Asia-Pacific Diplomacy
268 pages, 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
Release Date:01 Jan 1993
Release Date:01 Oct 2007

Asia-Pacific Diplomacy

Nongovernmental Organizations and International Relations

UBC Press

The emergence of Asia-Pacific regionalism, as witnessed by theincreasing influence of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum andthe annual ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference, highlights one of themajor trends in late twentieth-century geopolitics and internationalrelations.

Asia-Pacific Diplomacy traces the evolution of the Pacific economiccooperation movement by examining the diplomatic contributions of threeinternational nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) -- the scholarlyPacific Trade and Development Conference (PAFTAD), thebusiness-oriented Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), and themultipartite (academic, business, and government) Pacific EconomicCooperation Council (PECC). Lawrence Woods also provides a historicalperspective by assessing the work of the Institute of PacificRelations, forerunner of the INGOs.

This book makes an important contribution to the study ofinternational political and economic institutions. It argues that asthe regional cooperation movement expands at the governmental level. anunderstanding of the nongovernmental roots of that movement is requiredif the diplomatic contributions of the INGOs are to be retained.

Lawrence Woods has written a valuable book, one that contributes significantly to our understanding of nongovernmental participation in international efforts to achieve regional economic cooperation across the Pacific. Martin Rudner, Canadian Journal of Political Science
This book will prove invaluable for those seeking a fuller understanding of the significant actors promoting regional cooperation in the Pacific Rim. Undoubtedly, the Pacific Northwest will continue to play a key role in what is fast becoming a dominant region of the world. Mary Hanneman, Pacific Northwest Quarterly
Well researched and well documented, this book is a must for those engaged in Pacific-Asia business, whether governmental or nongovernmental. F. Quei Quo, Canadian Book Review Annual
Lawrence T. Woods is an associate professor ofinternational studies and Asia-Pacific politics at the University ofNorthern British Columbia.

Tables and Figures

Preface and Acknowledgments



1. Introduction: The Pacific Economic Cooperation Movement

2. INGOs, International Relations, and Diplomacy

3. The Institute of Pacific Relations

4. The Pacific Trade and Development Conference

5. The Pacific Basin Economic Council

6. The Pacific Economic Cooperation Council

7. The PECC Process in Action

8. Conclusion: Asia-Pacific Diplomacy, INGOs, and Regional EconomicCooperation






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