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Bright Balkan Morning
Dick Blau
Charles Keil
Angeliki Vellou Keil

Change or Decay
Lilia Shevtsova
Andrew Wood

Engaging Central Asia
Neil J. Melvin

The Enlargement of Europe
Stuart Croft
John Redmond
G. Wyn Rees
Mark Webber

EU Security Governance
Emil Kirchner
James Sperling

Europe and Civil Society
Carlo Ruzza

Europe in Crisis
Mark Hewitson
Matthew D'Auria

European Environmental Policy
Michael Skou Anderson
Duncan Liefferink

European Politics Today
Geoffrey K. Roberts
Patricia Hogwood

A Farewell to Arms?
Michael Cox
Adrian Guelke
Fiona Stephen

Federalism and Democratisation in Russia
Cameron Ross

Fifteen into One?
Wolfgang Wessels
Andrea Maurer
Jurgen Mittag

The Foreign Policies of European Union Member States
Ian Manners
Richard Whitman

Forgotten Voices
Ulrich Merten

The Future of the German Economy
Rebecca Harding
William E. Paterson

Immigration and European Integration
Andrew Geddes

Immigration and European integration, Second Edition
Andrew Geddes

Imperial Germany Revisited
Sven Oliver Muller
Cornelius Torp

Imperialism and Music
Jeffrey Richards

Informer 001
Yuri Druzhnikov

An Introduction to Post-Communist Bulgaria
Emil Giatzidis

Irish Politics Today
Neil Collins
Terry Cradden

Italy's Many Diasporas
Donna R. Gabaccia

Labour's Second Landslide
Andrew Geddes
Jonathan Tonge

The Lšnder and German Federalism
Arthur Gunlicks

Local Government Today
James Chandler

Mass Media and Media Policy in Western Europe
Peter Humphreys

Measuring and Monitoring Immigrant Integration in Europe
Rob Bijl
Arjen Verweij

The New Custodians of the State
William Genieys

The New Germany and Migration in Europe
Barbara Marshall

New Labour's Foreign Policy
Richard Little
Mark Wickham-Jones

New Security Challenges in Postcommunist Europe
Andrew Cottey
Derek Averre

New Soviet Man
John Haynes

On Crimes and Punishments
Cesare Beccaria
Graeme Newman
Pietro Marongiu

Opinion Polls
Nick Moon

Plagues, Poisons and Potions
William Naphy

The Political Economy of New Labour
Colin Hay

Political Issues in Ireland Today
Neil Collins

Political Marketing and British Political Parties
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Politics and Culture in Modern Germany
Gordon A. Craig

The Power of Song
Guntis Smidchens

Pushing Back the Boundaries
Mike Mannin

The Retreat of Social Democracy
John Callaghan

The Rise of the Nazis
Conan Fischer

The Road to the European Union, Volume 2
Vello Pettai
Jan Zielonka

The Rules of Integration
Mark Aspinwall
Gerald Schneider

Russia in 2020
Maria Lipman
Nikolay Petrov

Scandinavian Politics Today
David Arter

A Social History of Europe, 1945-2000
Hartmut Kaelble

Spanish Politics Today
John Gibbons

Turkey Facing a New Millenium
Amikam Nachmani

Two Tiers or Two Speeds?
James Sperling

Voices in a Revolution
Melvin J. Lasky

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