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 Search Results

Eagle Down Is Our Law
Antonia Mills

Early Childhood Care and Education in Canada
Larry Prochner
Nina Howe

Early Childhood Music Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders
Petra Kern
Marcia Humpal

The Early Greek Poets and Their Times
Anthony J. Podlecki

Early Human Occupation in British Columbia
Roy Carlson
Luke Dalla Bona

The Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Patricia O'Brien Towle

The Early Years of Native American Art History
Janet Catherine Berlo

Earth and Mars
Stephen E. Strom
Bradford A. Smith

Earth Capitalism
Patrick U. Petit

Earth Only Endures, The
Jules Pretty

Earth Summit 2002
Felix Dodds

Earth to Heaven
Donald Gear
Joan Gear

The Earthscan Reader in Business and Sustainable Development
Richard Welford
Richard Starkey

The Earthscan Reader in Environment, Development and Rural Livelihoods
Samantha Jones
Grace Carswell

The Earthscan Reader in Environmental Values
Terre Satterfield
Linda Kalof

The Earthscan Reader in Forestry and Development
Jeffrey Sayer

Earthscan Reader in Poverty and Biodiversity Conservation
Dilys Roe
Joanna Elliott

The Earthscan Reader in Risk and Modern Society
Ragnar E. Lofstedt
Lynn Frewer

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Agriculture
Jules Pretty

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Cities
David Satterthwaite

The Earthscan Reader in Sustainable Tourism
Lesley France

The Earthscan Reader on Adaptation to Climate Change
E. Lisa F. Schipper
Ian Burton

Earthscan Reader on Sustainable Consumption
Tim Jackson

The East Moves West
Geoffrey Kemp

Easterns and Westerns
Miles Hood Swarthout

Eastward Ho! by Chapman, Jonson and Marston
George Chapman
R.W. van Fossen

Eat to Get Younger
Lorraine Nicolle
Christine Bailey

Eating Bitterness
Kimberley Ens Manning
Felix Wemheuer

Eating the Landscape
Enrique Salmón

Eau Canada
Karen Bakker

Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs
Bob Barnetson
Jonathan Barnett
Larry Beasley

Ecofeminism and Rhetoric
Douglas A. Vakoch

Ecological Classification of Saskatchewan's Mid-Boral Ecoregions Using Resource Maps and Aerial Photographs
V.A. Futoransky
J.D. Beckingham
I.G.W Corns

The Ecological Design and Planning Reader
Forster O. Ndubisi

Ecological Economics, Second Edition
Ivo Daalder
Herman Daly
Joshua Farley

Ecological Restoration
Andre F. Clewell
James Aronson

Ecological Restoration, Second Edition
Andre F. Clewell
James Aronson

Ecology and Ecosystem Conservation
Oswald J. Schmitz

Ecology and Management of Sitka Spruce
Everett Peterson
N. Merle Peterson
Gordon F. Weetman
Patrick J. Martin

Ecology and Religion
John Grim
Mary Evelyn Tucker

Ecology and Wonder
Robert W. Sandford

Ecology of a Managed Terrestrial Landscape
Ajith Perera
David Euler
Ian Thompson

The Ecology of Learning
John Blewitt

Ecology of Salmonids in Estuaries around the World
Colin D. Levings

Economic Analysis for Ecosystem-Based Management
Daniel S. Holland
James N. Sanchirico
Robert J. Johnston
Deepak Joglekar

Economic Analysis of Environmental Impacts, second edition
John Dixon
Louise Fallon Scura
Richard Carpenter
Paul B. Sherman

Economic Instruments for Environmental Management
Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken
Sadrettin Dural

The Economic Value of Biodiversity
David Pearce
Dominic Moran

Economics for Collaborative Environmental Management
Graham Marshall

Economics versus Reality
John M. Legge

An Economy of Colour
Geoff Quilley
Kay Dian Kriz

Ecosystem-Based Management for the Oceans
Karen McLeod
Heather Leslie

Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, Second Edition
Martha Honey

Rik Scarce

Ed says U said
June Alexander
Catherine Sangster

Edge of Empire
Joseph L. Peyser
Jose Antonio Brandao

Editing Canadian English, 3rd edition
Editors' Association of Canada

Editorial Niches
Editors' Association of Canada

Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France
John Whale

Educating Children and Young People in Care
Claire Cameron
Graham Connelly
Sonia Jackson

Education 2.0
Leonard J. Waks

Educational Psychology Casework
Rick Beaver

Edward Abbey
James M. Cahalan

Edward the Second
Christopher Marlowe
C.R. Forker

Edwin Morgan
Colin Nicholson

Effective Grief and Bereavement Support
Kari Dyregrov
Atle Dyregrov

Egyptology, the Missing Millennium
Okasha El-Daly

Eight Extraordinary Channels - Qi Jing Ba Mai
David Twicken

Eight Movements to Make the Tendons and Muscles Supple, Strengthen the Bones - Shu Jin Zhuang Gu Gong - 1st Form Eight Movements to Make the Tendons and Muscles Supple, Strengthen the Bones - Shu Jin Zhuang Gu Gong - 1st Form
Zhang Guangde

The Einstein Intersection
Samuel R. Delany

Elderly Chinese People in Pacific Rim Countries
Iris Chi
Neena L. Chappell
James Lubben

Electing a Diverse Canada
Caroline Andrew
John Biles
Myer Siemiatycki

Erin Tolley

Election Fraud
R. Michael Alvarez
Thad E. Hall
Susan D. Hyde

John Courtney

Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy
Arthur Paulson

Elemental Island
Kathy Hoopmann
J.S. Kiss

The Elephant in the ADHD Room
Letitia Sweitzer

Elijah's Cup
Valerie Paradiz

Ellavut / Our Yup'ik World and Weather
Ann Fienup-Riordan
Alice Rearden

Ellie Needs to Go
Kate E. Reynolds

Ellie’s Log
Judith L. Li

Elusive Destiny
Paul Litt

Elusive Promises
Peter Feldstein
Gisa Weszkalnys

Emblems of Passage
Gregory Ghent

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain
Chungliang Al Huang

Embracing Asperger's
Richard Bromfield

The Embroidered Cancer Comic
Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

Embroidery from India and Pakistan
Sheila Paine

Emergence and Innovation in Digital Learning
George Veletsianos

The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa
Stein T. Holden
Keijiro Otsuka
Frank M. Place

The Emergence of Social Security in Canada
Dennis T. Guest

Emerging from the Mist
R.G. Matson
Quentin Mackie
Gary Coupland

Emerging Issues in Forest Policy
Peter N. Nemetz

Emerging Methods in Psychology
Stephen D. Bryen
Seth Surgan

Emerging Technologies
Edna Einsiedel

Emerging Technologies in Distance Education
George Veletsianos

Emigrant homecomings
Marjory Harper

Emigration from Scotland between the wars
Marjory Harper

Emotional Trials
Cynthia Siemsen

Emotionally Durable Design
Jonathan Chapman

Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria
Norman Smith

Empire and Local Worlds
Mingming Wang

Empire, Colony, Genocide
A. Dirk Moses

Empires and Autonomy
Stephen Streeter
John Weaver
William D. Coleman

The Empire's New Clothes
Paul Street

Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability
Yvona Fast

The Employment Relationship
Giuseppe Casale

Empowering Children through Art and Expression
Bruce St Thomas
Paul Johnson

Empowering Electricity
Julie L. MacArthur

Empowering Therapeutic Practice
Paul Holmes
Mark Farrall
Kate Kirk

The Empress and Mrs. Conger
Grant Hayter-Menzies

Empty Beds
Jean A. Keller

Empty Nets
Roberta Ulrich

Liza Grandia

Encountering the Stranger
Lenoard Grob
John K. Roth

Encounters in Avalanche Country
Diana Di Stefano

Encounters with Ancient Egypt
Peter Ucko

Encouraging Appropriate Behavior for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Shira Richman

The Encyclopedia of Native Music
Brian Wright-McLeod

Encyclopedia of the Negro
WEB Dubois
Eugene Provenzo

The End of Automobile Dependence
Peter Newman
Jeffrey R. Kenworthy

The End of Children?
Nathanael Lauster
Graham Allan

The End of Irish history?
Colin Coulter
Steve Coleman

End of Life Care
Nigel Hartley

End of Life Care for People with Dementia
Laura Middleton-Green
Jane Chatterjee
Sarah Russell
Murna Downs

The End of World Population Growth
Wolfgang Lutz
Warren Sandersen

Endangered Species Deskbook
Lawrence R. Liebesman
Rafe Petersen

Endangered Species, Threatened Convention
Jon Hutton
Barnabas Dickson

Endeavouring Banks
Neil Chambers
Sir David Attenborough
John Gascoigne
Jeremy Coote
Andrew Cook
Anna Agnarsdottir

Ending Hunger Worldwide
George Kent

Ending Obama's War
David Cortright

Enduring Seeds
Gary Paul Nabhan

An Enduring Vision
Lisa Rotondo-McCord
Tadashi Kobayashi

John Lyly
David Bevington

Energy and Climate in the Urban Built Environment
Mat Santamouris

Energy and Environmental Design and Rehabilitation of Settlements
Mat Santamouris

Energy and the New Reality 2 - Carbon-free Energy Supply
Danny Harvey

Energy Autonomy
Hermann Scheer

Energy Development and Wildlife Conservation in Western North America
David E. Naugle

Energy for Sustainability
John Randolph
Gilbert Masters

Energy from the Desert
Kosuke Kurokawa

Energy Performance of Residential Buildings
Mat Santamouris

Energy Plant Species
N. El Bassam

Energy Security
Sascha Müller-Kraener

Energy Security
Carlos Pascual
Jonathan Elkind

Engagement Organizing
Matt Price

Engaging Central Asia
Neil J. Melvin

Engaging India, Revised Edition
Strobe Talbott

Engaging Mirror Neurons to Inspire Connection and Social Emotional Development in Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum
Lee Chasen

Engaging the Line
Brandon R. Dimmel

Engaging the Spirit World
Kirsten W. Endres
Andrea Lauser

Engels and the formation of Marxism
S. H. Rigby

Engendering Forced Migration
Doreen Indra

The English Manor c.1200-c.1500
Mark Bailey

English Musical Renaissance, 1840-1940
Meirion Hughes
Robert Stradling

English Renaissance Tragedy
T. McAlindon

The Enlargement of Europe
Stuart Croft
John Redmond
G. Wyn Rees
Mark Webber

Enriched Care Planning for People with Dementia
Hazel May
Paul Edwards
Dawn Brooker

Enter the Alternative School
Alia R. Tyner-Mullings

Entertaining television
Su Holmes

Environment and Citizenship in Latin America

Hannah Wittman

Environment and Society in the Japanese Islands
Bruce L. Batten
Philip C. Brown

Environment and Trade
Nathalie Bernasconi-Osterwald
Daniel Magraw
Maria Julia Oliva
Marcos Orellana
Elisabeth Tuerk

Environment Reporters in the 21st Century
James Simon
David Sachsman
JoAnn Valenti

Environmental Conflict and Democracy in Canada
Laurie Adkin

Environmental Democracy
Michael Mason

Environmental Design of Urban Buildings
Mat Santamouris

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development
Akihisa Mori

Environmental Health Engineering in the Tropics, 3rd ed.
Sandy Cairncross
Richard Feachem

Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy
David V. Bates

An Environmental History of Canada
Laurel Sefton MacDowell

Environmental Justice and the Rights of Unborn and Future Generations
Laura Westra

The Environmental Justice Reader
Joni Adamson
Mei Mei Evans
Rachel Stein

Environmental Land Use Planning and Management
John Randolph

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services
Chris T. Hendrickson
Lester B. Lave
H. Scott Matthews

Environmental Management in Organizations
John Brady

Environmental Management Systems
Stephen Tinsley
Ilona Pillai

Environmental Management Systems, third edition
Christopher Sheldon
Mark Yoxon

The Environmental Moment
David Stradling

Environmental Policy in the European Union, second edition
Andrew Jordan

Environmental Policy Integration
Andrea Lenschow

Environmental Principles and Policies
Sharon Beder

Environmental Problems in an Urbanizing World
David Satterthwaite
Jorge E. Hardoy
Diana Mitlin

The Environmental Rights Revolution
David R. Boyd

Environmental Risk Management
Paul Pritchard

Environmental Strategy and Action
Peter Jacobs

Environmental Valuation
Jennifer Rietbergen-McCracken
Sadrettin Dural

Environmental Victims
Christopher Williams

Environments for Health
John MacDonald

Envisioning Landscape
Dan Hicks
Laura McAtackney
Graham Fairclough

Frederick Turner

Epicene, or The Silent Woman
Ben Jonson
Richard Dutton

Epidemic Encounters
Magda Fahrni
Esyllt W. Jones

Sarah Dry
Melissa Leach

Equal Subjects, Unequal Rights
Julie Evans
Patricia Grimshaw
David Philips

John W. Chapman
J. Ronald Pennock

The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health
Hári Sewell

Equality and Efficiency
Arthur M. Okun

Equality Deferred
Dominique Clement

Equality with a Vengeance
Molly Dragiewicz

Equipping Young People to Choose Non-Violence
Gerry Heery

The Equity Myth
Frances Henry
Enakshi Dua
Carl E. James
Audrey Kobayashi
Peter Li
Howard Ramos
Malinda S. Smith

Eradicating Child Maltreatment
Arnon Bentovim
Jenny Gray

The Ermatingers
W. Brian Stewart

The Erotic
Lou Andreas-Salomé

E-Safety for the i-Generation
Nikki Giant

Escape from the Ivory Tower
Nancy Baron

The Essence of Taijiquan Push-Hands and Fighting Technique
Wang Fengming

The Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement
Judy Carole Kauffmann
Mary Jordan

Essential Listening Skills for Busy School Staff
Nick Luxmoore

The Essential Manual for Asperger Syndrome (ASD) in the Classroom
Kathy Hoopmann

Essential Oils
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Essential Tai Ji
Chungliang Al Huang

The Essential Teachings of Sasang Medicine
Gary Wagman

Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine
Richard Bertschinger

Eternal Spring
Michael W. Acton

Ethel Wilson
David Stouck

An Ethic of Mutual Respect
Bruce Morito

Ethical Issues in Dementia Care
Julian Hughes
Clive Baldwin

Ethical Issues in Dementia Care
Julian Hughes
Clive Baldwin

Ethical Sourcing in the Global Food System
Stephanie Barrientos
Catherine Dolan

The Ethical Space of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice The Ethical Space of Mindfulness in Clinical Practice
Donald McCown

The Ethical Travel Guide
Polly Patullo

Ethical Travel Guide - Second Edition
Polly Pattullo
Orely Minelli

Ethics and Aging
James E. Thornton
Earl R. Winkler

Ethics and AIDS in Africa
Anton van Niekerk
Loretta Kopelman

Ethics and Security in Canadian Foreign Policy
Rosalind Irwin

Ethics for the Young Mind
Jerome S. Allender
Donna Sclarow Allender

Ethnic Groups and Marital Choices
Madeline Kalbach

Ethnicity in Michigan
Jack Glazier
Arthur W. Helweg

Ethnobiology for the Future
Gary Paul Nabhan

Ethnobotany of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians
Patricia Whereat Phillips

Virginia D. Nazarea

Ethnographic Contributions to the Study of Endangered Languages
Tania Granadillo
Heidi A. Orcutt-Gachiri

Ethnographic Practice in the Present
Marit Melhuus
Jon P. Mitchell
Helena Wulff

The Etruscan Language
Giuliano Bonfante
Larissa Bonfante

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Axel Michaelowa
Sonja Butzengeiger
Michael Grubb

EU Security Governance
Emil Kirchner
James Sperling

Europe and Civil Society
Carlo Ruzza

Europe in Crisis
Mark Hewitson
Matthew D'Auria

European Drawings
Carol C. Gillham
Carolyn H. Wood

European Environmental Policy
Michael Skou Anderson
Duncan Liefferink

European Gothic
Avril Horner

European Islam
Samir Amghar
Amel Boubekeur
Michael Emerson

European Politics Today
Geoffrey K. Roberts
Patricia Hogwood

The European Union in the Wake of Eastern Enlargement
Osvaldo Croci
Amy Verdun

Evaluating Climate Change and Development
Osvaldo Feinstein
Rob van den Berg

Evaluating the Complex
Kim Forss
Mita Marra
Robert Schwartz

Every Inch a Woman
Carellin Brooks

Every Man Out of His Humour
Helen Ostovich
Ben Jonson

Everyday Culture
David Trend

Everyday Exposure
Sarah Marie Wiebe

Everyday Magic
Laurie Ricou

Everyday Qigong Practice
Richard Bertschinger

Everyday Thai for Beginners
Wiworn Kesavatana-Dohrs

Evidence-based assessment in ASD (autism spectrum disorder)
Kenneth J. Aitken

Evolution in a Toxic World
Emily Monosson

The Evolution of Cultural Diversity
Ruth Mace
Clare J. Holden
Stephen Shennan

The Evolution of Culture
Leslie A. White

The Evolution of Green Politics
Jon Burchell

The Exchange University
Adrienne S. Chan
Donald Fisher

The Executioner's Men
George W. Grayson
Samuel Logan

Executive Function "Dysfunction" - Strategies for Educators and Parents
Rebecca A. Moyes

Exhibiting Nation
Caitlin Gordon-Walker

Exile in the Kingdom
Robert Harnum

Expanding the Human in Human Rights
David L. Brunsma
Keri E. Iyall Smith
Brian K. Gran

The Expansion of Europe, 1250-1500
Michael North

Expansive Discourses
Max Foran

Experiences of Donor Conception
Caroline Lorbach

Explaining Social Processes
Charles Tilly

Explorations in Planning Theory
Seymour J. Mandelbaum
Luigi Mazza
Robert W. Burchell

Exploring Depression, and Beating the Blues
Tony Attwood
Michelle Garnett
Colin Thompson

Exploring Feelings for Young Children with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's Disorder
Angela Scarpa
Tony Attwood
Anthony Wells

Exploring Friendships, Puberty and Relationships
Kate Ripley

Exploring History 1400-1900
Rachel Gibbons

Exploring Mars
Scott Hubbard

Exploring the Tualatin River Basin
Susan Peter
Shirley Ewart

Exploring Vancouver
Harold Kalman
Ron Phillips
Robin Ward

Exposing Electronics
Bernard Finn
Robert Bud
Helmuth Trischler

Exposure Anxiety - The Invisible Cage
Donna Williams

The Expressionist Roots of Modernism
Peter Lasko

Expressive Arts with Elders
Naida Weisberg
Rosilyn Wilder

The Extended Meridians of Zen Shiatsu
Elaine Liechti
Vicky Smyth

Extending European Cooperation
Alasdair R. Young

Extending Social Security to All
International Labour Office

Extreme Parenting
Sharon Dempsey

Eye Contact
Wendy Wick Reaves

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