The Birds of Vancouver Island’s West Coast
Release Date:01 Apr 2018

The Birds of Vancouver Island’s West Coast

UBC Press, On Point Press

The west coast region of Vancouver Island encompasses mountainous terrain, rainforest, mudflats, and ragged coastlines that bear the brunt of storms spawned by an immense ocean. Remote and inaccessible until well into the twentieth century, the “wild west coast” is also one of the most spectacular bird habitats in the world. Here one can observe multitudes of oceanic birds passing offshore, or venturing ashore to breed, and witness the countless avian migrants travelling north and south each year along the great Pacific Flyway.

The Birds of Vancouver Island’s West Coast is the essential guide to the region’s birds. It presents accounts of all of the species thus far recorded as occurring there – 360 in total – and updates the 231 species recorded up to 1978. Each account includes a brief introduction to the species and an overview of its total range. Key to the book’s detailed and authoritative accounts are first-hand observations and anecdotes recorded by the author over a period of more than four decades from his hometown of Tofino – an ideal location for monitoring the mass movement of migrating birds that navigate the westernmost edge of the continent.

The rugged physical beauty of the west coast of Vancouver Island has long been a major attraction for visitors from all over the world. But its distinctive avian population has also made it a major bird-watching destination. This detailed and up-to-date account of the birds of this region will inform, delight, and surprise amateur and professional birders alike.

Professional ornithologists; serious amateur birdwatchers in BC; tourists who travel to Vancouver Island to do birdwatching; west coast residents; and consultants and biologists working in various industries (forestry, mining, aquatic farming, etc.)

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Adrian Dorst has taken 45 years of birdwatching notes in the Tofino area and extrapolated his experiences to include the life of 360 species along the entire west coast of Vancouver Island. This well-researched volume will become the definitive reference for an area that has world populations of nesting seabirds, major migration corridors, fascinating species’ life histories, and a provincial reputation for vagrant species. R. Wayne Campbell, lead author, The Birds of British Columbia (1990-2001)
Adrian Dorst is a retired freelance nature photographer and a sometimes field ornithologist who still works as a birding guide out of Tofino.
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