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Labeling Theory
David P. Farrington
Joseph Murray

Labour at the Lakehead
Michel S. Beaulieu

Labour Goes to War
Wendy Cuthbertson

Labour's Second Landslide
Andrew Geddes
Jonathan Tonge

Ladies Who Lunge
Tara Brabazon

Ladybird's Remarkable Relaxation
Michael Chissick

Lake Effect
Nancy A. Nichols

Lament for a First Nation
Peggy Blair

Lamy of Santa Fe
Paul Horgan

The Lancashire Witches
Robert Poole

H. Peter Oberlander

Land Politics and Livelihoods on the Margins of Hanoi, 1920-2010
Danielle Labbe

Land Resource Economics and Sustainable Development
G. Cornelis Van Kooten

Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest
Thomas E. Burke

Land Use and Society, Third Edition
Rutherford H. Platt

Land, Man, and the Law
Robert Cail

The Länder and German Federalism
Arthur Gunlicks

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Landscape Architecture Theory
Michael D. Murphy

Landscape Ethnoecology
Leslie Main Johnson
Eugene S. Hunn

Landscape of the Spirits
Todd W. Bostwick
Peter Krocek

A Landscape of Travel
Jenny Chio

Landscape Traveled by Coyote and Crane
Rodney Frey

Landscapes and Social Transformations on the Northwest Coast
Jeff Oliver

Landscapes Beyond Land
Arnar Arnason
Nicolas Ellison
Jo Vergunst

Andrew Whitehouse

Landscapes of Clearance
Angele P. Smith
Amy Gazin-Schwartz

Language Matters
David R. Cameron
Richard Simeon

Language of Geckos and Other Stories

Language Shift among the Navajos
Deborah House

Grant Evans

Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration
Mary Doyle
Cynthia A. Drew

The Last Mile in Ending Extreme Poverty
Laurence Chandy
Hiroshi Kato
Homi Kharas

The Last Taboo
Maggie Black
Ben Fawcett

Last Word
David Schneiderman
David Taras
Florian Sauvageau

Last Writes
Laurel Richardson

Late Imperial Russia
Ian D. Thatcher

The Later Roman Empire Today
D.F. Clark
M.M. Roxan
J.J. Wilkes

Latin books and the Eastern Orthodox clerical elite in Kiev, 1632–1780
Liudmila V. Charipova

Laughing Whitefish
Robert Traver

Law and Citizenship
Law Commission of Canada

Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada
Richard J. Moon

Law and Risk
Law Commission of Canada

Law and Society in Transition
Philippe Nonet
Philip Selznick

Law without Force
Gerhart Niemeyer

Law, history, colonialism
Diane Kirkby
Catharine Coleborne

Law, Laity, and Solidarities
Pauline Stafford
Janet Nelson
Jane Martindale

Law, Morality, and the Private Domain
Raymond Wacks

Lawren Stewart Harris
Andrew Hunter
Ian M. Thom

Laws and Societies in the Canadian Prairie West, 1670-1940
Louis A. Knafla
Jonathan Swainger

Lawyers' Empire
W. Wesley Pue

The Lays of Marie de France
David R. Slavitt

Leadership and Social Movements
Colin Barker
Jeffrey Hou
Michael Lavalette

Leadership Matters
Michael A. Genovese
Thomas E. Cronin

Leading Change in the Web 2.1 World
Jackson Nickerson

Leading Roles
Michael M. Kaiser

A Leaf upon the Sea
Gordon W. Stead

Leaky Governance
Kathryn Furlong

Learning and Teaching Together
Michele T.D. Tanaka

Learning from the Children
Jacqueline Waldren
Ignacy-Marek Kaminski

Learning from the Student's Perspective
Alison Cook-Sather

Learning in Virtual Worlds
Sue Gregory
Mark J.W. Lee
Barney Dalgarno
Belinda Tynan

Learning Through Child Observation, Third Edition
Mary Fawcett
Debbie Watson

Learning to Like Muktuk
Penelope S. Easton

Leaving Iran
Farideh Goldin

Leaving Iran
Farideh Goldin

Leaving Lines of Gender
Ann Vickery

Lebanese Amber
George O. Poinar, Jr.
Raif Milki

The Left Hand of Eden
William Ashworth

Left Turn
Stanley Aronowitz

Ethel Warbinek
Glennis Zilm

Legal Foundations of Environmental Planning
Jerome G. Rose

Legal Foundations of Land Use Planning
Jerome G. Rose

Legal Literacy
Archie Zariski

Legends of Our Times
Morgan Baillargeon
Leslie Tepper

Legends of the Northern Paiute
James Gardner

David C. Docherty

LEGO®-Based Therapy
Daniel B. LeGoff
Gina Gómez de la Cuesta
GW Krauss
Simon Baron-Cohen

Chris Friday

Leos Carax
Fergus Daly
Garin Dowd

Les Murray
Steven Matthews

The Lessening Stream
Michael Logan

Lessons from Ground Zero
Ralph Izard
Jay Perkins

Lessons from Iraq
Miriam Pemberton
William D. Hartung

Let Right Be Done
Hamar Foster
Jeremy Webber
Heather Raven

Letter from Morocco
Christine Daure-Serfaty
Paul Raymond Cote
Constantina Mitchell

Letters from Lexington
Noam Chomsky

Letters From Robben Island
Ahmen Kathrada
Robert D. Vassen

Letters from the 442nd
Minoru Masuda
Hana Masuda
Dianne Bridgman

Letters from the Lost
Helen Waldstein Wilkes

Letters from Windermere, 1912-1914
R. Cole Harris
Elizabeth Phillips

Letters from Your Trans Sisters
Charlie Craggs

The Letters of Malcolm Lowry and Gerald Noxon, 1940-1952
Nancy Strobel
Paul Tiessen

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
Patrick Grant

Leviathan Undone?
Roger Keil
Rianne Mahon

Lewis and Clark Meet Oregon's Forests
Gail Wells
Dawn Anzinger

Lewis and Clark's West
William Clark

Lexicon of Reconstructed Pronunciation
Edwin G. Pulleyblank

Liam Goes Poo in the Toilet
Jane Whelen Banks

Liam Knows What To Do When Kids Act Snitty
Jane Whelen Banks

Liam Says "Hi"
Jane Whelen Banks

Liam Says "Sorry"
Jane Whelen Banks

Liam Wins the Game Sometimes
Jane Whelen Banks

Liberalism, Nationalism, Citizenship
Ronald Beiner

Liberalism, Surveillance and Resistance
Keith D. Smith

Liberation Sociology, Second Edition
Joe R. Feagin
Hernan Vera

Lies to Live By
Lois Beardslee

Life and Death Matters
Barbara Rose Johnston

Life and Work
Charles Birch
David Paul

Life Between Buildings
Jan Gehl

Life Coaching for Kids
Nikki Giant

Life Disturbed
Merrel Clubb

Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflies
David G. James
David Nunnallee

Life in 2030
John B. Robinson

A Life in Balance?
Catherine Krull
Justyna Sempruch

Life in Schools, 6th Edition
Peter McLaren

Life in Stone
Rolf Ludvigsen

Life in the Cold
Peter J. Marchand

Life Lived Like a Story
Julie Cruikshank

Life Spaces
Caroline Andrew
Beth Moore Milroy

Life Story Therapy with Traumatized Children
Richard Rose

Life Woven with Song
Nora Marks Dauenhauer

Life-cycle in Western Europe, c.1300-c.1500
Deborah Youngs

The Lifeline of the Oregon Country
James R. Gibson

Lifesaving Letters
Milena Roth

Light from Ancient Campfires
Trevor Peck

The Light of Imagination
Neil K. Besner

The Light People
Gordon Henry

The Lillooet Language
Jan Van Eijk

Limiting Arbitrary Power
Marc Ribeiro

Limiting Institutions?
James Sperling
Sean Kay
S. Victor Papacosma

Limits of Civic Activism, The
Robert Weissberg

Limits of Humanitarian Intervention
Alan J. Kuperman

The Limits of Labour
David Bright

Limits to Privatization
Ernst von Weizsacker
Oran Young
Matthias Finger

Linguistic Aspects of Legislative Expression
Frederick Bowers

Linking Human Rights and Environment
Romina Picolotti
Jorge Daniel Taillant

Linking Industry and Ecology
Ann Dale
Ray Côté
James Tansey

Liquid Bread
Wulf Schiefenhövel
Helen Macbeth

Lisa and the Lacemaker
Kathy Hoopmann
Mike Medaglia

Listening to Olivia
Jody Raphael

Listening to Scent
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Listening to Scent
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Literacy for Visual Learners
Adele Devine

Literacy Myths, Legacies, & Lessons
Harvey J. Graff
Harvey J. Graff

The Literal Imagination
Ian Watt
Bruce Thompson

Literary Value/Cultural Power
Lynette Hunter

Literature in Contexts
Peter Barry

Lithic Analysis at the Millennium
Norah Moloney
Michael J. Shott

Wilfred Prest
Sharyn Roach Anleu

A Little Book of Alcohol
Vanessa Rogers

A Little Book of Drugs
Vanessa Rogers

A Little Book of Tobacco
Vanessa Rogers

Little Volcanoes
Warwick Pudney
Eliane Whitehouse

Eric Green

Livelihoods at the Margins
James Staples

The Lives of the Saints
Suzanne Paola

The Lives of Thomas Becket
Michael Staunton

Lives Per Gallon
Terry Tamminen

Living Dead in the Pacific
Mark Munsterhjelm

Living Images
Janet Picton
Stephen Quirke
Paul C. Roberts

Living Indigenous Leadership
Carolyn Kenny
Tina Ngaroimata Fraser

The Living Landscape, Second Edition
Juliet Clutton-Brock

Living Off the Pacific Ocean Floor
George Moskovita

Living on the Land
Nathalie Kermoal
Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez

Living Sensationally
Winnie Dunn

Living Sensationally
Winnie Dunn

Living Through the Soviet System
Daniel Bertaux
Paul Thompson
Anna Rotkirch

Living Under the Shadow
John Grattan
Robin Torrence

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest
Robert S. Yeats

Living with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, Second Edition
Robert S. Yeats

Living With Thunder
Ellen Morris Bishop

Living with Wildlife in the Pacific Northwest
Russell Link

Local Action
Tommy Linstroth
Ryan Bell

Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance
Takeshi Murota
Ken Takeshita

Local Forest Management
David Edmunds
Eva Wollenberg

Local Government Today
James Chandler

Colin Hines

Locating Global Order
Bruno Charbonneau
Wayne Cox

Lock, Stock, and Icebergs
Adam Lajeunesse

David Humphreys

Paul Griffiths
Mark S.R. Jenner

Lonely Power
Lilia Shevtsova

Long Journey
David Biespiel

The Long Sixties
Tom Hayden

Long Stories Cut Short
Frederick Luis Aldama
Ana María Shua

Longitude and Empire
Brian W. Richardson

The Look of the Book
Elaine Wright

Looking Both Ways
Aron L. Crowell
Amy F. Steffian
Gordon L. Pullar

Looking East
Christine Blais
John Stomberg

Looking Forward, Glancing Back
Lloyd Herman

Looming Shadows
Vedran Dzihic
Thomas Schmidinger

Lord of Point Grey
P.B. Waite

Losing Ground
John R. Nolon
Daniel B. Rodriguez

The Lost Itinerary of Frank Hamilton Cushing
Curtis M. Hinsley
David R. Wilcox

Lost Kids
Mona Gleason
Tamara Myers
Leslie Paris
Veronica Strong-Boag

Lost Tracks
Jennifer Brower

Louis XIV and the Parlements
John J. Hurt

Louise Bourgeois
Josef Helfenstein

Anthony Walsh

Love and Grief
Catherine O'Neill
Lisa Keane

Love and Mayhem
John DeGarmo

Love and the Idea of Europe
Luisa Passerini

Love in Good Time
Claire Robson

Love Me or Kill Me
Graham Saunders

The Love of a Prince
Laurence L. Bongie

Loveable Liam
Jane Whelen Banks

Love's Sacrifice
John Ford
A.T. Moore

The Love-Shy Survival Guide
Talmer Shockley

The Low Road
Valerie Miner

Lukas Moodysson's Show Me Love
Anna Westerstahl Stenport

Luther's Lives
Elizabeth Vandiver
Ralph Keen
Thomas D. Frazel
Johannes Cochlaeus

Lyric Poets of the Southern T'ang
Daniel Bryant

The Lyrical Constructivist
Peter Plagens

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