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 Featured Title
Uncovering the Mind
Unamuno, the Unknown, and the Vicissitudes of the Self
Julie Sanders  

$38.95 Paperback
Release Date: 2/1/2002
ISBN: 9780719061455    

256 Pages

Canadian rights only
Distributed for Manchester University Press


About the Book

Uncovering the Mind is a ground-breaking revision of the intellectual context of the Spanish twentieth-century philosopher and novelist Miguel de Unamuno and offers a psychoanalytic re-reading of some of his key literary works.

Unamuno, philosopher, writer and academic, has a central position in early twentieth-century Peninsular Spanish letters, yet his importance in a wider intellectual and literary context has remained largely unrecognised. This study succeeds in two types of re-contextualisation. Firstly it revises our concept of Unamuno’s intellectual parameters, and highlights in particular his consistent openness to burning intellectual and scientific issues of his day, both within and outside Spain. Secondly, in a set of essays on seven major literary texts, the book performs a different contextualisation. Differing yet complementary psychoanalytic viewpoints, from Freud, Lacan, and Object Relations (often contemporary with the writing of the fictions) provide the framework for presenting Unamuno’s view of the self: primitive, beleaguered yet curious, defensive yet exploring, a part of social relations and constructed by them, whilst resisting and struggling in the process. The view of the self in the fictions mirrors the self that contemplated the intellectual curiosities outside Spain and that is charted in the first half of the study.

The book will be of interest to undergraduates, graduates and academics in Peninsular Spanish literature and cultural studies.

About the Author(s)

Alison Sinclair is Reader in Modern Spanish Literature and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge.

Table of Contents


Part One - Mental mapping: the individual and his world
1. Man of books and letters: adventure and retreat
2. The scientific inheritance: explorations of minds and bodies
3. Art versus science: authority or authenticity?
4. Myths of origins: antecedents, progress, and projections
5. Shopping for ideas, and shipping contraband: Unamuno and the Argentina connexion

Part Two - The threatened self: the individual, his fears and fictions
6. Emergence, definition, and recognition: responses to primitive terror in Niebla
7. Twinning and singularity: El otro and the radical solitude of man
8. Envy: reconstruction and destruction of maternity in La tía Tula
9. The maternal vacuum: the paradox of the void and the uncontained in Dos madres
10. Engendering anxiety: Cain, Abel, and the mark of masculinity
11. Boundaries and black holes: Don Sandalio, and the physics of personality and representation
12. Defences against closure: Cómo se hace una novela, and the author



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Sample Chapter

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