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A Passion for the True and Just

Felix and Lucy Kramer Cohen and the Indian New Deal

The University of Arizona Press

A Passion for the True and Just reveals the moral underpinnings of Felix and Lucy Kramer Cohen and their important contribution to the Indian New Deal. Alice Beck Kehoe illuminates Felix Cohen’s uncompromising commitment to the “true and the just,” rooted in his Jewish intellectual and moral heritage, and Social Democrat principles, that changed American legal philosophy.

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Beyond Subsistence

Plains Archaeology and the Postprocessual Critique

University of Alabama Press

A series of essays, written by Plains scholars of diverse research interests and backgrounds, that apply postprocessual approaches to the solution of current problems in Plains archaeology

  • Publication year: 1995
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Enduring Motives

The Archaeology of Tradition and Religion in Native America

Edited by Linea Sundstrom and Warren DeBoer; Introduction by Linea Sundstrom and Warren DeBoer
University of Alabama Press

Enduring Motives examines tradition and religious beliefs as they are expressed in landscape, the built environment, visual symbols, stories, and ritual.

  • Publication year: 2012
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Expanding American Anthropology, 1945-1980

A Generation Reflects

University of Alabama Press

Expanding American Anthropology, 1945–1980: A Generation Reflects takes an inside look at American anthropology’s participation in the enormous expansion of the social sciences after World War II. During this time the discipline of anthropology itself came of age, expanding into diverse subfields, frequently on the initiative of individual practitioners. The Association of Senior Anthropologists of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) called upon a number of its leaders to give accounts of their particular innovations in the discipline. This volume is the result of the AAA venture—a set of primary documents on the history of American anthropology at a critical juncture.

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