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English Feminists and their Opponents in the 1790s
William Stafford

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy
George Bunn
Christopher F. Chyba

The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region
Carlos G. Velez-Ibanez
Josiah Heyman

Umatilla Dictionary
Noel Rude

Un/Covering the North
Valerie Alia

Unbuilt Environments
Jonathan Peyton

Uncertain Accommodation
Dimitrios Panagos

An Uncertain Ally
David L. Phillips

Uncertain Encounters
Nathan Douthit

The Uncertain Future of the Lower Fraser
Anthony H. Dorcey

Dan Pallotta

Uncharted Terrains
Anna Ochoa O'Leary
Colin M. Deeds
Scott Whiteford

Uncommon Legacies
John R. Grimes
Christian F. Feest
Mary Lou Curran

Uncommon Property
Patricia Marchak
Neil Guppy
John L. McMullan

Uncovering the Hidden Harvest
Martin K. Luckert
Bruce Campbell

Uncovering the Mind
Julie Sanders

Undelivered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57
Helen M. Buss
Judith Hudson Beattie

Helen Hok-Sze Leung

The Underground Heart
Ray Gonzalez

Understanding 10-11-Year-Olds
Rebecca Bergese

Understanding 8-9-Year-Olds
Biddy Youell

Understanding A/S Level Government and Politics
Christopher Wilson

Understanding American Government and Politics
Duncan Watts

Understanding American Government and Politics
Duncan Watts

Understanding and Working with the Spectrum of Autism
Wendy Lawson

Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis, Second Edition
Nick Burnett
Albert J. Kearney

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
Diane Yapko

Understanding British and European political issues
Neil McNaughton

Understanding British Political Issues
Neil McNaughton

Understanding Cerebral Palsy
Marion Stanton

Understanding Children's Experiences of Parental Bereavement
John Holland

Understanding Contemporary Social Problems through Media
Roberta Goldberg

Understanding Crisis Therapies
Yasmin Abu-Laban
Gilbert Achcar
Hilda Loughran

Understanding Dyscalculia and Numeracy Difficulties
Patricia Babtie
Jane Emerson

Understanding Family Support
John Canavan
John Pinkerton
Pat Doolan

Understanding Globalization
Kavous Ardalan

Understanding How Asperger Children and Adolescents Think and Learn
Paula Jacobsen

Understanding Learning Disability and Dementia
Diana Kerr

Understanding Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Maggie Mamen

Understanding OCD
Elisabeth Abergel
Adam Lewin
Eric Storch

Understanding Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing in Children
Pratibha Reebye
Aileen Stalker

Understanding Sensory Dysfunction
Polly Godwin Emmons
Liz McKendry Anderson

Understanding Stammering or Stuttering
Elaine Kelman
Alison Whyte

Understanding Tahrir Square
Stephen R. Grand

Understanding Terrorism
Bernard Phillips

Understanding the Nature of Autism and Asperger's Disorder
Edward R. Ritvo

Understanding Your Baby
Sophie Boswell

Understanding Your One-Year-Old
Sarah Gustavus-Jones

Understanding Your Three-Year-Old
Louise Emanuel

The Undiscovered Country
Ian Angus

Union Power
Carmela Patrias
Larry Savage

Unions in Court
Larry Savage
Charles W. Smith

Unions, Equity, and the Path to Renewal
Janice R. Foley
Patricia L. Baker

The United Nations and Nuclear Orders
Jane Boulden
Ramesh Thakur
Thomas G. Weiss

Universities and Indian Country
Dennis K. Norman
Joseph P. Kalt

The University in Chains
Henry A. Giroux

Unjust by Design
Ron Ellis

Unlikely Alliances
Zoltán Grossman

Unlikely Diplomats
Isabel Campbell

Unlikely Fame
David Wagner

The UnMaking of the Modern Family
Jane Brierley
Daniel Dagenais

Unmasking Terror
Christoper Heffelfinger

Unnatural Law
David R. Boyd

Unnatural Selection
Emily Monosson

The Unofficial Guide to Adoptive Parenting
Sally Donovan

Frank Soos

Robert Glennon

Unsettled Balance
Rosalind Warner

Unsettled Legitimacy
Steven Bernstein
William D. Coleman

Unsettling Encounters
Gerta Moray

Unsettling the Settler Within
Paulette Regan

Unthinkable Thoughts
Susan G. Drummond

Untying the Knot
Richard Bush

Unwanted Warriors
Nic Clarke

Unwilling Mothers, Unwanted Babies
Kirsten Kramar

Up Here
Julie Decker
Kirsten J. Anderson

David Amram

Roy Parker

Upstream Medicine
Andrew Bresnahan
Mahli Brindamour
Christopher Charles
Ryan Meili

Urban Acupuncture
Jamie Lerner

Urban and Regional Governance in the Asia Pacific
John Friedman

Urban and Regional Planning in Canada
J. Barry Cullingworth

Urban Bikeway Design Guide
National Association of City Transportation Officials

Urban Crisis
M. Nadarajah
Ann Tomoko Yamamoto

Urban Sprawl and Public Health
Howard Frumkin
Lawrence Frank
Richard Jackson

Urban Street Design Guide
National Association of City Transportation Officials

Urban Transformation
Peter Bosselmann

Urban Voices
Susan Lobo

Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change
Peter Calthorpe

Urbanizing Frontiers
Penelope Edmonds

Gilles Trehin

A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD
Luke Jackson

The Uses of Digital Literacy
John Hartley

Using the Bowen Technique to Address Complex and Common Conditions
John Wilks
Isobel Knight

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