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Settlement Ecology

The University of Arizona Press

What determines agrarian settlement patterns? Glenn Davis Stone addresses this question by analyzing the spatial aspects of agrarian ecology--the relationship between how farmers farm and where they settle--and how farming and settlement change as population density rises.

Crosscutting the fields of cultural anthropology, ...

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Indians and Anthropologists

The University of Arizona Press

In 1969 Vine Deloria, Jr., in his controversial book Custer Died for Your Sins, criticized the anthropological community for its impersonal dissection of living Native American cultures. Twenty-five years later, anthropologists have become more sensitive to Native American concerns, and Indian people have become more active ...

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Amazonian Indians from Prehistory to the Present

Edited by Anna Roosevelt
The University of Arizona Press

Amazonia has long been a focus of debate about the impact of the tropical rain forest environment on indigenous cultural development. This edited volume draws on the subdisciplines of anthropology to present an integrated perspective of Amazonian studies. The contributors address transformations of native societies as a result of ...

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Women's Seclusion and Men's Honor

The University of Arizona Press

Hindus and Muslims of northern South Asia share the belief that women should seclude themselves from men and that men must supervise the conduct of women so that their behavior will not sully men's honor. While these practices are well known, until now no book has attempted to explain why they are so crucially important to so many people.

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The Social Life of Stories

Narrative and Knowledge in the Yukon Territory

UBC Press

In this illuminating study of indigenous oral narratives, Julie Cruikshank moves beyond the text to explore the social power and significance of storytelling.

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Oyster Wars and the Public Trust

The University of Arizona Press

Who owns tidal waters? Are oyster beds common holdings or private property? Questions first raised in colonial New Jersey helped shape American law by giving rise to the public trust doctrine. Today that concept plays a critical role in public advocacy and environmental law.

Bonnie McCay now puts that doctrine in perspective by ...

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