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New and Recent in Sociology

Cripping Intersex explores the political, discursive, and embodied connections between intersex and disability to develop a radically innovative approach to intersex studies and activism.

Dispatches from Disabled Country is a nuanced and unmistakably poetic introduction to the rich landscape of disability activism and culture from one of Canada’s most recognized voices, Catherine Frazee.

Growing (Very) Old, Staying Connected, and Reimagining Aging

Gillian Ranson weaves front-wave boomers’ stories of life and aging before and during the pandemic into a powerful account of how to make growing old more humane, for this generation and for everyone.

Messy Ethics in Human Rights Work invites readers to engage reflexively in critical human rights practice by admitting discomfort and dilemma into conversations about ethics.

Ethnographic Methods for Local Engagement

The Social Life of Standards reveals how political and technical tools for organizing society are developed, applied, subverted, contested, and reassembled as local communities interact with standards created by external forces.

Race, Privilege, and Cultural Economies of the Okanagan Valley

White Space offers a compelling analysis of how whiteness sustains settler privilege and maintains social inequity in the BC interior.

Narratives from German-Born Turkish Ausländer

Forging Diasporic Citizenship is a work of narrative research that explores the nature and implications of “diasporic citizenship” as it is evolving among German-born, Turkish-origin Berliners.

Indian and Pakistani Transnational Households in Canada

Twice Migrated, Twice Displaced reveals the impact of discriminatory labour markets, precarious work, and transnational family relationships on Gulf South Asians in Canada.

HIV Testing and the Canadian Immigration Experience

A critical, compassionate, and highly readable narrative-driven analysis, this is the first-ever inquiry into how the Canadian immigration medical program works in practice to screen out people with HIV.

Women, Activism, and Creating Non-Colonizing Relations

This compassionate yet unflinching exposé of the pitfalls of Indigenous–non-Indigenous solidarity work offers a constructive framework for non-colonizing solidarity that can be applied in any context of unequal power.

Intersectional Technopolitics from Indymedia to #BlackLivesMatter

In an era of social media dominance, Transformative Media reveals the often invisible, transformative media practices of marginalized groups.

Changing Families, Evolving Norms, and the Role of the Law

House Rules takes a hard look at the law and norms governing family life, compelling readers to rethink entrenched inequalities in familial relationships and proposing ways to approach legislative solutions.

A Critical Criminology of Sport

Power Played represents a distinctly critical criminology of sport, blowing the whistle on the harm, violence, and exploitation embedded in contemporary sport and sporting cultures.

Nature, Spirituality, and Secularity in the Pacific Northwest

Religion at the Edge shows how the distinctive social and physical landscape of the Pacific Northwest proves fertile ground for an expansive exploration of contemporary spirituality and secularity.

Cannabis in Canada

The High North brings together, for the first time, activists, advocates, and academics to evaluate the opaque origins and muddled legacy of cannabis legalization in Canada.

Sociology Titles from our Publishing Partners
An Ethnography of Effervescent Revelry

Why do people across cultures gather regularly to intoxicate themselves? Vivid and at times deeply personal, Intoxication offers new insights into a wide variety of intoxicating experiences, from the intimate feeling of connection among concertgoers to the adrenaline-fueled rush of a fight to the thrill of jumping off a balcony into a swimming pool. Sébastien Tutenges shows what it means and feels to move beyond the ordinary into altered states in which the transgressive, spectacular, and unexpected takes place.

Queering Consent in the #MeToo Era

Telling a queerer side of the #MeToo story, Unsafe Words brings together academics, activists, artists, and sex workers to tackle challenging questions about sex, power, consent, and harm. Resisting the heteronormative assumptions, class norms, and racial privilege underlying much #MeToo discourse, they explore how queer communities might better prevent and respond to sexual violence.

The Racist Truth about Urban Highways

Justice and the Interstates, edited by Ryan Reft, Amanda Phillips de Lucas, and Rebecca Retzlaff, examines the toll that the construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System has taken on vulnerable communities over the past seven decades, details efforts to restore the same, often segregated communities, and makes recommendations for moving forward.  Justice and the Interstates provides community advocates, transportation planners, engineers, historians, and policymakers with a concise but in-depth examination of the damages wrought by highway construction on the nation’s communities of color—from West Baltimore to Birmingham to the San Gabriel Valley. The authors provide a way forward to both address this history and reconcile it with current practices.  

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