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Do Glaciers Listen?

Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters, and Social Imagination

UBC Press

Focusing on these contrasting views of glaciers between Aboriginal peoples and European visitors in northern Canada and Alaska, Julie Cruikshank demonstrates how local knowledge is produced, rather than discovered, through colonial encounters, and how it often conjoins social and biophysical processes.

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At Home with the Bella Coola Indians

T.F. McIlwraith's Field Letters, 1922-4

UBC Press
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Northern Haida Master Carvers

University of Washington Press, University of Washington Press / Douglas & McIntyre

In her impeccable and fascinating study, Robin K. Wright masterfully interweaves the historical and artistic developments of a great sculptural tradition, tracing the making of monumental poles from the days of first white contact to the present.

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Islands of Truth

The Imperial Fashioning of Vancouver Island

UBC Press

Timely, provocative, and a vital contribution to post-colonial studies, this book questions premises underlying much of present B.C. historical writing, arguing that international literature offers more fruitful ways of framing local historical experiences.

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Captured Heritage

The Scramble for Northwest Coast Artifacts

UBC Press

Douglas Cole Examines the process of anthropological collecting on the Northwest Coast between 1875 and the Great Depression, in the context of the development of museums and anthropology.

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Twana Narratives

Native Historical Accounts of a Coast Salish Culture

UBC Press

Anthropologist William Elmendorf presents first-person accounts of the history, society, and religion of the Twana speech community, Coast Salish Indians who lived in nine villages in western Washington.

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