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Universitas Press is a Montreal-based independent academic press, peer-reviewed, founded in 2014. Committed to publishing relevant work of academics and independent researchers in the field of humanities and social sciences, as well as to publishing books for the classroom, UP is dedicated to bringing students, instructors and researchers the best editorial and academic output. With books addressing well-identified readers, the press’s main aim is to publish books that make sense of the world. In all disciplines, thematic volumes and monographs aim at introducing new concepts and trends that challenge pre-conceived and outdated narratives. In the literary field, editions of classics, either student editions, scholarly or critical editions, and anthologies cater to today’s students by presenting material in an engaging, politically correct and culturally sensitive way.

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The Picture of Dorian Gray

By Oscar Wilde; Introduction by Avishek Parui

The introduction by masculinity studies specialist Avishek Parui guides the reader through the themes and aspects of the novel and highlights their importance for today's reader.

Gothic and Racism

The intricate link between Gothic and racism is often overlooked in favour of romance, beauty and adventure.

Dracula Invades England

The Text, the Context, and the Reader

This study answers unequivocally the question that Dracula critics have been trying to answer in the negative: Can Dracula be analysed from a postcolonial perspective? Yes!

My Own Land's Sins

An Anthology of Victorian Poetry

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen; Introduction by Sylvia Hunt

Student edition with an introduction by specialist Sylvia Hunt.

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

By John Cleland; Introduction by Sylvia Hunt

The most updated and extensively annotated edition of Cleland’s novel, with over 300 explanatory notes.


From the Bible to Cloud Atlas

A (late) postmodernist phenomenon, histopias are fictional retellings of the history of the world.

Sense and Sensibility

By Jane Austen; Introduction by Sylvia Hunt

Student edition with an introduction by specialist Sylvia Hunt.


A Study of Editorial Practices

This unforgiving study of scholarly editions of Stoker’s novel shows that the scholarship and the editorial practices are flawed.


The Postcolonial Edition

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