Adoption is a Family Affair!
152 pages, 5 x 9
Release Date:15 Apr 2012

Adoption is a Family Affair!

What Relatives and Friends Must Know

Jessica Kingsley Publishers
A child is coming whether you approve or not it's time to get with the program!If someone you care about a family member, co-worker, or close friend has recently announced that their family will be growing through adoption, you may have questions. After all, unless you have personally experienced adoption, you may know very little about how adoption works and what it means. Are you worried that your loved one may face disappointment? Do you find yourself wondering exactly what your role is going to be in the child's life? Does the term "open adoption" confuse and concern you? Just what are the privacy boundaries for families built by adoption: what is it okay to ask about?Adoption Is a Family Affair! will answer all of these questions and more, offering you information about who can adopt, why people consider adopting, how kids understand adoption as they grow up, and more. This short book is crammed full of the 'need to know' information for friends and families that will help to encourage informed, happy and healthy family relationships.
'Tired of foolish comments about adoption from your family and friends? If so, Adoption is a Family Affair by Pat Johnston was designed for you. This introduction to the pitfalls, misconceptions, and issues around adoption is intended to be a basic Adoption 101" for your parents or for anyone else new to the idea of adoption. As prospective adoptive parents immerse themselves in the adoption process, they may not have time or patience to explain their new way of thinking and findings to their parents or friends. Sometimes it just feels too overwhelming to correct all of society's common assumptions and misapprehensions. Pat's emphatic no-nonsense style can be a useful tool toward opening a dialog about these issues which are inherent in adoptive families in our society. Adoption is a Family Affair provides a basic education on the psychological aspects of adoption and the adoption process. Adoptive parents and prospective adoptive parents who are coping with adoptism (that is, the belief that adoption is a second best way to be a family) will find Adoption is a Family Affair a useful resource.'--Adoption Book Review Newsletter'Don't you wish that there was an easy way to explain the how's and why's of adoption to your parents and the other members of your family? Adoption Is a Family Affair will make them feel like they've sat down with a close friend to have a coffee klatsch about adoption. This book's conversational tone and wealth of information will turn them into adoption experts!'--Nebraska Children's Home Society'This is a great book covering the basics of adoption. It focuses heavily on discounting myths and misconceptions, and presenting clear explanations of often confusing concepts and practices. A wonderful book for those from whom we need support and encouragement.''s Top Five Books About Adoption'Adoption Is A Family Affair! What Relatives And Friends Must Know is specifically written to correct commonly held myths and misconceptions about adoption and adopters. One example is the wide spread myth that people often conceive after adopting because they then relax and things just happen naturally. The truth is that only 5% of those who adopt will spontaneously conceive after adopting the same percentage figure as for those infertile couples who do not adopt! Adoption Is A Family Affair! is very highly recommended reading for prospective adopters, and for their friends and family as well!'--Midwest Book Review/Internet BookWatch
Patricia Irwin Johnston is not only a mom through adoption, but a member of a family which includes a birthmother, several adopted people, and several sets of adoptive parents. She is a well known and respected professional educator and volunteers within the infertility and adoption communities, having served on the boards of directors of several influential organizations including RESOLVE and Adoptive Families of America. Pat is the author of several popular books on adoption and infertility and lives in Indianapolis, USA.
1. The Announcement. 2. Your Personal, Private Fears. 3. Turning Loss into Gain. 4. How Adoption Works: The Facts vs. Myths. 5. Getting Ready. 6. Home at Last! 7. Parenting in Adoption. 8. Adoption Issues through a Lifetime. 9. Expanding the Family Culture. 10. Special Issues. 11. Adoption and the Rest of the World. 12. How You Can Learn More.
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