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Dad's Not All There Any More
Alex Demetris

Dance Lest We All Fall Down
Margaret Willson

Dancing with Dementia
Christine Bryden

Danish Folktales, Legends, and Other Stories
Timothy R. Tangherlini

Daoist Meditation
Wu Jyh Cherng

Daoist Meridian Yoga
Camilo Sanchez

Daoist Nei Gong for Women
Roni Edlund
Damo Mitchell

Daoist Reflections from Scholar Sage
Damo Mitchell

Daring to Dream
Paulo Freire

Dark Blue Suit and Other Stories
Peter Bacho

The Dark Side of Globalization
Jorge Heine
Ramesh Thakur

The Darling
Lorraine M. Lopez

Darwin’s Pharmacy
Richard M. Doyle

Daughter of Good Fortune
Chen Huiqin
Shehong Chen
Delia Davin

DBT-Informed Art Therapy
Susan M. Clark

DDT, Silent Spring, and the Rise of Environmentalism
Thomas Dunlap

Dead for Good
Hugh Barlow

Dead in Their Tracks
John Annerino

Deadly Arsenals
Joseph Cirincione
Jon B. Wolfsthal
Miriam Rajkumar

Deadly Embrace
Bruce Riedel

Dealing with Death
Jennifer Green
Michael Green

Dear Nan
Doreen Walker

Death or Deliverance
Teresa Iacobelli

Death So Noble
Jonathan Vance

Death Valley
Alison Hawthorne Deming
Stephen E. Strom

Debating Hate Crime
Allyson M. Lunny

Decision at Midnight
Michael Hart
Bill Dymond
Colin Robertson

Decision-Making, Personhood and Dementia
Deborah O'Connor
Barbara Purves

Deco Japan
Kendall H. Brown

Decoding Dating
John Miller

Decolonizing Education
Marie Battiste

Defence and Discovery
Andrew B. Godefroy

Defending Battered Women on Trial
Elizabeth A. Sheehy

Defending Rights in Russia
Pamela Jordan

Defense Strategy for the Post-Saddam Era
Michael E. O'Hanlon

Defining Harm
Lori G. Beaman

Defining Rights and Wrongs
Rosanna Langer

Defying Dystopia
Ed Ayres

The Deindustrialized World
Steven High
Lachlan Mackinnon
Andrew Perchard

Deliberative Democracy in Practice
David Kahane
Daniel Weinstock
Dominique Leydet
Melissa Williams

Delivering Aid Differently
Wolfgang Fengler
Homi Kharas

Demarginalizing Voices
Jennifer M. Kilty
Maritza Felices-Luna
Sheryl C. Fabian

Demigods on Speedway
Aurelie Sheehan

Boris DeWiel

Democracy after Pinochet
Alan Angell

Democracy Works
Torry D. Dickinson
Terrie A. Becerra
Summer B. C. Lewis

Democratization through the Looking-Glass
Peter Burnell

Democratizing Pension Funds
Ronald B. Davis

Demographic Projection Techniques for Regions and Smaller Areas
H. Craig Davis

Jeffery Jordan
Chris Kelley
Steve H. Murdock

Demography in Canada in the Twentieth Century
Sylvia T. Wargon

T.M.L. Varem-Sanders
I.D. Campbell

Depth of Shallow Culture, The
Albert J. Bergesen

Desert Exile

The Desert Smells Like Rain
Gary Paul Nabhan

Design for an Empathic World
Sim Van der Ryn

Design for Nature in Dementia Care
Garuth Chalfont

Design for the Next Millennium
Eleanor R. Laquian

The Design Manual
David Whitbread

Design Professional's Guide to Zero Net Energy Buildings
Charles Eley

Design with Microclimate
Robert D. Brown

Designer's Atlas of Sustainability
Ann Thorpe

A Designer's Log
Michael Power

Designing Clothes
Veronica Manlow

Designing Clothes
Veronica Manlow

Designing Denuclearization
Bruce D. Larkin

Designing Suburban Futures
June Williamson

Despotic Dominion
John P S McLaren
A.R. Buck
Nancy E. Wright

Developing Flexibility Skills in Children and Teens with Autism
Linda Miller

Developing Identity, Strengths, and Self-Perception for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Michelle Rigler
Amy Rutherford
Emily Quinn

Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice
Ioannis Solos

Developing Workplace Skills for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Michelle Rigler
Amy Rutherford
Emily Quinn

Development Derailed
Max Foran

Development's Displacements
Peter Vandergeest
Pablo Idahosa
Pablo S. Bose

Diagnosis Asparagus
Cathie O'Halloran
Eva Penrose

Diagnosis: Mercury
Jane M. Hightower

Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

Dialogical Planning in a Fragmented Society
Thomas L. Harper
Stanley M. Stein

Diary of a Citizen Scientist
Sharman Apt Russell

The Diary of Kosa Pan
Dirk Van der Cruysee
Michael Smithies

Kathleen Newland

Diasporas in Conflict
Hazel Smith
Paul Stares

Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China
Julia Kuehn
Kam Louie
David M. Pomfret

Diasporic Media beyond the Diaspora
Sherry S. Yu

The Dickinsons of Amherst
Jerome Liebling
Christopher Benfey
Polly Longsworth
Barton Levi St. Armand

Dictionary of British politics
Bill Jones
Bill Jones

Dictionary of Natural Resource Management
Julian Dunster
Katherine Dunster

Dictionnaire de la Foresterie/Dictionary of Forestry
Marc Cote

Different Croaks for Different Folks
Midori Ochiai
Esther Sanders

Different Horrors, Same Hell
Karen Gibbons
Myrna Goldenberg
Amy H. Shapiro

A Different Kettle of Fish
Michael Barton

Different Like Me
Jennifer Elder

Different Minds
Deirdre V. Lovecky

Difficult Transitions
Kurt M. Campbell
James B. Steinberg

Digital Art Therapy
Rick L. Garner

Digital Kids
Martin L. Kutscher
Natalie Rosin

Digital Medicine
Darell M. West
Edward Alan Miller

The Digital Nexus
Raphael Foshay

Dimensions of Inequality in Canada
David A. Green
Jonathan R. Kesselman

Diplomatic Departures
Kim R. Nossal
Nelson Michaud

Direct Work with Family Groups
Audrey Tait
Helen Wosu

Direct Work with Vulnerable Children
Audrey Tait
Helen Wosu

Dirigible Dreams
C. Michael Haim

Dirty Whites and Dark Secrets
Sally Hirsh-Dickinson

Disability and Business
Charles A. Riley

Disability and Child Sexual Abuse
Martina Higgins
John Swain

Disability Politics and Care
Christine Kelly

Disabled Church - Disabled Society
John Gillibrand

Disabling Barriers
Ravi Malhotra
Benjamin Isitt

Disappearing Peoples?
Barbara Brower
Barbara Rose Johnston

The Disappointment Dragon
K.I. Al-Ghani

Disarmament Sketches
Thomas Graham Jr.

Disarming Intervention
Seantel Anaïs

Discipline and Liberty
Gareth Palmer

Discourses of Denial
Yasmin Jiwani

Discovering Main Street
Foster Church

Discovering North American Rock Art
Lawrence Loendorf
Christopher Chippindale
David Whitley

Discovering the Americas
James Rochlin

Discovering the Geology of Baja California
Markes E. Johnson

Diseases of Globalization
Christine McMurray
Roy Smith

The Disinherited Majority
Charles Derber

Dispatches from the Fort Apache Scout
Lori Davisson
Edgar Perry
The Original Staff of the White Mtn Apache Cultural Center
John R. Welch

Dispersed but Not Destroyed
Kathryn Magee Labelle

Disrupting Queer Inclusion
OmiSoore H. Dryden
Suzanne Lenon

Distant Corner
Jeffrey Karl Ochsner
Dennis Alan Andersen

The Distribution and Redistribution of Income
Peter Lambert

Distribution of Severe Dwarf Mistletoe Damage
J.P. Brandt
R.D. Brett
K.R. Knowles
A. Sproule

The Divergent Channels - Jing Bie
David Twicken

Diverse Administrators in Peril
Edna Chun
Alvin Evans

Diversity and Equality
Avigail Eisenberg

Diversity Explosion
William Frey

Do Glaciers Listen?
Julie Cruikshank

Do Lemons Have Feathers?
David J. Burns

Do You Understand Me?
Sofie Koborg Brosen

Doctor Faustus
Christopher Marlowe
D. Bevington
E. Rasmussen

Doctoral Dissertations on Hong Kong 1900-1997
Frank Joseph Shulman
Anna Leon Shulman

Dodger Blue Will Fill Your Soul
Bryan Fierro

Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research
Patricia L. Sunderland
Rita M. Denny

Doing Archaeology
Thomas F. King

Doing Business in a New Climate
Paul Lingl
Deborah Carlson
The David Suzuki Foundation

Doing Survey Research
Peter M. Nardi

Doll Therapy in Dementia Care
Gary Mitchell

The Dolmens and Passage Graves of Sweden
Chris Tilley

The Domestic Assault of Women
Donald G. Dutton

Domestic Reforms
Chris Clarkson

Domestic Violence
Chitra Raghavan
Shuki J. Cohen

Domestic Violence and Child Protection
Cathy Humphreys
Nicky Stanley

Domestic Violence and Protecting Children
Nicky Stanley
Cathy Humphreys

The Dominant Animal
Anne H. Ehrlich
Paul R. Ehrlich

The Dominion and the Rising Sun
John D. Meehan

Dominion of Race
Laura Madokoro
Francine McKenzie
David Meren

Done into Dance
Ann Daly

"Don't Be So Gay!"
Donn Short

Don't Worry (It's Safe to Eat)
Andrew Rowell

Double or Nothing?
Sylvia Barack Fishman

Doubting Sex
Geertje Mak

Douglas Coupland
Andrew Tate

Down From Troy
Richard Selzer

Down Syndrom - Beyond the Disability
Patti McVay
Laurie Adams-Pachl

Dox Thrash
John Ittman

The Dragon and the Crown
Stanley S.K. Kwan
Nicole Kwan

Dragon in the Tropics
Javier Corrales
Michael Penfold

Dragon in the Tropics (2nd Edition)
Javier Corrales
Michael Penfold

The Dragons of Autism
Olga Holland

Drama + Theory

Peter Buse

Dramatherapy and Family Therapy in Education
Penny McFarlane
Jenny Harvey

Drawing Back Culture
Ann Tweedie

Drawings of Choice From a New York Collection
Josef Helfenstein
Jonathan Fineberg

The Dream in Islam
Jeanne Eder
Iain R. Edgar

Linda Ty-Casper

Dreaming in Canadian
Faiza Hirji

Jonathan Locke Hart

Dress and Globalisation
Margaret Maynard

Driven Apart
Annis May Timpson

Driven Wild
Paul Sutter

Drowning in Fire
Craig Womack

Micheal Veal

The Duchess of Malfi (Student Edition)
John Webster
J. Brown

The Duchess of Malfi, Second edition
John Russell Brown
John Webster

Durkheim and Foucault
Mark S. Cladis

Durkheim Today
W.S.F. Pickering

A Durkheimian Quest
William Watts Miller

The dust of just beginning
Don Kerr

Dustship Glory
Andreas Schroeder

Dutch in Michigan
Larry ten Harmsel

Dwellers of Memory
Pilar Riano-Alcala

Dwelling in American
John Muthyala

Dwelling Places
James Procter

A Dynamic Balance
Ann Dale
Jenny Onyx

Dynamics and Diversity
Ian Scoones

The Dynamics of Social Movements in Hong Kong
Tai-lok Lui
Stephen W. K. Chiu

Dynasty and Divinity
Henry John Drewal
Enid Schildkrout

Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies
Maria Chivers

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