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 Featured Title
Discourses of Denial
Mediations of Race, Gender, and Violence
Yasmin Jiwani  

$97.00 Hardcover
Release Date: 5/15/2006
ISBN: 9780774812375    

$34.95 Paperback
Release Date: 1/1/2007
ISBN: 9780774812382    

280 Pages


About the Book

Canada prides itself on being a tolerant and inclusive culture, enriched by its official policies of multiculturalism, gender equality, and human rights. Lulled into complacency by these national maxims, the public is occasionally shocked by glaring acts of racist and sexist violence brought to their attention by the sensationalist media. But nobody pauses to consider the historical antecedents and root causes of these tragedies.

Discourses of Denial uncovers how racism, sexism, and violence interweave deep within the foundations of our society. Using examples from the lives of immigrant girls and women of colour, Yasmin Jiwani considers the way accepted definitions of race and gender shape and influence public consciousness. With a perspective both academic and activist, she exposes how media representations of violence serve the status quo and fail to tell the whole story about racialized and gendered inequalities.

In linking race, gender, and violence, Discourses of Denial makes an important contribution to our understanding of the complex and interconnected influences that shape the violence of contemporary social reality and that contour the lives of racialized women. This book is of particular relevance to readers interested in the intersection of race, gender, and violence in our increasingly mediated society.

About the Author(s)

Yasmin Jiwani is a professor of communication studies at Concordia University.

Table of Contents



Part 1: Laying the Terrain
1. Reframing Violence
2. Mapping Race in the Media

Part 2: Sensationalized Cases
3. Erasing Race: The Story of Reena Virk
4. Culturalizing Violence and the Vernon “Massacre”

Part 3: Voicing the Violence
5. Racialized Girls and Everyday Negotiations
6. Gendered Racism, Sexist Violence, and the Health Care System

Part 4: Mediations of Terror
7. Gendering Terror Post-9/11



This book speaks to me on several levels. It is part of a growing body of scholarship that seriously challenges the popular notions of Canada as ‘a kinder, gentler nation’ or as a ‘peaceable kingdom.’ Discourses of Denial compels Canadian social scientists to move beyond simply viewing the United States as the ‘root of all evil’ and to examine more carefully the sexist, racist, and classist nature of their own society.
- Walter DeKeseredy, co-author of Under Siege: Poverty and Crime in a Public Housing Community

Discourses of Denial provides a readable, clear and structured critical analysis. It is an excellent contribution to the field of social work. I highly recommend [it] as a critical and insightful read for social workers.
—Margaret Ann Bruhier, Canadian Social Work, Vol. 9, No. 1, Autumn 2007

Deftly combining post-colonial theory, poignant prose, and passionate activism, Jiwani tackles issues of multiculturalism, racism, sexism, and sensational media representations of ethnic minorities within the Canadian context. While these issues have been debated for years, Jiwani’s approach is refreshingly different, in that it jolts the reader out of complacency regarding Canada’s role as a tolerant and inclusive nation.

Jiwani’s research glaringly illustrates the hidden stratification of Canadian society, which portrays itself as progressive at the expense of the well-being of ethnic minorities.

…the content and the style of this book make for an enlightening and gripping read (if at times, necessarily disturbing), that not only challenges Canada’s official rhetoric on diversity, but also reveals how racism and sexism violently intersect in the lives of women of colour.
…the sheer elegance, incisiveness, and timeliness of Discourses of Denial is indisputable, making it a valuable contribution to the discourse on race and racism in North America. This book could easily serve as an informative and insightful text at either the senior undergraduate or graduate level in any of the social science disciplines, or as Jiwani states, for anyone who maybe "invested in making social change" (p. xviii).
- Philip Jai Johnson, Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal, Summer 2006

Jiwani provides great insight into contemporary social relations on both intimate and institutional levels by identifying and mapping the complex and interconnected terrain of racism, sexism, and violence embedded in everyday negotiations, discourses, and texts.

The questions raised here are evidence that Discourses of Denial is undeniably a provocative and innovative work.
-LiLynn Wan, Dalhousie University, Labour / Le Travail, Vol. 60, Fall 2007

Sample Chapter

Front Matter and Chapter One

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