335 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jan 1993

A Reader in International Relations and Political Theory

UBC Press

This reader has been assembled in response to increasingdissatisfaction among a growing number of international relationsscholars with the currently dominant theory of realism as well as inrecognition of the large number of newly independent states which arehaving to write new constitutions and develop foreign relations.

 The book includes excerpts and essays from political theoryand international relations which provide a starting point for furtherstudy of these subjects. It draws together writings representing twodistinct traditions and demonstrates their interconnections. Inpolitical theory, excerpts are drawn from classical texts which have animportant bearing on problems of international relations. Ininternational relations, the collection includes essays which have hada seminal influence on the development of this discipline.

The editors firmly believe that there is much to be learned from theinterface between international relations and political theory and theyargue that, although regarded by some as two distinct fields, theirsubject matter is one: the nature of human conduct in a globalcontext.

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Howard Williams is a reader in Political Theory.Moorhead Wright is a senior lecturer in InternationalPolitics at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. TonyEvans is a lecturer in Politics at Southampton University.




1. Plato (360 BC) The Republic

2. Aristotle (330 BC) The Politics and The Ethics

3. St. Augustine (AD 340) City of God

4. Aquinas (1260) Of Princely Government and Summa Theologica

5. Machiavelli (1541) The Prince and the Discourses

6. Grotius (1646) De Jure Belli

7. Hobbes (1651) Leviathan

8. Rousseau (1760) Essay on Perpetual Peace

9. Kant (1795) Perpetual Peace

10. Hegel (1821) Philosophy of Right

11. Clausewitz (1832) On War

12. Marx and Engels (1848 and 1867) Communist Manifesto

13. Lenin (1902) Imperialism

14. Carr (1939) The Twenty Years' Crisis

15. Morgenthau (1948) Politics Among Nations

16. Herz (1954) The Rise and Demise of the Territorial State

17. Waltz (1959) Man, the State, and War

18. Wallerstein (1974) The Rise and Demise of the World CapitalistSystem

19. Keohane and Nye (1977) Power and Interdependence

20. Bull (1977) The Anarchical Society

21. Cox (1981) Social Forces, States, and World Orders

22. Linklater (1982) Men and Citizens in International Relations


Selected bibliography


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