Appreciating Asperger Syndrome
224 pages, 6 x 9
Release Date:15 Feb 2009

Appreciating Asperger Syndrome

Looking at the Upside - with 300 Positive Points

By Brenda Boyd; Foreword by Kenneth Hall
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
People with Asperger Syndrome have many characteristics that are frequently seen in a negative light. Brenda Boyd shows that for every characteristic of AS that can be looked at negatively, there are several positive aspects that can be drawn on and developed. Discussing AS in general terms, she talks through the reasons why people with AS approach life in the way they do, and what an enormous contribution they make to the world. She then explores different characteristics of AS; while she acknowledges the negative perception so many people have of these characteristics, she points out the large number of advantages to the Aspergers way of thinking for individuals with AS, those around them and society as a whole. For every negative, Boyd proves there are many more positives. From their refreshing honesty to their originality and potential to become leaders rather than followers, people with AS have many admirable personality traits that should be nurtured. This book shows that by adjusting our perceptions of what is 'normal' and embracing diversity, AS can not only be understood and accepted, but appreciated. Appreciating Asperger Syndrome is a celebration of AS which should be read by individuals with AS, family members, and anyone who knows or works professionally with individuals with AS.
'Basically this is an excellent book to allow us to look at ourselves, those we know, those we work with, those we parent in a way that understands some of our basic differences. A really enjoyable and useful book by a passionate and expressive author with a great deal of knowledge for us to learn from.'- COTSS PLD Newsletter'Here Boyd provides exercises and advice for those with Asperger's to see the positive in their condition and to find coping methods for liviving in a world that doesn't understand the reason behind their social gaffes.'- SciTech Book News
Brenda Boyd is the author of Parenting a Child with Asperger Syndrome, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She holds a degree in law from Queens University, Belfast, and previously worked as a solicitor with her own law practice. However, when Brenda's youngest child, Kenneth, was eight, he was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and since then she has become increasingly involved with autism. She lives in Northern Ireland with her husband, singer songwriter Bap Kennedy, and her son Kenneth Hall, who is the author of Asperger Syndrome, the Universe and Everything, also published by JKP.
Foreword. Part 1: Asperger Syndrome - Unlocking the Mystery. Introduction. 1. Bumping into Lamp Posts and Stepping on Toes. 2. Seeing Stars. 3. The Big Umbrella. 4. Wrong Planet Syndrome. 5. The Decoding Approach. 6. Labels and Boxes. 7. Getting it Right. 8. The Wilderness Years. 9. Aspergers and Autism? 10. Aspergers and Giftedness? 11. Identifying Hidden Aspies. 12. Happy Ending, Happy Beginning. 13. Thinking Positive! 14. Positive Philosophies. Part 2: Asperger Syndrome - 300 Positives (an A-Z). Aspie quotations. Useful websites. Bibliography. Index.
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