A Safe Place for Caleb
128 pages, 7 x 10
Release Date:18 May 2005

A Safe Place for Caleb

An Interactive Book for Kids, Teens and Adults with Issues of Attachment, Grief, Loss or Early Trauma

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
A Safe Place for Caleb is a comprehensive and richly illustrated resource for individuals of all ages who are dealing with attachment problems. Parents, professionals, and lay people will find this book helpful in understanding and addressing attachment disorders in children, adolescents, and adults.The first half of the book is an interactive story that follows the experiences of Caleb, a young boy who relates his difficulties and frustrations in forming and sustaining healthy relationships. He learns strategies for coping with attachment issues during his journey to the Safe Tree House, where he is introduced to the four “attachment healing keys”. These act as therapeutic tools to unlock difficulties with attachment, and are presented using text and illustrations that are easily accessible for readers of all ages, even for young children. The second half of the book presents a summary of current scientific thought on attachment styles and disorders, and provides a wide array of assessment tools, photocopiable material and healing techniques to address attachment difficulties. Lists of helpful organizations and relevant reading materials are also presented. Based on established psychological principles, the book is a unique and imaginative guide for professionals, parents, caregivers, and people of all ages who are dealing with attachment issues.
A Safe Place for Caleb is a comprehensive and richly illustrated resource for individuals of all ages who are dealing with attachment problems. This book is an imaginative guide for professionals and parents, and is easily accessible for readers of all ages, even young children ChildrenNow
A Safe Place for Caleb is an interactive book with rich illustrations for all ages. It aims to help people who are dealing with attachment problems and aid understanding into such conditions. The book is split into two halves: the first is an interactive story following the experiences of a young boy named Caleb as he encounters difficulties forming healthy relationships and the second half presents current scientific thoughts and research on the issue. This is a unique and imaginative publication, which would be of use to professionals as well as individuals. ChildRight
As an adoptive parent whose daughter had the potential to develop attachment problems I was very pleased to be given this book to review. The book provides a framework for addressing issues with attachment, grief and loss of early trauma, or Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). The method that the book describes is a well thought through and to a layperson with limited knowledge such as me, seems a very practical way of dealing with these problems. The story of Caleb takes the reader through the acknowledgement of Hurting Beliefs and Behaviours and how to turn them into Healing Beliefs and Behaviours using a set of tools such as the Safe Tree House. Hurting Beliefs can be illustrated by examples such as ‘this all happened because I am unlovable, bad, evil’ which presents itself as a child who ‘doesn't show care and love to others’. Many examples are then provided of Healing Beliefs such as ‘I am a good kid’ and Healing Behaviours such as ‘I do to others as I would have them do to me’. These ideas are not new or revolutionary but by putting them in a framework they become straightforward way of making lives better. Adoption-Net
The activities sections were user-friendly and well-presented. There are many examples throughout the book, making it a good manual for any practitioner. The activities could be adapted to suit any age group, particularly the use of imagery and other cognitive techniques. The resource section would also be of use to professionals and others. 0-19 Magazine
This book, by Kathleen A Chara and Paul J Chara Jr, and illustrated by J M Berns, is aimed at professionals and parents who are dealing with children who have attachment problems. The first half of the book follows the experiences of a young boy, Caleb, who finds it difficult to form and sustain healthy relationships, and shows strategies that helps him to cope. The second half highlights attachment disorders, tools to assess them, and helpful organisations. Children Now
Kathleen A. Chara, M.S. is an instructor at Northwestern College in St Paul, Minnesota. She has run a programme for abused women, worked with children in psychiatric settings, and has been a licensed mental health counsellor, specializing in children's issues, since 1991. She is currently undertaking a doctorate in psychology. Paul J. Chara, Jr., Ph.D. has a doctorate in general-experimental psychology, and is a professor at the same college. He has published over 60 scholarly articles, presented dozens of public lectures, and his book The Art of Virtue was published in 1999. Kathleen and Paul have co-authored over a dozen scholarly articles, are raising four fantastic kids, and are ecstatic about being married to each other! J.M. Berns (illustrator) has extensive experience in illustrating books, ranging from college texts to children's books. She, her husband John, and son Timothy, have been friends with the Chara family since they shared adjacent apartments in 1990. Together, Chara, Chara and Berns have produced three other interactive, illustrated titles: Allergy Busters, Amy Elizabeth Goes to Play Therapy, and Sensory Smarts, all of which are published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.



A Safe Place for Caleb

Tables, Tools and Techniques

A. Attachment Tables

B. Assessment Tools and Parental Handouts for Professionals

C. Healing Techniques for Family Attachment


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