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 Featured Title
Eau Canada
The Future of Canada's Water
Karen Bakker  

$87.00 Hardcover
Release Date: 11/29/2006
ISBN: 9780774813396    

$36.95 Paperback
Release Date: 1/1/2007
ISBN: 9780774813402    

440 Pages


About the Book

As the sustainability of our natural resources is increasingly questioned, Canadians remain stubbornly convinced of the unassailability of our water. Mounting evidence suggests, however, that Canadian water is under threat. Eau Canada assembles the country’s top water experts to discuss our most pressing water issues. Perspectives from a broad range of thinkers – geographers, environmental lawyers, former government officials, aquatic and political scientists, and economists – reflect the diversity of concerns in water management.

Arguing that weak governance is at the heart of Canada’s water problems, this timely book identifies our key failings, explores debates over jurisdiction, transboundary waters, exports, and privatization, and maps out solutions for protecting our most important resource.

About the Author(s)

Karen Bakker is a professor of geography at the University of British Columbia.

Table of Contents

Figures, Boxes, and Tables
Foreword / David Schindler
Preface / Karen Bakker

1 Introduction / Karen Bakker

Muddy Waters: How Well Are We Governing Canada’s Waters?

2 Great Wet North? Canada’s Myth of Water Abundance / John B. Sprague
3 On Guard for Thee? Water (Ab)uses and Management in Canada / Dan Shrubsole and Dianne Draper
4 Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Taking Canada’s Groundwater for Granted / Linda Nowlan
5 Challenging the Status Quo: The Evolution of Water Governance in Canada / Rob de Loë and Reid Kreutzwiser

Is Canada’s Water Safe? A Photo Essay / xx

Whose Water? Jurisdictional Fragmentation and Transboundary Management

6 Whose Water? Canadian Water Management and the Challenges of Jurisdictional Fragmentation / J. Owen Saunders and Michael M. Wenig
7 Drawers of Water: Water Diversions in Canada and Beyond / Frédéric Lasserre
8 Thirsty Neighbours: A Century of Canada-US Transboundary Water Governance / Ralph Pentland and Adèle Hurley

Blue Gold: Privatization, Water Rights, and Water Markets

9 Commons or Commodity? The Debate over Private Sector Involvement in Water Supply / Karen Bakker
10 Liquid Gold: Water Markets in Canada / Ted Horbulyk
11 Trading our Common Heritage? The Debate over Water Rights Transfers in Canada / Randy Christensen and Anastasia Lintner

Waterwise: Pathways to Better Water Management

12 A Tangled Web: Reworking Canada’s Water Laws / Paul Muldoon and Theresa McClenaghan
13 Are the Prices Right? Balancing Efficiency, Equity, and Sustainability in Water Pricing / Steven Renzetti
14 Moving Water Conservation to Centre Stage / Oliver Brandes, David Brooks, and Michael M’Gonigle

Water Worldviews: Politics, Culture, and Ethics

15 The Land Is Dry: Indigenous Peoples, Water, and Environmental Justice / Ardith Walkem
16 Half-Empty or Half-Full? Water Politics and the Canadian National Imaginary / Andrew Biro
17 Rising Waves, Old Charts, Nervous Passengers: Navigating toward a New Water Ethic / Cushla Matthews, Robert B. Gibson, and Bruce Mitchell
18 Conclusion: Governing Canada’s Waters Wisely / Karen Bakker

1 A Survey of Water Governance Legislation and Policies in the Provinces and Territories
2 Additional Resources and Reading
3 The Waterkeeper Alliance



Canadians love our vast and beautiful expanses of water but know next to nothing about them. Eau Canada is a myth-busting, fact-based, comprehensive collection on all facets of our water that every Canadian should own. Without the knowledge contained in this book, we could lose the right to control our water in an increasingly thirsty world.
-- Maude Barlow is National Chairperson, Council of Canadians, and co-author of Blue Gold.

We Canadians display a passionate concern about water and about our stewardship of this resource, but sadly we know very little about either. Read this book and fix that problem. Looking at the state of Canada’s water resources and Canadian water policy, Eau Canada gives us the facts about both, and shows what we need to do to care for this priceless resource better. Lots of surprising information. Lots of good ideas. Well written. What more could you ask for? A good book to buy.
-- David Cameron, Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He completed a major research study for the Walkerton Inquiry.

Canada's leading water experts paddle upstream against the flow of conventional wisdom in this excellent book. They are frank about Canada's water problems and forceful in describing the solutions that exist but aren't being implemented. Mandatory reading for all people concerned about the future of fresh water in Canada.
-- David R. Boyd, environmental lawyer, Trudeau Scholar, and author of Unnatural Law: Rethinking Canadian Environmental Law and Policy.

The volume skillfully brings together the perspective form 28 of Canada’s top water experts who debate Canada’ most critical water issues and resolutions…The public at large, the academic community, water supply managers, environmental and water policy analysts, government officials, community groups and politicians from across Canada will find this book a high-quality read…The resulting product gives the interested by non-technical reader a straightforward tool for use in understanding the insidious and complex problems plaguing water governance in Canada.
-- Connie Delisle, Strategic Advisor, Policy Research Initiative, Government of Canada, Horizons, vol. 9, no. 1, July 2006.

Readers of Eau Canada will be surprised to find that…commonly held beliefs about water, are turned inside out as the authors grapple with the state of Canada’s water, the way it has been managed, and suggestions for future improvements.

The collection of articles are by authors from a variety of backgrounds including geography, law, ecology, economics and political science. The interdisciplinarity of the collection speaks to the complexity of the subject….

Eau Canada is a useful volume in terms of alerting Canadians to the fact that they cannot be complacent about how water is used and managed. It also provides a nuanced look at the many complexities involved in changing or altering water policy and use.

…one has to be impressed with the amount of expertise that has been marshalled here; and the different ideas for improving water management across Canada that are discussed.
- Rebecca Raglon, The Goose, Iss. 3.2, Fall 2007

Eau Canada is an enormous contribution to the nation’s contemporary water policy discourse and a call to arms. Its sheer comprehensiveness makes it an invaluable resource for academics, civil society policy activists, and practitioners needing a broader context for their daily professional challenges.
- Henry David Venema, International Institute of Sustainable Development, Great Plains Research, Vol.18, No.1, Spring 2008

Listing a broad range of water issues, written in essay form by experts in multiple disciplines, the title Eau Canada, reflects what one finds out over the days spent reading - that this is a book that one can hardly put down! It is a must read for those who care about the “Future of Canada’s Water” and want the ammunition to raise the alarm bells. It is also a very good tool for educators and others who care about this vital life element and wish to make a difference. […]In her brief but cogent and powerful introduction to Eau Canada, Bakker not only invites readers to investigate the “contradictions” of our attitudes about water, but challenges them to be open to changing their opinions, under the weight of carefully researched and clearly presented arguments of the book’s 24 essay authors. In turn, these experts clearly and succinctly attack, illuminate, and suggest solutions to a variety of water problems.
- Gracia Janes, National Council of Women of Canada

Eau Canada is a revealing and informative collection of essays written in a colloquial manner suitable for broad audience, but likely will be of greatest interest to policy makers, water resource managers, and mid to upper-level university students as it underscores the unsustainable nature of Canada’s existing water policies in an attempt to spark new dialogue between academics, politicians, and the public.
- Jill A.E. Harriman, University of Saskatchewan, Environments, Vol.35, No.2, 2007

Sample Chapter

Front Matter and Chapter One

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