. M. Johnson
G. Montgomery
A. Vyse
R. A. Willis
D. Winston
D.P. Lavender

Sacred Natural Sites
Bas Verschuuren
Robert Wild
Jeffrey A. McNeely
Gonzalo Oviedo

Second Growth
John Pierce
Mark Roseland
Sean Markey
Kelly Vodden

Selling Forest Environmental Services
Stefano Pagiola
Josh Bishop
Natasha Landell-Mills

Silviculture and Ecology of Western U.S. Forests, Second Edition
John C. Tappeiner II
Douglas A. Maguire
Timothy B. Harrington
John D. Bailey

Stephen J. Pyne

Sustaining the Forests of the Pacific Coast
Debra Salazar
Donald K. Alper

Taking Stands
Maureen G. Reed

The Tillamook
Gail Wells

Tree and Shrub Insects of the Prairie Provinces
W.G.H. Ives
H.R. Wong

Trees in the Tide
Kennedy Warne

Troubles in the Rainforest
Trevor Barnes
Roger Hayter

Uncovering the Hidden Harvest
Martin K. Luckert
Bruce Campbell

The Wealth of Forests
Chris Tollefson

Wildland Fire
Environmental Training Centre

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