Who will I be when I die?
176 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Release Date:01 Jan 2011

Who will I be when I die?

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Christine Bryden was 46 years old when she was diagnosed withdementia, and in this book she describes her remarkable emotional,physical and spiritual journey in the three years immediatelyfollowing. Offering rare first-hand insights into how it feels togradually lose the ability to undertake tasks most people take forgranted, it is made all the more remarkable by Christine'spositivity and strength, and deep sense, drawn in part from herChristian faith, that life continues to have purpose and meaning.

Originally published in Australia in 1998, the book is broughtup-to-date with a new Foreword, Preface and Appendix, in whichChristine explains how the disease has progressed over the years, andhow she is today. It also contains many previously unseen photographsof Christine and her family, from around the time of her diagnosis upto the present day.

Inspirational and informative in equal measure, Who will I bewhen I die? will be of interest to other people with dementia andtheir families, as well as to dementia care professionals.

I am delighted that this book of a first-hand account of dementia is being republished. I know it has been inspirational for many who have dementia and for their families. These days, most people say that they know someone who has dementia, and it is my hope that Christine's words will be read by many others, who will also find inspiration in her journey, her strength and her faith, which have carried her through all this time. from the Foreword by Elizabeth MacKinlay
Christine's story is one of inspiration and strength. A single mother with Alzheimer's disease and three young daughters: all that and only in her mid-40s facing another decade of life if she's lucky. But she's already jumped her greatest hurdle - that of facing the unknown. Christine has put that greatest of fears behind her. Who will she be when she dies? A mother remembered and revered by her family and a woman who gave a great deal of herself to strangers. Mike Munro, Australian television presenter
Christine Bryden has worked in the pharmaceuticalindustry and as a senior executive in the Australian PrimeMinister's Department. Following her diagnosis with Alzheimer'sDisease in 1995, she has been instrumental in setting up local supportgroups for people with dementia and has addressed national andinternational conferences. In 2003 she was the first person withdementia to be elected to the Board of Alzheimer's DiseaseInternational.

Foreword by Elizabeth MacKinlay.


The Diagnosis.

1. I'm too young!

2. The first signs. 3. The second opinion. Who Will I Be When IDie?

4. At least you can't die from it! - wrong!.

5. You look so well! - if only I had cancer!

6. A terminal illness - so why are we ashamed of it? What's ItLike, Having Alzheimer's?

7. Clinging to a precipice with my fingernails.

8. From 'super-memory' to losing the plot.

9. A confusion of sight and sound.

10. A jumble of words.

11. Life's essentials. An Adventure into the Unknown.

12. Trying to be prepared.

13. My car's an alien spaceship! - and other oddities.

14. From 'super-mum' to dependent mum.

15. A scary road ahead? Where to Now?

16. Our fifteen minutes of fame.

17. Do I really believe in healing? A Postscript - A God ofSurprises!

18. I'm getting better!

19. A 'miracle cure'? Thank God God's in Charge!

20. Getting onto 'God's roller-coaster'.

21. Why me - and why Alzheimer's, God?

22. Is God a 'bandaid'?

23. Am I afraid of dying?

Appendix. What is Alzheimer's disease?

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