50 Years, 50 Books: Parties, Candidates, and Constituency Campaigns in Canadian Elections

Posted: Monday, April 11, 2022


As a way to celebrate our anniversary, Acquisitions Editor Randy Schmidt reached out to fifty UBC Press authors and asked them to talk about their favourite UBC Press book. This is what we heard.

Written by Alex Marland

Book cover for Parties, Candidates, and Constituency Campaigns in Canadian Elections

Parties, Candidates, and Constituency Campaigns in Canadian Elections, by Anthony Sayers, is the definitive study of campaigning by local candidates in a Canadian election. By presenting a detailed, crisply-written overview of candidates and local party workers in the 1988 federal election, Sayers authored a tour de force examination of a crucial area of Canadian parliamentary democracy. Decades later, his typology of campaign teams as high profile, local notables, party insiders, and stopgaps remains the starting point for differentiating between types of Canadian election candidates.

Alex Marland is co-editor of the UBC Press series Communication, Strategy, and Politics and the author or editor of many books about Canadian politics. His volume Brand Command: Canadian Politics and Democracy in the Age of Message Control (2016) won the Donner Prize.

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