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 Featured Title
Cleaner, Greener, Healthier
A Prescription for Stronger Canadian Environmental Laws and Policies
David R. Boyd  

$95.00 Hardcover
Release Date: 9/1/2015
ISBN: 9780774830461    

$34.95 Paperback
Release Date: 9/1/2015
ISBN: 9780774830478    

412 Pages

Law and Society series


About the Book

Canadians are getting sick from toxins in their air, food, water, and consumer products. In Cleaner, Greener, Healthier, David Boyd sets out to remedy Canada's environmental health problems. He begins by assessing the environmental burden of disease, identifies its unequal distribution, and estimates the associated economic costs. He then compares Canada's environmental laws and policies with those in the US, Australia, and the EU, delivering a provocative diagnosis of the causes of Canada's second-rate standards. Finally, he prescribes legal remedies that will enable Canada to catch up with the world's environmental leaders while delivering substantial health and economic benefits.

About the Author(s)

David R. Boyd is a leading Canadian expert in environmental law and policy and an adjunct professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University. An award-winning author, Boyd has written several books, including The Optimistic Environmentalist: Progressing Towards a Greener Future; The Environmental Rights Revolution: A Global Study of Constitutions, Human Rights, and the Environment; The Right to a Healthy Environment: Revitalizing Canada's Constitution; Dodging the Toxic Bullet; David Suzuki's Green Guide (with David Suzuki); and Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy. He lives on Pender Island, on the west coast of Canada, with his partner Margot Venton and their daughter Meredith. For more information visit

Table of Contents

Part 1: Examination – The Surprising Magnitude of Environmental Health Problems in Canada

1 A Neglected but Vital Issue

2 Environmental Influences on Human Health

3 The Environmental Burden of Disease

4 Environmental Injustices

5 The Economic Costs of the Environmental Burden of Disease

Part 2: Diagnosis – Inadequate Environmental Health Laws and Policies

6 Environmental Health Law and Policy: The Big Picture

7 A Comparative Analysis of Environmental Health Laws and Policies

8 Canada's Failure to Make Polluters Pay

9 Why Does Canada Lag Behind?

Part 3: Prescription – Catching Up with Environmental Health Leaders

10 A Preventive and Precautionary Approach

11 Systemic Changes in Pursuit of Sustainability

12 The Time for Action Is Now




"David Boyd's book is a scathing indictment of Canada's failure to protect the air, water, soil, and ecosystems that our health and well-being depend on. But Boyd also provides a clear and convincing set of recommendations for smarter environmental policies that could save thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year. If politicians and policymakers adopted Boyd's advice, Canada would be a much cleaner, greener, healthier country."
– David Suzuki, award-winning scientist, environmentalist, and broadcaster

"David Boyd's remarkably insightful book reveals our government's abdication of its responsibility to protect human health from environmental threats. He demonstrates how badly Canada's rules for air, water, food, toxic substances, climate change, and biodiversity lag behind those of other wealthy nations. Drawing on global best practices, Boyd lays out a compelling blueprint for enabling Canada to catch up with world leaders in environmental health."
– Maude Barlow, Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and author of Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever

"Most of us intuitively know that our health is intimately intertwined with the health of the environment, but this is the first book to capture the myriad ways that environmental hazards impact the health of Canadians. David Boyd also offers a comprehensive and far-reaching blueprint to prevent environmentally induced death, disease, and disability and to slow runaway growth in health care expenditures."
– Bruce Lanphear, MD, senior scientist, Child and and Family Research Institute, BC Children's Hospital, and professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

"David Boyd asks exactly the right questions and comes to the sad conclusion that Canada's environmental laws are far weaker than those of other countries. But he's ultimately optimistic: if government exerted some political will, most environmental threats to our health could be eliminated."
– Gideon Forman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

"David Boyd's latest book provides a sobering assessment of Canada's current legal framework for environmental protection and a thoughtful prescription on what can be done to improve it.
An excellent read for anyone with an interest in environmental health, policy, and regulation."
– Prof. Raymond Copes, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

"In this comprehensive and readable survey, David Boyd catalogues the many hazardous substances that we encounter in our environment and highlights how Canada lags far behind other developed countries with respect to regulation of many exposures. Boyd not only diagnoses the problem, he provides a scientifically robust prescription for treating it. This is a must-read for policy makers at all levels of government and for all Canadians who care about the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat."
– Peter D. Paré, MD, Professor Emeritus of Respiratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of British Columbia and editor-in-chief of the Canadian Respiratory Journal

"This important book addresses the political failures of governments to adequately protect Canadians from environmental harm and to create more health-enhancing environments. More importantly, it shows how we can – and must – change this, using all available political, legal, and economic tools to create a cleaner, greener, and healthier future for us all."
– Prof. Trevor Hancock, School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria

"This book must be put in every politician's hands. For years, David Boyd has built a very robust diagnosis of Canada's environmental problems. Now, through this appealing and very positive book, Boyd provides the next step: a powerful prescription for achieving a healthy environment."
– Dr. François Reeves, Université de Montréal, author of Planet Heart: How an Unhealthy Environment Leads to Heart Disease

"Want to save thousands of lives, billions of dollars in health costs, and have a cleaner environment? Then read this book. With meticulous research and superb writing, David Boyd paints a powerful policy road map for making Canada healthy, wealthy, and wise – if we take his advice."
– Prof. Stewart Elgie, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

"David Boyd has once again made a monumental contribution to the scholarship of Canadian environmental law. Only rarely can it be said that a book could actually save lives; this one can. If we adopt the very reasonable approaches he suggests, we will indeed create healthier Canadians both now and in the future. A must-read for all Canadians."
– Prof. Lynda M. Collins, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa

Sample Chapter

Sample Chapter [PDF]

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