Alberta's Day Care Controversy
330 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:01 Jan 2011

Alberta's Day Care Controversy

From 1908 to 2009 and Beyond

Athabasca University Press

Day care in Alberta has had a remarkably durable history as acontroversial issue. Since the late 1950s, disputes over day careprograms, policies, and funding have been a recurring feature ofpolitical life in the province.

Alberta’s Day Care Controversy traces the developmentof day care policies and programs in Alberta, with particular emphasison policy decisions and program initiatives that have provokedconsiderable debate and struggle among citizens. Langford brings tolight the public controversies that occurred during the last fourdecades of the twentieth century and the first decade of the newmillennium, placing contemporary issues in historical context andanticipating the elements of future policy struggles.

Tom Langford is an associate professor in theDepartment of Sociology at the University of Calgary. His researchfocuses on globalization, labour, and the politics of early learningand child care.

1    Introduction: ResearchStrategy, Themes And Scope

2    Early Efforts toOrganize Day Nurseries: 1908-1945

3    The 1960s: CitizenAction, Civil Servants and Municipal Initiatives Lead the Way

4    The 1970s: GovernmentsFund High-Quality Day Cares as Preventive Social Services

5    Years of Turmoil,1979-1982: a New System for Day Care Is Born

6     Corporatized Day Care Comesto Alberta

7    The Worlds of CommercialDay Care

8    Day Care in Question,1984-1999

9    Five Cities SustainModel Child Care in the 1980s

10    Large Cities Abandon Their LighthousePrograms

11   Day Care into the Future: Trends,Patterns and Unresolved Issues

Appendix A   Supplementary Tables A.1 toA.6

Appendix B   List of Taped Interviews

References; Notes

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