The Approval Process

The integrity of the overall UBC Press publishing program is ensured by the Publications Board, which comprises distinguished faculty appointed by the President of the University of British Columbia. The board members are well acquainted with the demands of both scholarship and publishing.

Works intended for the general reader are vetted editorially and for market feasibility. Scholarly works are vetted through a process of peer review.  

On Point Press, Purich Books, and On Campus

If the press is interested in publishing your work, we will ask you to submit the full manuscript, for assessment by the press editor and/or an external reviewer. A contract is generally offered once the manuscript has been evaluated and is accepted for publication. Once approved, all manuscripts are subject to editing. Our experienced editors help authors deliver their messages in a clear, cogent, and compelling way, ensuring that the book is ready for its audience.

UBC Press scholarly titles

Scholarly manuscripts undergo an in-depth peer review process. In a single-blind process, your work will be assessed by a minimum of two experts in the field. Your acquisitions editor will solicit reports and provide guidance as you respond to the readers’ comments and suggestions.

Peer reviewers are asked to consider the following questions when evaluating a scholarly manuscript:

  • Does the manuscript make a significant contribution to its field?
  • How important is the subject?
  • Is the scholarship sound and up to date?
  • Is the author conversant with the literature on the subject?
  • Is the organization of the work sound? Is the style readable?
  • Would the work benefit from being shortened or lengthened?
  • Does the work contain inaccuracies or omissions?
  • Does the work duplicate or substantially recapitulate other works?
  • To what audience is the manuscript directed? Is the material suitably presented for that audience?
  • Do you recommend publication? With or without revision?

When two reviewers strongly recommend publication, your dossier is presented to the Publications Board. 

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