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 Featured Title
Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada
Richard J. Moon  

$87.00 Hardcover
Release Date: 10/17/2008
ISBN: 9780774814973    

$36.95 Paperback
Release Date: 7/1/2009
ISBN: 9780774814980    

328 Pages


About the Book

The relationship between law and religion in democracies committed to equal citizenship and religious pluralism has become the subject of significant interest in recent years. Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada seeks to elucidate this complex and often uneasy relationship. The chapters are written by leading socio-legal scholars who consider the role of religious values in public decision making, government support for religious practices, and the restriction and accommodation by government of minority religious practices. They examine such current issues as the legal recognition of sharia arbitration, the re-definition of civil marriage, and the accommodation of religious practice in the public sphere. Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada will appeal to lawyers, legal academics, political scientists, religious studies scholars, and anyone interested in the issue of religion in the public sphere.

About the Author(s)

Richard Moon is a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada / Richard Moon

1) View from the Succah: Religion and Neighbourly Relations / Shauna Van Praagh

2) Clashes of Principle and the Possibility of Dialogue: A Case Study of Same-Sex Marriage in the United Church in Canada / Jennifer Nedelsky and Roger Hutchinson

3) Associational Rights, Religion, and the Charter / David Schneiderman

4) The Canadian Conception of Equal Religious Citizenship / Bruce Ryder

5) Living by Different Law: Legal Pluralism, Freedom of Religion, and Illiberal Religious Groups / Alvin Esau

6) In the (Canadian) Shadow of Islamic Law: Translating Mahr as a Bargaining Endowment / Pascale Fournier

7) Living Law on a Living Earth: Aboriginal Religion, Law, and the Constitution / John Borrows

8) Defining Religion: The Promise and the Peril of Legal Interpretation / Lori G. Beaman

9) Government Support for Religious Practice / Richard Moon

10) Ontario’s Sharia Law Debate: Law and Politics under the Charter / Lorraine E. Weinrib

11) Law’s Religion: Rendering Culture / Benjamin L. Berger

List of Contributors



"The range of perspectives offered on the vexed relationship between law and religion is one of the strengths of this book. It clearly illustrates the multiple dimensions involved, the lack of easy solutions, and the many defensible positions that one can take. Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada will contribute significantly to the literature and debates on this pressing issue."
-- Peter Beyer, author of Religions in Global Society

Sample Chapter

Front Matter and Chapter One

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